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    added from childrens corner

    It here as well
    I am adding the books pdf for children here as it easier for me to find it under one section

    I got on another computer and down loaded these for kids flash cards.
    they look ok to me

    100 Word Exercise Book (The 100 Word Exercise Book)

    Arabic in a Flash Volume 1 (Tuttle Flash Cards)


    Arabic in a Flash Kit Volume 2 (Tuttle Flash Cards)



      Arabic in 10 minutes a day

      This books is quite unique in its teaching methods. not seen one like this.
      The transliteration in total wrong it really needs someone who is good in that area. They gave a key for all the words then don't stick buy it. But it's ok if you can read with vowels etc. (kitab) = (keetab) is wrong (maa hath) is (maa heda) and I thought I didnt try on the forum when I write a word in Arabic. But at least they got maa (correct).


        Aajuroomiyyah in Chart Form

        Just when we thought we were finished with Ajrumiya.
        Found these two.

        The first is the same Text as from other sites that I gave a link to (except) it has vowels.

        The second is quite a tasty Chart.

        I may have to revise just to see if there is an improvement in my Arabic with all this info on Ajurumiya

        Aajuroomiyyah Arabic Text

        Aajuroomiyyah in Chart Form

        It also has
        Nikta Al Iraab Arabic Text
        Can not comment on this as I never came across this before and it probably quite common
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          Sharh Qaturun Nada Arabic

          Sharh Qaturun Nada Arabic

          It also has this I studied this more than once through Shaik Abdullah) FAWZANS tapes. That were incomplete. Most of the Arabs in the lessons found it tough going. As he mentioned often in the lesson.

          QATAR NADA (which is about 15 pages)

          EXPLANATION BY Shakh Fawzan

          This is not ibn hishams book QATAR NADA
          It is not the shar (explanation) of IBN HISHAMS book by IBN HISHAM. (which I read 1 and a half times). Like I first thought.

          It’s a modern day Shar (explanation) of the explanation of QATAR NADA of NAWH (grammar). It’s seems he written this book to explain the explanation. Hope all that makes sense

          Some of these are aqida and fiqu In Arabic

          • The Significance and Priority Placed on Memorizing
          • The Four Fundamental Principles Arabic Text
          • The Title "Thalaathatul-Usool"
          • Advice to Every Masjid
          • Nawaaqidul Islaam Arabic Text
          • Valuable Books in Tawheed and Fiqh
          • Ad Duraarul Bahiyyah Arabic
          • Matin 40 Hadeeth Arabic
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            Knowing the Books You Will Be Using

            The Article in full can be read on web sites. Advice on Arabic English Books (grammar)

            Knowing the Books You Will Be Using
            First, you must choose a textbook to use. There are many out there, but here, only three shall be discussed:

            o The Arabic Course for English Speaking Students , (commonly referred to as “The Madinah Books.” We can obtain it for you if you want, call us.) by Dr. V. Abdur-Rahim. This three book set is essentially the same as the books used in the University of Madinah Arabic Program . The only difference is that an English key has been added for the lessons in the first two books. Most of you have probably heard of it. This set has the advantage that it places heavy emphasis on Qur'anic and Hadith vocabulary. However, this is not in and of itself a good reason to buy this book set. If you do not have someone who will be teaching you, you are probably going to have a hard time learning from these books even with the keys to the lessons in the back. They were simply not designed for self teaching. In fact, the lessons themselves are completely in Arabic. The keys in the back are helpful no doubt, but for someone who wants to learn on his own, they are not sufficient. If you have someone who will be teaching you on the other hand, these books work excellently. Again, this is not to say that you cannot learn Arabic on your own from these books. It is possible. I know a number of brothers who have done so, but it is much better to use a book that was originally designed for English readers. If you are going to use this book, which many of you no doubt will since its probably already collecting dust on your shelf, then I highly recommend you use a grammar aid as a reference because I find that many people who go through the first two books come out with a need for more grammar.

            o Modern Standard Arabic, by Peter Abboud. This book is divided into a two-volume set. It has been used at many universities around America . It is very thorough in its coverage of grammar and in providing drill material to help drive the concepts home. It also has a good section at the beginning on learning handwriting and pronunciation. If you get just the first volume and go through that, it will give you most of what you need, but if you buy the second one, that would be better. This is a very good book were it not for the obscure linguistic terminology that the average reader will find difficult to decode on his own. If used along with a grammar aid such as Wightwick's, which shall be discussed shortly, you might find that problem to be a surmountable one. This book is by no means flashy. It is not full of pictures and flashy print like the other books that are out there, but if you are able to go through it fully, you will come out with a good grasp of Arabic grammar, in shaa Allah. And it is certainly cheaper than much of what is out there. I myself learned Arabic from the first volume of this book. This book has a tape set that is supposed to go with it, but you are supposed to write to the publisher to request them, I am not sure if they even still make them available. Consequently, I never bothered to get them.

            o Ahlan wa Sahlan, by Mahdi Alosh. This is another book that is used as a university textbook in America . Most will find it easier as it is filled with illustrations and has a more “user-friendly” approach whereas people complain about the Abboud book because of its “dry,” academic style and difficulty. This book utilizes simpler, easier to understand terminology for grammar as well as having the added benefit of using the Arabic grammar terms. It has an extensive tape/CD set to go with the lessons as well. If you are going to teach yourself, GET THE TAPES, GET THE TAPES, GET THE TAPES. If you have not gotten the idea yet, I mean GET THE TAPES. The truth is, some people can do without the tapes or CD's, but for many, having audio reinforcement of whatever they are learning is essential. This book has the drawback of being expensive, especially when throwing in the cost of the CD set, however it does have a number of advantages over the Abboud book which make it more feasible for use as a teach-yourself textbook.

