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Online Quran Classes for kids and adults| 3 Free trial Classes

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  • Online Quran Classes for kids and adults| 3 Free trial Classes

    Online Quran Classes are very easy to take at home. We offer online Qur'an classes for children, adults and sisters. The Quran Courses Academy is the best online Islamic school on the Internet to read Quran and learn Quran easily. own house with male and female guardians. You can learn the Qur'an in the English translation with Quran teachers. Online Quran tutoring has been developed for people who do not have time to go to Masjid to learn the Qur'an and seek knowledge of Islam and the Qur'an. We have designed an Islamic school for children, adults and especially for those who are not able to read the Qur'an in the correct way. In this Online Quran Academy, anyone can learn to read the Qur'an with the rules of Tajweed. The Quran Courses Academy spreads the knowledge of Islam around the world. We have designed Islamic courses for our learners of all ages. There are Islamic courses online for kids.

    What will you learn in Quran classes online?

    1- Noorani Qaida for children

    2- Reading the Qur'an with Tajweed rules (Namaz, Kalima, Duain, etc.)

    3- Memorizing the Qur'an for children

    4 - Memorization of the Quran for adults

    5 - Translation of Qur'an (word by word)

    6- Quran with Tafseer (in detail)

    8- Course of Hadith short of three months

    9- Course of fiqh

    10- Arabic grammar (basic to advance)

    12- Memorization of the famous Surahs (Surah Yaseen, Muzammil, Mulk and etc.)

    13- Islamic Duas for Everyday Life.

    14- Basic Islamic Studies for Children, Adults

    Advantages of learning Quran lessons online:

    1- Comfort for student and teacher

    2- Saving time

    3- Reading with the Tajweed rules one by one with the teacher

    4- 100% satisfaction classes

    5- 30 minutes for each student at least

    6- Worldwide Learning

    7- Advanced Technologies

    8- At Your Convenience

    The Online Quran Classes are easy to access now. You can take Quran courses online all over the world at an affordable price. We offer online private lessons on the Quran for your satisfaction. After that, you can enroll your children in Koran lessons online.

    Read our customers review onTrustpilothere

    The Quran Courses Academy by visiting our website and register to start your 3 free trial classes.

    Contact us:

    Phone USA: +1 989 697 0447

    Phone UK: +44 20 8638 5568

    WhatsApp: +201223907739

    Skype ID: The Quran Courses Academy

    Email: [email protected]