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In the Hearts of Green Birds

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  • In the Hearts of Green Birds

    5th April 1992, war broke out in the Balkans. Many people shouted and screamed. A few actually went to the aid of the Bosnian Muslims. Different organisations came. Much is still talked about the help given by these people.

    There was however, another group of individuals who also went to Bosnia. No mention was made of them. They came from near and far, young and old, rich and poor, and they travelled to Bosnia. These people were the foreign Mujahideen (volunteer Islamic fighters).

    Between 1992-95, hundreds came and went. A handful never returned: the Shuhadaa’ – those killed in the way of Allah.

    With true sincerity to Allah (Allah knows best) and an undying commitment to the Deen of Islam, the Shuhadaa of Bosnia managed, insha’Allah to attain the ultimate objective of a Muslim – the Pleasure of Allah, followed by the reward which awaits in Paradise on High, and Eternal Bliss is unfolded to enjoy.

    This cassette contains some of the thought provoking, and at times, miraculous biographies of the Shuhadaa. May Allah accept them and shower His Mercy upon them. Ameen.

    "Let those (believers) fight in the way of Allah, who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. And whoso fights in the way of Allah, and is killed or gets victory, soon shall We bestow on him, a great reward” (Translation of the Meaning of the Qur’an, Surah 4, Ayah 74)

    Anasheed (Islamic Songs) in this cassette have been taken from the following tapes, amongst others:

    >> Qawaafil-ush-Shuhadaa 1 by Shaheed Abu Zubair Al-Madani
    >> Qawaafil-ush-Shuhadaa 2 by Abu Usaid Al-Madani (brother of Abu Zubair)


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    Re: In the Hearts of Green Birds

    everyone download this..i really love and enjoy listening to this and you all will too Insha'Allah :up:


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      Re: In the Hearts of Green Birds

      jazzak allah kair for this brother
      غرباء غرباء غرباء غرباء
      Ghurabaa Ghurabaa Ghurabaa Ghurabaa


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        Re: In the Hearts of Green Birds

        the nasheed is really beautiful and err i really dont know the right word for it :) jazak allah kair for this

        keep it up brother,

        your mujahid brother,:)
        غرباء غرباء غرباء غرباء
        Ghurabaa Ghurabaa Ghurabaa Ghurabaa


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          Re: In the Hearts of Green Birds

          Originally posted by JIHAD!
          the nasheed is really beautiful and err i really dont know the right word for it :) jazak allah kair for this

          keep it up brother,

          your mujahid brother,:)
          thankz bro im glad u liked it :)

          anyone cant download it off the above link then try this one



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            Re: In the Hearts of Green Birds

            In the Hearts of Green Birds - Side A, Part I
            Source: Anonymous Submission

            This tape was transliterated by an unknown brother, on Muharram 2nd, 1420. The majority of the narration of the shaheed brothers goes in the format of:

            [ Place or Battle of Shahadat ]
            [ Date ]
            [ Age (sometimes) ]
            [ The actual narrative itself ]
            [ Anasheed ]

            Spread throughout the rest of the tape are real recordings of Mujahideen joking or giving a Khutbah.

            In the Hearts of Green Birds [Side A]

            ----------------BEGINNING OF CASSETTE TRANSCRIPT----------------

            ---Real battlefield radio transmission in Arabic during Operation Miracle, Bosnia, July 1995.---
            ---Radio transmission continues...---


            AllhamdulillahilRabbilAlameen, waSalatu waSalam ‘ala Rasulillah wa‘ala alehi wasahbihi ajma’een. Azzam recordings in London (UK) presents to you, the first cassette, in a series of cassettes on real life experiences in Jihad and an inspiring account of the Shuhadaa: those brothers killed in the way of Allah. Cassette One: "In the Hearts of Green Birds." The Shuhadaa of Bosnia.
            Qawaaaa’ fil usShuhadaa....

            --real gunfire in the background--
            --really beautiful recitation of surah Al-Imran, verses 169-171---
            --sound of soldiers on horseback--

            --(translation)— Do not think of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead; Nay, they are alive, finding their sustenance in the Presence of their Lord.
            (---background; anasheed playing---)

            They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of his Bounty. And with regard to those who have not yet joined them but are left behind, that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve. They rejoice in the Grace and the Bounty from Allah, and that Allah will not waste the reward of the Believers.
            ---Anasheed ---

            Sheikh Abdullah Azzam rehmatullah’alaih said that Islamic history is not written, except with the blood of the Shuhada’ and except with the stories of the Shuhada’.

            The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: the Shaheed is given seven special favors from Allah:
            1- All his sins are forgiven at the first drop of his blood.
            2- He sees his place in Paradise as soon as he is killed.
            3- He is saved from the punishment of the Grave.
            4- He is saved from the great Terror on the Day of Judgement.
            5- There is placed on his head a crown of honor, a jewel of which is better than this whole world and all that it contains.
            6- He is given intercession for 70 members of his household.
            7- He is married to 72 women of the most beautiful women of Paradise.
            Related by Ahmad and Tirmidhi

            Abu Zubair al-Madani, Sarajevo, 1992, age: 24 (---Anasheed---)

            Born and brought up in Madinah, the love of Islam occupied his youth, and he spent many years learning and spreading the Deen of Allah. A very popular brother in Madinah, he went to Afghanistan to join his brothers in Jihad at the very young age of 17. Six years he spent in Afghanistan, fighting with his brothers in the way of Allah. He was present in the great victories of Jaji, Jalallabad, Khost [?] and Kabul. After the conquest of Kabul, he returned to Madinah and stayed there for a few months. He was blessed with a beautiful voice, and he took this opportunity to make the famous audio cassette about his brothers killed in Afghanistan. The name of this cassette was "Qawaa fil-usShuhadaa"...the Caravan of the Martyrs. He did not used to think about anything except one thing, and he did not speak about anything except one thing, that is Jihad and martyrdom. Once he was asked:
            "Why do you hurry for martyrdom, where as you have not done much for Islam?"
            And he replied:
            "What did my brothers give, who were killed in the way of Allah? Our souls are the most precious things that we can give."
            In the summer of 1992 he heard about the oppression of his brothers and sisters in the Balkans, and he travelled with his brother from Madinah, Abul’Abbas alMadani, to Bosnia. Two months they stayed there, until they fought in the defense of Sarajevo Airport. The fighting was severe, and all the parties fled the fighting except AbuZubair and AbulAbbas, who stayed there and who fought in the defense of Sarajevo Airport against the Egyptian United Nations, until they fell down shaheed. We ask Allah subhanahuwaTa’Ala to accept them from amongst the Shuhada.