            Pitfalls to Avoid

            Full Article


              Read and Speak Arabic by Jane and Mahmoud

              Mahmoud English is at a very high standard
              Both presenter are Arabs with good English and Arabic understanding
              This book is a follow on for ‘100 word Exercise book with audio’ and more enjoyable

              Goes into differences in some Arabic letters very good for beginners.

              Small grammar error
              P9 maa ismak (what is your name)
              P9 maa ismik (what is your name) female
              MIN FADLAK etc These

              Here is the book only and its only 10 pound well worth it I think
              especially for beginners to get most things right from the start.




                Here is a grammar book in Arabic only

                (for Advanced students)
                its at a higher level then ajrominya and possible on the level on qatra nada
                but easier to understand I only read page 6 and some of 7. but looks very nice.
                its the 3rd edition



                I uploaded 'Read and Speak Arabic' on Friday and 28 people have seen the book and 24 people have download it. This is very pleasing to know that people are active in searching for good Learning Arabic books.

                I will upload a few more soon
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                  old Arabic English

                  I found this Arabic grammar

                  not my cup of tea or (QAWA) coffee people say it's good

                  but nobody download it yet!!!!!!!!???????!!!!



                    Summary of Arabic writing Material

                    Summary of Arabic writing Material……(in one folder- so far)

                    This is a collection of Arabic writing learning material.


                    There are 2 levels in my writing material section from various Websites & downloads. (Thought it would be easier at one place.)

                    Beginners Level

                    Arabic Writing For Beginners: Part 1 – Zafar Qureshi

                    My Arabic Writing Book – therighteouspath

                    Arabic Writing Practice: Book 1 –Fatwaonline

                    Intermediate Level

                    The Arabic Alphabet: Naskh and Rayaa Styles (new)

                    Write it in Arabic – Naglaa Ghali (new)

                    The Arabic Alphabet (How to Read & Write It) – Nicholas Awde & Putros Samano (new)

                    Other useful resources
                    Saudi Curriculum

                    Palestinian Curriculum


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                      Summary of Arabic writing Material

                      Sorry (I add 4 more files)

                      Total 9 PDF files

                      name: Arabic Writing Sheets 1-4


                      didn't expect to so soon but these came out very well when I printed them for the kids Alphabet.


                        Re: old Arabic English

                        Originally posted by mazshaz View Post
                        I found this Arabic grammar

                        not my cup of tea or (QAWA) coffee people say it's good

                        but nobody download it yet!!!!!!!!???????!!!!

                        This is the older version of the Haywood Arabic grammar, as in it was based on this old book. Nahmad and Haywood even mention this book in the introduction.


                          Re: old Arabic English

                          on the saudi page i cnt seem to get to the pdfs where exactly r they?
                          is there a page with everything listed there simply like palestine ones cos i cnt find it?
                          .: Rufaida :.
                          .:Fa Firroo Ila-llaah:.
                          “People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
                          but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you.”
                          ~ Ibn Atallah

                          Ramadan Activities for Children
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                            Sorry haven't read both books nor the introduction..

                            you may have a problem with your computer with these web site, this is the same format as the other website where you tried - to download last month. Try getting someone to download for you the first...
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                              Haywood Arabic grammar

                              Originally posted by jzcasejz View Post
                              This is the older version of the Haywood Arabic grammar, as in it was based on this old book. Nahmad and Haywood even mention this book in the introduction.

                              I mentioned what I thought of Arabic English books on the 20/12/08 (see post 10, 16, 17) on this thread on Haywood and his group) and I quite often do.

                              Still prefer pure Arabic sources for learning Arabic. Like the alkitab asassi info you gave me.

                              Haywoods book
                              These book(s) still remain a benefit as I may need then for transliteration skills for my children but not to learn Arabic or Arabic grammar. I have the (pure) Arabic books I want for that. Hence not being my cup of tea.

                              Amazon Reviews



                                Arabic: An Essential Grammar

                                This is the first grammar book I put into my ArabicGrammar folder:-

                                Arabic: An Essential Grammar (Routledge Essential Grammars) (Paperback)
                                by Abu-Chacra


                                It looks quite good but I have a list of other books to get though before reading it.Inshallah

                                Product Description
                                Arabic is an up-to-date and practical reference guide to the most important aspects of the language. Suitable for beginners, as well as intermediate students, this book offers a strong foundation for learning the fundamental grammar and structure of Arabic.
                                The complexities of the language are set out in short, readable sections and exercises and examples are provided throughout. The book is ideal for independent learners as well as for classroom study.
                                Features of this book include:
                                • coverage of the Arabic script and alphabet
                                • a chapter on Arabic handwriting
                                • a guide to pronunciation
                                • full examples throughout.