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The Message (Film, in English) dnld

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  • The Message (Film, in English) dnld


    The famous and worthy film on the seerah - bio - of Muhammad :saw: starring Anthony Quinn, to download... a MUST WATCH:

    Format: AVI
    Size: 393 MB

    >> Part 1 <<

    Format: AVI
    Size: 219 MB

    >> Part 2 <<

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    Re: The Message (Film, in English) dnld

    saw it few years ago very good movie
    anthony quinn stars as our prophets uncle hamza:up:


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      Re: The Message (Film, in English) dnld

      ok im gonna check this out!


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        Re: The Message (Film, in English) dnld


        Everyone called me extreme but personally i felt uneasy about the film. I felt uncomfortable with some of the most prominent sahaba, those promised Jannah being acted out by Non-Muslims. Well tbh i felt it offensive them being acted out full stop but by non-muslims was just even worse!

        Also there is one scene where the kufar are plotting and they are all having a feast and there were belly dancers and a man with tiny tiny panties on and that's all! Considering this is supposed to have been aimed at muslims you'd think they'd have more sense not to put in such haramee stuff in the name of islam! And if they don't have the sense being non-muslims you'd hope muslims would stop and think before advpcating it so much!

        I dunno but i kinda feel as muslims we keep making allowances in islam in an attempt to 'modernise' and basically in this sad state we seem to perceive 'modern' to be to immitate the kuffar. SubhanAllah our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, and the companions thay are the ones promised Jannah so truly their way is best. Thus if we do want to devise in new ways of dawah to suit the times we need to be very careful because the problem with 'innovated' ways even if good i.e using internet for dawah or using nasheeds albeit jihadi ones there is always room for tragressing the limits as the boundaries are man-made which is why we have these pop-artists nowadays who justify themselves in the name of islam. The examples/methods given by our beloved prophet peace be upon him are those ardained and approved by Allah SubhanAllah Wa Ta'ala so what better way?

        Allah Tala knows best

        I still watched it though even though my dad advised me against it :( Sometimes we just never learn do we until it's too late and we regret it May Allah forgive us all for our sins intentional and unintentional
        No Allah No Peace.
        Know Allah Know Peace.


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          Re: The Message (Film, in English) dnld

          i agree with Tiny Terror's views, cause i think that if i watch it, the next time i hear the Prophets name, or any of the sahabas portrayed in the film, i will automatically remember the face of the actor, i dunno if anyone else feels this way, but this is just my personal opinion.