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lesson 9 : carmys

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  • lesson 9 : carmys

    1.) congugate all the vocab given, following the ending patterns shown in the lesson.

    لبس (labasa) he wore

    لَبَسْتُ labastu - I wore

    َلَبَسْت labasta - you wore ( to a men)

    لَبَسْتِ labasti - you wore ( to a women)

    لَبَسَ labasa - he wore

    لَبَسَتْ labasat - she wore

    أكل (akala) he ate

    أكَلْتُ akaltu - I ate

    أكَلْتَ - akalta - you ate (to a men)

    أكَلْتِ - akalti - you ate (to a women)

    أكَلَ - akala - he eat

    أكَلَتْ - akalat - she eat

    شرب (shariba) he drank

    شَرِبْتُ sharibtu - I drank

    شَرِبْتَ sharibta - you drank (to a men)

    شَرِبْتِ sharibti - you drank (to a women)

    شَرِبَ shariba - he drank

    شَرِبَتْ sharibat - she drank

    فعل (fa3ala) he did

    فَعَلْتُ fa3altu - I did

    فَعَلْتَ fa3alta - you did (to a men)

    فَعَلْتِ fa3alti - you did ( to a women)

    فَعَلَ fa3ala - he did

    فَعَلَتْ fa3alat - she did

    لعب (la3aba) he played

    لَعَبْتُ la3abtu - I played

    لَعَبْتَ la3abta - you played (to a men)

    لَعَبْتِ la3abti - you played (to a women)

    لَعَبَ la3aba - he played

    لَعَبَتْ la3abat - she played

    وعد (wa3ada) he promised

    وَعَدْتُ - wa3adtu - I promised

    وَعَدْتَ - wa3adta - you promised ) to a men)

    وَعَدْتِ - wa3adti - you promised ( to a women)

    وَعَدَ - wa3ada - he promised

    وَعَدَتْ - wa3adat - she promised

    وجد (wajida) he found

    وَجِدْتُ - wajidtu - I found

    وَجِدْتَ - wajidta - you found (to a men)

    وَجِدْتِ - wajidti - you found (to a women)

    وَجِدَ - wajida - he found

    وَجِدَتْ - wajidat - she found

    2.) translate the following into english

    شرب عليّ كوكاكولا
    shariba Ali kookaa koolaa*
    Ali drank Coca-Cola

    لبس محمد قميصاً جميلاً
    labasa Mohammed qamees(an) jameel(an)
    Mohammed wore a beautiful shirt.

    وجدَت نورة الكلب
    wajidat noura alkalb
    Noura found the dog

    لعبتُ في الحديقةِ
    la3abtu fil hadeeqa
    I played in the garden.

    3.) translate the following into Arabic

    a) you found the house. (to a girl)
    وَجِدْتِ البيتِ

    b) did* you wear my shirt? (to a boy)
    حل لَبَسْتَ قميصي؟

    c) Noura drank and Yousef ate.

    شَرِبَت نورة وأكَلَ يوسف

    d) I went.

    e) Did* she promise?
    حل وَعَدَتْ ؟
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    Re: lesson 9 : carmys

    all correct, only the spelling mistake of "hal" the question word.. it has the other h not this jeem shaped one
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