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cultural islam vs. islam the way it was revealed

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  • Rehmat
    Re: cultural islam vs. islam the way it was revealed

    HARAM is only what Holy Qur'an calls Haram - and not what some scholars say.

    There is nothing wrong with 'culture' - as long as it stays within the limits put down by Holy Qur'an and the Prophet's (pbuh) Sunnah. Variety makes Islam more attractive to people of different cultures.

    However, Muslims in Pakistan - after living with non-Muslim majority (Hindus, Budhhists, Jains, etc.) for over 1000 years - have adopted many of non-Muslim cultural traditions, which are against the spirit of Islam.

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  • cultural islam vs. islam the way it was revealed

    asalam walaikum
    may Allah guide us to the straight path

    cultural islam vs. islam the way it was revealed to the prophet (s.a.w.)
    what's the difference?

    If we see islam today and the way we live it and compare it to the Qu'ran and hadith, you will see that there is a big difference

    i didn't wanna write this up to confuse people or to make them think that islam is difficult even though it is not at all, but to try and correct them because one of my brothaz corrected me and personally i saw a lot of the things i was doing were wrong.

    And its only fair that if you have the truth and you love it that you share it with your brothers and sisters. so that is what im trying to do today.

    The scholars have determined through the Qu'ran and hadith that everything you do is Halal until proven haram, everything you eat is halal until proven haram and every form of ibadah is HARAM UNTIL PROVEN HALAL.

    I'm pakistani and coming from a pakistani family ive noticed that there is a lot of things that are made up e.g. before you start praying you have to verbally say your niyah. recently i was told that it wasnt a loud and i asked the person, whats wrong with it, and he told me to read it for my self.

    After i found it in the hadith saying that your niyah should be in your heart. because that is only for you and Allah to know. at that time i still wasnt sure, but after i found another hadith saying that you're only supposed to say your niyah out loud during hajj or umrah (labayk allahumma hajja, or labbayk allahuma umrah) then i knew that i was wrong. There are a lot of practices that people do that are wrong but they think it's right so my advice to you is that check yourself before you reck yourself.

    Bid'ah (innovation) something a lot of us do without noticing
    jazakumallah hu khairan
    wasalam walaikum

    may Allah (s.w.t) guide us to the right path


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