            ---Anasheed, arabic spoken and Qur’an, and gunfire---
            ---More Anasheed---

            Imran atTurki, Illyash, 1992 (---more Anasheed mixed in---)

            A Turkish brother with an American nationality, he was the Ameer of all the Turkish brothers in the front line base camp, where, there were two houses for the Arab Mujahideen and one house for the Turkish Mujahideen. He used to go and listen to the Dars in the house of the Arabs and return to the house of the Turks and give them the same Dars in Turkish. He was very humble and pious. He used to look around the streets for Bosnian orphans so that he could take care of them, and give them money, because at that time there were Christian Aid organizations sneaking the orphans to Europe and sending them there to make them into Unbelievers. And then he heard from his Arab brothers about an operation in a Serbian held territory in a village known as Illyash. He joined his brothers in this operation and he was shot in the stomach while shouting AllahuAkbar, AllahuAkbar. Many brothers they testified to the smile that was found on his face.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Maryam al-Afghani, Illyash, 1992 (---more Anasheed---)

            A mujahid from Afghanistan, he came to Bosnia in 1992. All the Arabs and Bosnians who saw Abu Maryam, they said that,
            "...this is a shaheed...".
            One day he was sitting with his brothers Abu Qutayfah al-Afghani, Abul Harith al-Bahraini, Abu Muassa alKassoori, and Abu Maidh al-Muhajir.
            And then Abu Maidh asked Abu Maryam:
            "Who will take care of your daughter Maryam after you get killed?"
            He replied in a strong voice: "Allah will take care of her." And then he raised his finger to the sky, and said, "Allah, Allah.", and then he started to weep. All the other brothers there started to weep with him.
            ---more Anasheed---

            He used to rely a lot on Allahu subhanahuwaTa’Ala. He was well mannered, he used to fast a lot, and he never talked a lot. And he was killed in Operation Illyash in 1992. His wife UmmeMaryam was originally German, and she was happy when she heard this news that she was a mujahid woman, and she was patient at the news. Abu Maryam’s brother wanted to marry her. She said:
            "Whoever marries me has to fulfil one condition; that he will stay with me for 15 days and then he will go for Jihad."
            Abu Maryam’s brother refused. Her sister, who used to be a non-Muslim, accepted Islam when she saw the patience of her sister. Now alhamdulillah, she is married and her husband is in the Jihad.
            ---more Anasheed---

            AbuSahr al-Ha’illi, Travnik, 1993

            Abu Sahr was from the city of Ha’illi in the north of the Arabian peninsula. A very brave and patient brother, he was travelling through Travnik, when they were captured by the Croats. Abu Sahr told his brothers to fight and not to give up. His brothers suggested that they should give up now, as maybe they will be released later. While they were being held, the Croats, they saw that the Kalashnikov of Abu Sahr was on and ready to fire. They shot him with five bullets while he was shouting
            "Laillaha illallah, Muhammad arRasulallah, Laillaha illallah, Muhammad arRasulallah."
            We ask Allahu subhanahuwata’Ala to accept him from the Shuhada.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Ali’ alKuwaiti, Travnik, 1993

            A first lieutenant in the Kuwaiti Air Force, he was a very well mannered brother and one who used to call to Allah. He was loved a lot by his brothers; the Arabs and the Bosnians. His speciality was the 120 Millimetre motar... He was also captured with his brother Abu Sahr al-Ha’illi in Travnik and under torture he used to be patient. One of his brothers who was captured with him, told him that if he tried to cry or show pain, they would stop the torture. Abu Ali’ replied:
            "No Inshallah I will never cry."
            While he was captured, the Kuwaiti Air Force fired him from his job. When Abu Ali’ heard the news, he said:
            A few months later, he was released in the prisoner exchange and then after that he joined another operation against the Croats. He was in a mine field, and his whole leg was blown off from a mine while he was shouting:
            "AllahuAkbar, AllahuAkbar!"
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Muadh’ al-Qatari, Sarajevo, 1993...Abu Salih al-Qatari, Abu Abdullah al-Qatari, Abdullah Effendi al-Bosnawi

            Abu Muadh al-Qatari was 21 years old and a Hafiz of the Qur’an. He had a lot of Islamic knowledge. A commander in Afghanistan and a son of a very rich businessman in Qatar. He used to fast one day and not fast the next. He would pray all night and walk through the villages giving da’wah all day with his brother Abu Salih al-Qatari. He was a very loved brother by both the Arabs and Bosnians. Abu Muadh was also captured by the Croats when he went the wrong way in Srebnic, but he was released in the prisoner exchange. Once he was making his way to Sarajevo with his brothers Abu Salih al-Qatari and Abu Abdullah al-Qatari when they met one Bosnian brother, Abdullah Effendi. And he said to them
            "I will come to Sarajevo with you."
            And he went back and told his wife that he saw the three of them in a dream last night and that all of them were shaheed. While they were on their way to Sarajevo, they were met by one or two vehicles from the Soviet United Nations, who had heavy weapons on them. They started shooting at the brothers and after 15 minutes, none of these brothers shot back. And then after 15 minutes of firing, Abu Muadh opened the car door. He was wounded very badly, and he started shooting at the Soviets, killing five of them and injuring four. The Communists were very surprised and they did not move at all. When his magazine finished, he was not able to change his magazine because he was so badly wounded. The Russians came to him and they caught him and they shot him and he was killed on Friday morning at 11:00. And the smell of musk was emanating from his body. The wife of Abdullah Effendi said:
            "That two days these brothers spent in our house, and they were very respectful and well-mannered people."
            And so she buried her husband with them.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abul Harith Bahraini., Illyash, 1992, age: 23 (---more Anasheed---)

