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Online Quran Teaching for kids and adults| 3 Free trial Classes

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  • Online Quran Teaching for kids and adults| 3 Free trial Classes

    Online Quran Teaching is a very interesting way to be adopted by people from all over the world. The growing popularity of the online education system is attributed to solving the problem of finding qualified tutors nearby. It also saves students valuable time because they can learn the subject at home with the ease of tracking their progress by their parents/guardians. Students have the opportunity to attend classes on appropriate schedules.

    The online education system not only serves people of all ages but is also the easiest way to gain basic knowledge of Islam. The importance of the Quran Education can be achieved by the following word of the Holy Prophet (PBUH):

    "The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it".

    The main goal of the creation of this Quranic institute is to obtain the blessing of Allah by teaching the Quran to the rules of Tajweed (reading Quran with correct pronunciation/accent), as well as the basis of the Quran. The Quran Courses Academy is an online Quran teaching academy serving all over the world and we welcome people of all ages who are interested in learning the Quran with correct pronunciation/tajweed. Therefore, by using this platform, people can learn to read/recite and understand the Quran with the basics of Islam.

    Our classes are specially designed for you and your children. This program will provide you, step by step, learning the Quran with the rules of Tajweed and Islamic learning essential for children and new Muslims, with the help of online tutors in the Quran, and the rest .. All this while sitting in front of the computer without leaving your home. Our mission is to serve the Muslim community by offering them more online Quran lessons and Islamic education.

    Learn to read the Quran online. Our online tutors in the Quran allow students to acquire the ability to read the Quran correctly and to help students memorize the Quran, Salat, Kalimas, Hadith, and Dua.

    Do you want your children to read the Quran with a beautiful Arabic accent and correct pronunciation?

    Read our customers review on Trustpilot

    If you are interested in learning the Quran with Tajweed online please register with The Quran Courses Academy by visiting our website and register to start your 3 free trial classes.

    Contact us:

    Phone USA: +1 989 697 0447
    Phone UK: +44 20 8638 5568
    WhatsApp: +201223907739
    Skype ID: The Quran Courses Academy
    Email: [email protected]