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Arabic letters pronounciation

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  • Arabic letters pronounciation


    My son has started learning the arabic letters, His tutor says the letter I Would pronounce as "Baa" should be said as "Beh" same with "thaa" should be "the" and "Dhal" should be "Dhel". Is this the correct way to pronounce these letters? have I been saying them wrong all these years?


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    Wa'alaykumussalam warahmatullah.

    How does the tutor pronounce the sixth letter and the ninth? Knowing ​​​the tutor's ethinicity might also help answering that question.
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      Wa alaykum assalaam

      The way the tutor is pronouncing the letters is incorrect. Does she happen to be Arab?
      إن الصلاة تنهى عن الفحشاء والمنكر


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        No, It's wrong. She/he is pronouncing it in the coloquial Arabic and that's wrong. When you are teaching Arabic you have to teach the Arabic fusha ( the language of the quran. Where is he learning Arabic?


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          Check out this website: They have several courses for women and children including Arabic conversation practice.


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            Tutor sounds north African
            They say you contradicted the sayings of the shuyookh
            And they don't mind contradicting the Furqan

            I contradicted the sayings of the shuyookh
            For you have contradicted the one who came with the Qur'an


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              Jzk for the replies. It is an online tutor I found through I have tried two tutors now, who both happen to be Egyptian. I did think it sounded differently but thought they might have been pronouncing with tajweed. So as I would say "Dhal", "Zhal", they were both saying "Dhel", "Zhel"


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                Sounds like a bad case of imalah.
                You think you know more than my scholar's qiyās? He was more learned than you and all other scholars combined. Yeah, the devil was the greatest scholar too and look where his qiyās of fire being better than tīn got him. Sorry.

                You follow your scholar's qiyās, and I will follow the Qur'ān and Sunnah.