            He was in Afghanistan. (He had also taken part in the Afghani Jihad.) He used to laugh a lot and make all his brothers laugh. A brother loved a lot by both the Arabs and the Bosnians. He used to say jokingly to his brothers:
            "My beloved brother."
            Always happy and jolly in the daytime, having a good time with his brothers in the daytime. However, in the night, his brothers used to hear him crying all the time while he was praying. He used to put Kohl in his eyes, and in the battle of Illyash against the Serbs, he put Kohl in his eyes and requested all his brothers to do the same. He was the second one killed in the battlefield. They couldn’t bury him due to the severity of the fighting and due to the presence of a large amount of snow. So they put his body inside the trunk of a tree.
            ---more Anasheed--- [and the tears do not stop]

            Dawood al-Birttani / David Sinclair, 1993, age: 29 ---more Anasheed---

            He started his job in a ...---... computer company, and one day he walked in, wearing an Islamic dress. Upon being asked, "Why are you wearing this dress?", he replied to that colleague:
            "I have become a Muslim."
            One week later he was fired from his job and he went to Bosnia. As soon as he arrived in Bosnia he gave away one of his passports to a brother in need. A few months later, he gave away the other one, too. After four months his brothers were returning to Britain for a few months and they asked him to come with them. He refused, saying:
            "What is there for me to do, in the land of the Kuffar?"
            A very calm and quiet brother, funny at the same time. He loved finding his brothers in the mountains, in the snow and cold weather. A very fast learner of Islam and the Arabic language, he loved to keep all the sunnahs of the Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), and he used to sleep on his right hand side, in a crouched position. He used to pray all night and fast during most of the days. Commander Abul-Harith (ra) said about him:
            "That all of us knew that brother Dawood would be the next Shaheed amongst us, as he was getting higher, and higher, and higher."
            The night before the operation, he saw a dream in which he saw himself running in a place with Palaces on either side. He asked (in the dream) :
            "Who do these houses belong to?"
            and it was said to him that:
            "These are the houses of the Shuhada."
            He asked: "Where is the house of Abu-Ibrahim, the Turkish brother from Britain who was killed by the French United Nations in Sarajevo Airport?"
            A voice said to him: "His house is over there."
            And in the dream he saw himself began to run towards the house of Abu-Ibrahim, and then he fell down, and woke up from his dream. In the morning, there was a large operation against the Croats. During this operation, he was running and he was killed by a single shot to the heart. He fell down, and his body fell down into a Croat bunker. After three months his body was returned to the Mujahideen. It was as new, it was bleeding, it was smelling of musk, and his body was found crouched on his right hand side.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Muslim at-Turki, summer of 1993, age: 51

            A Turkish brother who lived all his life in Britain, but, who lived a life of a Kafir. He was married to an English woman, and he did not used to pray and did not used to practice anything of Islam. And then Allah guided him to the Straight Path, and when he heard of Bosnia, he said to himself that:
            "I must go to Bosnia and I must repent and I must fight against the Kuffar as maybe Allah will forgive me for what I have done in the past."
            In one operation against the Croats, the Ameer did not pick him due to his age; and he began to cry...not weep, but wail like a baby until he forced the Ameer to let him take part in the operation. He was shot by a machine gun bullet in his arm which broke the bone and metal had to be placed in his arm for a period of six months. Abu-Muslim, he used to exercise his arm a lot, and after 45 days, the doctor said that they could remove the metal. Everyone was surprised, at how
            "...the metal could be removed after 45 days.."
            He had a dream before one of the large operations in which he saw the Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) and so Abu-Muslim began to kiss his feet. Rasulallah(sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said to him:
            "Do not kiss my feet."
            Then he began to kiss his hands and Rasulallah said:
            "Do not kiss my hands."
            And Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) asked him:
            "What do you want?"
            Abu-Muslim said:
            "Ya Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam). Make dua’ that tomorrow in the operation I am killed Shaheed."

            ---more Anasheed---

            Before the operation, the Ameer, Abul-Harith (ra), was picking the people to take part in this operation. He refused Abu-Muslim to take part and said to him:
            "You are still injured."
            A brother who was present there, said that Abu-Muslim cried and cried like a baby and said to the Ameer:
            "Fear Allah."
            The brothers there said to him:
            "Do not shout and cry so loud, as maybe the Serbs, they will hear you."
            Abu-Muslim replied:
            "By Allah, if you do not put me in this operation, I will cry so loudly that the whole country will hear me." ,
            he said to the Ameer:
            "Put me in this operation, even at the back as the last one."
            The Ameer said to him
            "Are you sure? I will put you at the back.."
            He (Abu-Muslim) said:
            "Put me anywhere in this operation,...right at the back...but include me in this operation."
            And so he went and he took part in this operation; and even though he was at the end, the course of the fighting changed, so that the back became the front, and he was killed,...the second one in this operation by a bullet in his heart. The body was returned by the Croats after three months. It was smelling of musk, and no change had come on his body. And all the brothers there, said that his body had become more beautiful and white since the last time they saw him.

            ---more Anasheed---
            ---recording of Mujahideen joking...muffled..---
            ---more Anasheed---

            Jamaluddin Yemeni, 1993, age: 19 (---more Anasheed---)

            He was in an operation against the Serbs, Jamaluddin’s Kalashnikov jammed, and with his pistol, he killed two Serbs. During the shelling that followed, in the victory of the Muslims, a shell landed next to him and killed him. After the operation, the Mujahideen went to collect the bodies of the four or five brothers that had been killed during the operation. They found all the bodies except the body of Jamaluddin. Three days went by and there was anxiety in the whole camp of the Mujahideen; as maybe the Serbs might have found the body and have mutilated it. Three days later, before salatulFajr, the Ameer of the Mujahideen at that time, Wahiuddin Misri (ra) had a dream in which he saw himself speaking to Jamaluddin.
            He asked him: "Jamaluddin, Jamaluddin! Where is your body? We have been looking for it for three days."
            Jamaluddin replied: "Allah has taken care of my body."
            Wahiuddin asked him: "Where have you been?"
            Jamaluddin replied:" I have been talking to Allah subhanahuwaTa’Ala."
            "What did he say to you?" Wahiuddin asked him.
            Jamaluddin replied:" Allahu subhanahu wa’Ta’Ala asked me: Jamaluddin, why did you come to Bosnia? And I said to him: Ya Allah, I came here only to please you. And Allah (swt) said to me: This day I forgive all of your sins, and you may fly in Jannah as you please."
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Saif at-Taifi’, 1993, age: 20 (---more Anasheed---)

            A member of the Army of Saudi Arabia. When his mother, sitting in Saudi Arabia, saw the television about the news of the oppression of the Muslims in Bosnia, she said:
            "My son. Get up...and go! Look what they are doing. They are raping your sisters, they are killing your brothers. My son get up and go, and I don’t want to see you again."
            Abu Saif travelled to Bosnia, the first country he had been to outside the Arabian peninsula. In one operation, he was given the PK machine gun, and during this operation he was shot in the heart; and he continued to walk for a distance of 20 meters still holding his machine gun. And then he said to the brothers that were around him:
            "Look in the sky! Look what I can see...!" (Meaning he could see Paradise just before he was Shaheed, as has happened with countless Shuhadaa throughout history.)
            And the brothers replied that:
            " We cannot see anything."
            And then a second shot hit him in the head and half his brains fell out onto the ground, and he went into a position of Sujood or, prostration, and he was saying:
            "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar."
            The brothers, they tried to take the machine gun from him, but he was still holding it tightly and he did not release his grip on the gun until he was killed.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Khalid al-Qatari, 1993 (---more Anasheed---)

            A member of the Qatar national handball team, he came to Bosnia at the end of 1992. He used to love doing double guard duty shifts, four hour shifts, in the cold weather. He was very humble and a very pious brother. He was of black descent, but brothers described his face like a glowing lamp because of the shine and noor on his face. He had two large dark marks on his forehead due to prolonged prostrations as he used to pray all night long. Once he was asked:
            "When will you return back to your own country?"
            And he replied: "I want to be Shaheed here."
            Before one operation against the Croats, as soon as he was picked by the Ameer to be in this operation, he said to the brothers next to him:
            "InshaAllah, this time Allah will take me as Shaheed."
            As he was going with five other brothers, of them, Wahiuddin Misri the Ameer of the Mujahideen (ra), when they took a wrong turn and went seven kilometers into Croat territory. The Croats shot at the car with anti-aircraft weapons. The car flew 20 feet into the air. All of the five brothers got out and fought until they were killed. After a few days, when their bodies were returned to the Mujahideen, the brothers were able to identify four of them, but they could not identify the body of Abu Harith. When the Bosnian Army said to them, that:
            "This is your last man." ,
            they looked and they saw, this body was that of a white person as the face was white. They replied:
            "This is not our man."
            And upon looking carefully, they pulled down his shirt below the neck and the found that (his skin) was black. They pulled up the sleeves and above the elbows, it was black and below the elbows it was black. And they pulled up his trousers and they found that the shin was black. One of the brothers there, commented saying:
            "That, as per the hadith of the Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam), the sign of a Believer, the marks of Wudu’ were shining white on the body of this brother."
            May Allah accept him amongst the Shuhada.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Wahiuddin Misri, 1993, age: 21 (---more Anasheed---)

            He was in Afghanistan and he came to Bosnia in the summer of 1992. He was the second Ameer of the Mujahideen in Bosnia. A very professional soldier and military-minded, although he was very pious and very humble even though he was the Ameer. He was captured by the Croats while he was in Srebnic and released in the prisoner exchange. After the exchange, when the UN arbitrator asked to shake his hand, he refused, saying:
            "I do not shake hands with Disbelievers."
            A very brave brother, he was in the same car as Abu Harith al-Qatari when they were ambushed by the Croats and he got out and fought until he was killed. May Allah accept him amongst the Shuhada.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Abdullah asSharqi, Vlasic, Friday morning after LailatulQadr, 25th of Ramadan, 1995

            He had a brother that was killed in Afghanistan, and he came to Bosnia in 1994. He took part in the operation to take the highest mountain in Bosnia, in Vlasic in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Nine hours he walked with his brothers in deep snow while he was fasting. Brothers offered him food, and he took it and put it in his pocket as he did not want anyone to know that he was fasting. Otherwise, the Ameer might tell him to break his fast. Many brothers who were present that night, testified that night as being Lailatul Qadr for that year.
            He a dream the night before in which he saw that he was shot in the throat by a single bullet after killing two Serbs. The Mujahideen were victorious in this battle and when they thought that they had cleared all the bunkers, they saw one last Serb bunker that was shooting at them. When they went running towards this bunker they found two Serbs lying on the floor and next to them they found Abu-Abdullah asSharqi who had been shot by a single bullet in his throat. As he was wearing a turban which he had wrapped around his neck, the bullet had entered the scarf, and it took the scarf with it through his neck, and he was not bleeding at all. He was the only brother that was killed in this operation.
            ---more Anasheed---

            The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: "By Him in whose hands my soul is, there is no one who is wounded in the Path of Allah, and Allah knows best those who are wounded in His path, except that he will come on the Day of Judgement with his wound; blood will be pouring out of it and the color of this blood will be red and its smell would be like that of musk." --Narrated by Sahih Muslim
            ---more Anasheed---

            Carrying about the Shaheed, the Shuhada....they all differed. Some of them fast, the extra fasts, some of them pray in the night, some of them memorize the whole Qur’an. But something that they all had in common and that’s that they had sincerity to Allah and they did not have any grudge against any Muslims, anywhere. This is something you see in every single brother that is Shaheed. You’ll see them; they have sincerity and, no grudge against Muslims. And this one brother,..he’d wake up in the middle of the night, and not just to make Tahajjud like some other brothers, MashaAllah a lot of the brothers made Tahajjud. But he wakes up in the middle of the night to clean the toilets and to fix and clean the masjid, so that no one can see him doing these things, so that he can be sure that his Deen is for Allah only, that no one can see him. And people say, you know,
            ..."you’re going to Bosnia...what can you do? What can you do? You’re one person and they’re the third biggest army in Europe, [referring to the Serbians] what are you going to do?"
            But from our experience, from the English brothers who got together and we talked about the other brothers who went to Bosnia, each one of them was instrumental to, not just the jihad in Bosnia, but the world-wide jihad, for what they managed to achieve.
            And you think this is an exaggeration,but by the hands of the brothers they did many things that you wouldn’t believe. Books were translated and produced, in the front-lines, because you had the English brothers that could speak english and the Arab brothers that could speak arabic and a bit of english, and they go together and translated books about Jihad. Now, these books are guiding other brothers back to the Jihad again. They’ve computerized whole computer networks because of their computer knowledge. Brothers say to them:
            "Why do you have to go? You’re a computer expert,...stay back, you can’t do anything."
            But alhamdulillah,....masha’Allah, the brothers helped a whole lot. And you have people telling them:
            "Why do you have to go? What can you do?"
            So you see, if you have the sincerity, Allah will put the barakah in your work and, even though your work is being done in some mountain somewhere, it will reach the people and it’s benefits will be widespread. Look at Ibn Taymiyyah. He was in prison and they took away his pen and papers, but he was writing on the walls with rocks and now even today every single book of his that he wrote we have, but thats because of his sincerity. And the same for the other people in the jihad.
            For example: Abdullah Azzam. He was giving his lessons in the jihad camps in Afghanistan, far away from any printing sources or anything but the brothers were recording it on tape.
            Laailaha illallah muhammadur-rasulallah

            In the Hearts of Green Birds [Side B]

            Abu Abdullah an-Libyi, the Black Lion, commander of operation Black Lion, May 1995

            (---recording of Imame-Kaba’ Imam Sudais, reciting verses 169-173 from Surah al-Imran---)

            The commander of Black lion was Abu-Abdullah Libyi. This brother, he came to Libya in the very beginning of the war. He was a tank driver in the Army of Libya. He came to Bosnia, spent many years, ..he spent three years in the front lines. This brother, when you look at him, he is SO shy, when you sit with him, he would not even look you in the face, but against the Kuffar he is so tough, in the attack, he would be the first to reach the bunkers; an extremely fit brother and also very brave, and he would be the first to reach the bunker.
            When you sit with him if you had food placed before you, he wouldn’t eat any of his food, even if he was very hungry, he wouldn’t eat any of the food at all until someone else took some food first, that was his manners. He was the capitulation[?] (personification) of the Ayah of the Qur’an where Allah talks about the Believers, that He says that they are merciful to each other and tough and strong and hard against the Kuffar. He wasn’t a loud brother but a quiet brother always doing his work. Because of this, he commanded respect from the other brothers, the other brothers respected him even though he didn’t speak much, but his actions spoke louder than his words. It reminds me of the Hadith-e-Qudsi:
            When Allah loves somebody, Allah says to the angels / to the Angel Jibrael: -Love him.- And Angel Jibrael calls out to the people of the Earth: They say; -Love him.-
            This is why this brother, all the other brothers they loved him. This brother, he led a reconnaissance mission, which took seven months across a three-kilometer range of mountains. These mountains were extremely, extremely strategical, but of extremely strategical value to the Serbs. This brother, he spent seven months making reconnaissance among these mountains, going in the night, going in the day in all times of weather going by himself, switching off his radio, sometimes even so close to the Serb bunkers that they would throw rubbish on him without even knowing that he was there. So this brother, he knew those three kilometers like the back of his hand. So after seven months of reconnaissance on these mountains, the missions took place and alhamdulillah, Allah gave us those three mountains within a time span of six minutes. Many Serbs were killed and many weapons were captured. And in this mission, after the operation finished and after
            the victory had taken place, Abdullah Libyi, he was killed by a sniper bullet, by a Serb.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Zayd, alQatari, Operation Black Lion, May 1995, age: 17 (---more Anasheed---)

            This brother was so young but so innocent, and this brother, he even saw the Hoor-al’Ayn not in his sleep, but in his guard duty, from his position in the mountain. Every night as he used to look in the sky, he used to see, a woman come to him, a beautiful figure of a woman. But he never told anybody about this except one brother and this brother told us afterwards. And this brother, he killed four Serbs before he was Shaheed himself. There are many instances in the time of the Salaf, and even during the time of the Rasulallah (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) himself, where the Hoor al’Ayn would come and manifest themselves to the Muslims as a glad tiding to them to make them steadfast in His path.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Muhammed Badawi from Egypt, Operation Black Lion, May 1995 (---more Anasheed---)

            This brother was such a beautiful brother. He used to love his brothers and he used to work so hard. This brother once he held me and kissed me in such a way, Subhanallah, it made me feel so good. And this brother, before the operation he must’ve known he was going to be Shaheed, for before the operation, he started to give everything away. He started to divide his money amongst the brothers, gave all his posessions away and on the day of the operation, in the battle itself, as the brothers were making the attack, he fell down, he was hit in the chest and he fell down. He said to the brothers next to him,
            "If it had only been here",
            he said, pointing to his forehead and within the next few seconds, a bullet came and hit him exactly where he had been pointing, exactly as the Hadith of the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam),
            When a bedouin came to the Prophet and they gave him a share of the Ghanimah, he came to the Prophet and he said, "What’s this? I came not to join you to gain this, but I came to join you to be shot here (and he pointed to his throat) by an arrow" And the next day, this bedoiun, he was killed by an arrow in the same place where he had pointed.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abu Bakr, from Libya, 1995 (---more Anasheed---)

            This brother,...again, of impeccable character. Loving his brothers amd being sincere in his work and not having any grudge. This brother was on guard duty, and, qadarullah, a rocket landed right next to him, the shrapnel went straight inside his neck, and he died shortly afterwards, 10 to 15 minutes afterwards; this brother was gone. The brothers, they buried him, but not knowing which direction the Qiblah was, they buried him in the wrong direction, because the body has to be buried facing the Qiblah. So after one month, our sheikh said:
            "We have to dig him up. Bury him in the right direction."
            So after a month, we dug up the grave, and the land in Bosnia is the same type of land that we have in England; actually, it’s more water-logged, and as we dug him up, we saw that his body was still intact, not even rotten or smelling or anything, and blood was still coming from his wound which he had in his neck. This is amazing because, I’ve seen Serbs, dead Serbs, which after one hour, have started to smell, you cannot even approach these bodies, and after a day they’ve become black as charcoal. A white person becoming black. After a week there’s a stench. Now I’m telling you this for bodies that are on top of the ground, this brother was buried under the ground for one month and he was completely intact.
            ---more Anasheed---

            Abdullah Shaybaani, Operation Black Lion, May 1995, age: 19

            This brother he was very young, 19 years of age, and he was a very joyful brother with good manners. And in the attack, as they were making the attack, he and another brother, Abu Muslim from Yemen, as they were running almost side by side, a few meters between them, they both fell down injured, both had been shot. Abu Muslim, he was in pain, not screaming but he was moaning, and Abdullah Shaybani looked across at him and he also had been shot, and he said to him:
            "Hope for your reward from Allah. Forget the pain."
            The brothers took them to the hospital, and alhamdulillah Allah gave Abu-Muslim a quick and speedy recovery. But the brother Abdullah Shaybani his injuries were of severe nature and Allah took him as Shaheed in the hospital after a few days. And, as he died in the hospital, the aroma of the perfume filled the whole hospital room, the people that were there witnessed this. This is a sure sign of his Shahada, and this is a sign for the other brothers as well, that this is the rght path that they are on.
            ---more Anasheed---

            AbuMuadh al-Kuwaiti, commander of Foreign Volunteers, Operation Miracle, 21st of July, 1995

            The son of a governor from Kuwait, and also an Olympic athlete from Kuwait. He went to Afghanistan to join his brothers and stayed there for six years. He came to Bosnia in 1994, and became the commander of the Ansar / Foreign Volunteers. A very humble and pious brother, in Operation Miracle, July 1995, he was not placed in the attack group and so he was very sad at that. After the operation was successful, Abu Muadh went to the top of the mountain and began organizing the groups. He was then killed by a shot to the upper leg and fell down Shaheed, InshaAllah. Four days later, one brother from Madinah in Bosnia saw him in a dream, where AbuMuadh came back to the masjid of the Mujahideen. The brother said:
            "I saw Abu Muadh meeting all the brothers, and everyone was happy at seeing him. He had a bandage on his upper leg, in the same place where he was shot. And I was very angry, at how Abu Muadh is here, when he is meant to be Shaheed. So I went up to him, shook his
            hand, and I asked him:
            "Abu Muadh! Why are you here? Are you Shaheed or not?!"
            He turned away and did not want to say anything. And then when no one was looking he began to make his way to the exit of the masjid. I knew that he was going to go, so I waited for him at the door of the Masjid. He left the masjid and went outside, and I saw a plate come
            under him, which started to lift him up into the sky. I then ran up to him and I grabbed him on his leg. I said:
            "Abu Muadh. Please tell me what is happening. Why are you here? Are you Shaheed or not?"
            And he said:
            "Yes, I am Shaheed."
            I said:
            "What is it like?"
            He said
            "On the day of the operation, a window opened in the sky from Paradise and all of the Muslims that would be killed, all of the Mujahideen that would be killed that day, they pass through this window, straight into Jannah."
            I said:
            "What is the actual mark and what does it feel like?"
            He said:
            "You don’t feel a thing. As soon as you are killed, you see two beautiful blonde girls, they come and sit beside you, and they go up to jannah with you.
            I asked him:
            "What is Jannah like?"
            And Abu Muadh replied:
            "It is not Jannah, it is Jannaat" [i.e not one Paradise, but many]
            I said:
            "What about enjoying and pleasure?"
            He said:
            "Every day, and every place."
            Then Abu Muadh said:
            "Now let me go."
            I then said to Abu Muadh:
            "One last thing. Can you tell me when I am going to be Shaheed?"
            Abu Muadh said:
            "I cannot tell you that."
            So I asked him:
            "Can you at least tell me by coming to me in a dream a few days before I am going to be killed?"
            And Abu’Muadh said:
            "I will try. Now let me go."

            ---more Anasheed---

            He came from a very rich family in Kuwait, but he still knew the obligation he had. He spent six years in Afghanistan. After that he came to Bosnia. This brother, he used to speak very fast, but when he used to speak, he used to give us lessons and Islamic lessons and news of what was going on in Bosnia. When he speaks you feel so good, that even if he was giving you the worst news, you’d be happy to hear it from him. Because of his manners and organizational skills, the brothers they had chosen him to be the ameer of the Ansar. A gift that Allah had given him is that he could give tafseer of dreams; so the brothers would go to him and tell him their dreams, and he would tell them what it means, and very optimum, they would be with pinpoint accuracy. This brother, he would work night and day in the service of the rest of his brothers. And in the second operation, Allah took him as Shaheed InshaAllah.

            ---more Anasheed---
            ---recording of a Mujahid giving a khutba---
            ---more Anasheed---

            Battar al-Yemeni, Operation Miracle, July 1995

            This brother, he was in the communist Army of Yemen, and they sent him to Cuba because he was a tank expert ; so they sent him to Cuba to train him in tanks and he learned the ins and outs of tanks, he knew everything about tanks. After becoming a good practicing Muslim, he went to Afghanistan and he spent many years there, fighting in Afghanistan.. After that he returned to Yemen and when the war in Bosnia started, he, came back at the first opportunity, came here. His wish was that he would take a tank in actual fighting, take a tank as ghanimah and use it. In the second operation, the brothers, they captured a tank, and they called him down and he went to the front and took this tank from right underneath the noses of the Serbs as they were trying to destroy this tank, because the Serbs, they knew they had lost it, but they didn’t want the Mujahideen to take it. So he took the tank from right underneath their noses and drove it out of there, took it back to the back lines! where it would be safe. He got injured in the process but he didn’t rest. He went back to the front lines and Allah took him as Shaheed, as a mortar exploded close to him and he was Shaheed (Insha’Allah)
            ---more Anasheed---

            One brother described, when he was with Battar, and even though he was injured in his hand, he still took a tank from the Serbs and drove it all the way back down and nothing happened to him. The brother who was with him, said to Battar:
            "Ya Battar, we are not good enough to be Shaheed."
            As both of them were injured, one brother decided to go back and have his injury attended to as the fighting and operation were know over. But Battar said no and said I want to go back. And he went back up, and they went back to get, one of their injured brothers and a
            shell landed right inside the bunker, and four hours after the operation had ended, battar was taken Shaheed inshaAllah.

            ---more anasheed---
            ---recording of some Mujahideen brothers joking and chilling, in Arabiy.---
            ---more anasheed---

            Abu Muslim al-‘Emarati, Operation Miracle, July 1995 (---more anasheed---)

            ....But one summer, he just changed. He became extremely fierce in his fighting and his braveness. He would go out on reconnaisance missions by himself and bring back plastic bags full of mines that he had pulled out after having searched for, and brought them back. And this brother was a family man, he left his country and his wife was pregnant and he left his country and still came for Jihad. And then he had a son, which he had never seen before, and the son had grown up and become a few months old, and he (Abu-Muslim) still hadn’t seen his son. So he said to himself that after this second operation, he would go back and see his family. So anyways in this operation, this brother alhamdulillah, his group managed to capture a tank from the Serbs, and after capturing a tank they went forward, and Allah took him as Shaheed. So he had never seen his family before. InshaAllah Allah will re-unite them in the next world.

            ---more anasheed---
            ---recording of Mujahideen talking---
            ---more anasheed---

            Ibn Waleed, Misri. Operation Miracle, July 1995 (---more anasheed---)

            A very young, active and fit brother, he used to love to train himself so that he could inflict as much damage upon the enemy as possible. When the attack started, he ran so fast, that he went straight through Serb lines, and he went deep into their territory. As he was fighting inside their territory, he managed to kill four of the Serbs before Allahu subhanahuwaTa’Ala took him as Shaheed.

            ---more anasheed---
            ---recording of Mujahideen joking---
            ---more anasheed---

            Abu Musa at-Turki, "Camera-man of the Mujahideen." Operation Miracle, July 1995

            Born of Turkish parents in Germany, his parents did not have enough money to bring him up and so they sold him to a German family. He was brought up as a non-Muslim by a German family. He was a model student and a very well behaved child, and no one could see the difference, as he was very fair in skin color. All of a sudden when he reached the age of 15, things began to go wrong for him. He began to mess around in school, annd he became confused. He knew there was something different about him. He knew he was different than these people and that he was not German. Once he had an argument with his German mother, and she told him:
            "You are not my son!"
            And he went back and said that:
            "...That statement reverberated in my mind, and I went back and asked my mom what does this mean? She refused to tell me. After much battery, she told me the whole story, and that she was still in touch with my Turkish parents. My real parents, I went to see them and I began to live with them...."
            So he began to live with them and after a number of years, at the age of 21, he traveled to Bosnia.
            ---more anasheed---

            And this brother, he had some experience in how to make video-films and mix videotapes. So in Bosnia, they made him the cameraman in the Operation. So, along with a Kalashnikov and his weapons, he’d carry a camera. And this brother; I witnessed this brother, he would be
            in the front of the attacks, with his camera, fighting and even reaching the Serb bunkers before the rest of the brothers, and he’d be standing on top of the bunkers. The Serbs would still be shooting from out of the window of the bunker and he’d be filming on top. And he said to me; he reached the bunkers and he said to me:
            "I felt: should I throw a grenade inside or should I put a camera inside?"
            And then he said he’d put the camera inside so he could get the best possible pictures, so he could mix the best film, so that he could send it back to the other brothers that don’t know anything about Jihad so that they could see the Jihad in their TV’s so that they could find out and learn about Jihad. That was his intention, he wanted to make the best possible tapes, that’s why he was always in the front with his camera. In the second operation, Allah took him as Shaheed inshaAllah.
            ---more anasheed---

            ....many people who knew Abu Musa, described him like a walking cartoon character. And you’d look at this man and you’d think that he is dumb or that he’s mental, but he is, and was, very clever.

            ---more anasheed---
            ---Some Mujahideen bros chilling, in English.---
            ---more anasheed---

            Abul-Mundhar al-Yemeni, Operation Miracle, July 1995 (---more anasheed---)

            This brother was in one of the attack groups, and he was killed by a shot to the head. A day after he was killed, a brother saw him in a dream and asked him:
            "What happened to you?"
            And Abul Mundhar replied:
            "We were in a forest, and there was a lot of fire coming at us from all directions and our heads were down. I put my head up to see where the fire was coming from, to see where the bunker was, and as I was looking around; the next minute I saw my self looking around in Paradise."
            ---more anasheed---

            Abu-Umar al-Harbi, from Madinatul Munawwara, Operation Miracle, July 1995

            This brother he came and he spent two years in the front lines, and never once wanted to go back to the city camp, where you had the Dunya; the shops, and all the good things of the Dunya, he never ever wanted to go back there, and spent all his time in the camp. And even when he wanted something from there, he would tell his brothers to get this, or get that, from his bags, which he had in a storeroom there, and this brother, he never went back. And this brother, he always used to make the brothers laugh so much, because he liked to make the brothers laugh and enjoy themselves, in a good halal way obviously. You look at him, he looks like a joker, but in fighting he’s like a lion. In the second operation, the brothers made an attack that was an extremely dangerous place, an extremely open place full of mines, and the Serbs can see you coming from a a very clear and open place; and the brothers made an attack on this place. He was the commander of the group which was making the attack. And the brothers, they were asking him as they were running across this open
            "Are there any mines??"
            And he just yelled back:
            "Allahu Akbar!!."
            And they ran right through the minefield towards the Serb bunkers. As he was coming towards the bunkers, he was shot in the forehead by a Serb and he fell Shaheed, inshAllah. And this brother, apparently some brothers saw him in a dream. His face was extremely white, and they asked him:
            "What happened to you?!"
            And he told them:
            "The night before, we was in the bunkers just waiting for the attack, and he felt asleep and he felt he had Janabah. So he went and there was no way for him to bathe in the mountains and this is a situation where you just go; you make Tayyamum and you pray and you go, because the Jihad is more important, than to return from the mountains and to have a bath. He was the Ameer of the whole group; to delay the operation, no way. So he went in a state of Janabah and he was Shaheed. And he said that: as he was shot, he didn’t feel anything; he felt something just touch him on the template, on the forehead, and he felt two "beings" hold him on either side and take him straight up into the sky, without tilting him on either side, very fast, they took him, like straight into the sky. He said that the angels they gave him his Ghusl, just like in the Hadith of the Prophet salalllahuAlaihiWasallam, the angels they gave him Ghusl.

            ---more anasheed---
            ---Mujahideen talking about their commander AbuUmar al-Harbi
            ---more anasheed---

            Salman Al-Farsi, Operation Miracle, July 1995 (---more anasheed---)

            This brother, mashaAllah, he loved his training. He loved to train feSabilillah, so that he could be as strong, as tough, as best in the fighting as he could be, so that he could do as much damage to the Kuffar as possible. This brother always used to exert himself in training, with this intention; of damaging the Kuffar. The brother mashaAllah was a very big brother, he was a formidable sight! Because, on his back he had strapped on his chest rig, on his back he had strapped a massive sword, at least the length of his arm, and as you looked at him you could see the handle of it sticking out from behind his head, in between his head and shoulder. He used to wear a black scarf around his head;...he was just a formidable sight when you looked at him. And this brother, when you talked to him, all he ever talks about is Shahadat, just martyrdom and Paradise,...martyrdom and Paradise all the time this is what he used to talk about, nothing else would ever interest him apart from Shahadah, and Paradise. And in the 2nd operation, I saw his chest rig, his chest rig was very distinctive; it was the only one with a sword at the back. And he’d been killed. They had taken his body, ...I didn’t see his body but I saw his chest rig. Me and four other brothers, we picked it up and smelled it, and the perfume,...strong perfume was coming from his blood and all of us looked at each other in amazement. Its like, we’ve heard stories of such perfume, heard of our brothers’ blood smelling like perfume, never doubted
            it, but we never experienced it firsthand. And we were smelling it now, in front of us. And two Bosnian Army soldiers they smelled it as well; mistaking it,,..strong perfume, you cannot compare it to any of the perfumes of this world, but as you smell this perfume, it relaxes you and you feel relaxed. InshaAllah, this was a good sign, that this brother was Shaheed and its a sign for these brothers that smelled this perfume, that this is the right path and have Sabr on this path.
            ---more anasheed---

            Abu Thabith-alMuhajir, Ameer of the FrontLine, Operation Badr of Bosnia, 10th of September, 1995 (---more anasheed---)

            This brother spent six years in Afghanistan. For that he was a very experienced soldier in the Egyptian army, and went to Afghanistan, spent six years there training the brothers and fighting in Afghanistan. Very experienced fighter came to Bosnia, and he was the Ameer. This brother he was so tough, so brave, that when he fought, he wouldn’t even duck from the bullets that’s how fearless he was. This brother, he was a Commander and he had such a strong character, that you couldn’t help loving him and he made you feel like you was his favorite friend, and he used to make everybody feel that he was their favorite friend, and his character was such that when you look at him,’d think you were looking at a Sahabah. And this brother in the attack; the operation, he was injured and he didn’t even shout out in pain but he carried on the attack, carried on fighting, and a second shot took him as Shaheed.
            ---more anasheed---

            ----[ The Messenger of Allah, (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said on the authority of Anas (RA) : No person who has entered Paradise would like to return to this world, even if he may be given all that the world contains, except a martyr. He yearns that he may return to the world and be slain ten times for the sake of Allah on account of the honor he experienced by the virtue of his martyrdom. ]----

            ---more anasheed---

            Azzam Recordings brings you to the end of this first audio cassette "In the Hearts of Green Birds", tape #one, The Shuhada of Bosnia. Tape two, [Under the Shades of Swords] which follows this cassette, inshaAllah will include accounts of :

            AbuMujahid al-Brittani the electrical engineer from the University of North London killed in the operation of Badr of Bosnia, September of 1995.
            Sheikh Anwar Shaban (rehmatulllahAlaih) the Sheikh of the Mujahideen.
            Al’Mutaz’bIllah the military commander of the Mujahideen in Bosnia.
            Dr. AbulHarith alLibyi rehmatullahAlaih, Ameer of the Mujahideen for 1 and 1/2 years. Abu Ziad alNajdi, commander of the Ansar after Abu-Muadh-alKuwaiti. Abu-Hamman alNajdi, commander of the FrontLine base camp
            Sayyad al-Phalistini, 18 year old A-level student from Kingston, southwest London.

            Sheikh Abdullah Azzam (rehmatullahAlaih) said: "Death is one, so let it be for the sake of Allah."

            ---more anasheed---
            ---arabic recording of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam of the above quote.
            ---more anasheed---
            ----------------------------END OF CASSETTE TRANSCRIPT-----------------------


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                      I have In the Hearts of Green Birds and Under the Shade of the Swords on audio tapes, and they are absolutely beautiful stories which brings tears to ones eyes.

                      Also after listening to these tapes a few years ago, I went to Madinah and purchased the whole collection of Shaheed Abu Zubayrs and his brother Abu Usayds "Qawafilush Shuhadah" (Caravans of Martyrs) nasheeds... and they are absolutely beautiful.

                      May Allah give them (the shuhada) high status in Jannah for they have given their life and blood to protect and honour Islam and the Muslims!


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                          Subhanallah i love these narrative and the Quwaafil ush shuhadah nasheeds.

                          Has a better and clearer version of in the Hearts of Green Birds been re-released since azzam went down?
                          Sayyiduna Umar (Allah be pleased with him) said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) say, “If you relied on Allah as He should be relied on, He would provide for you as He provides for birds.
                          They go out hungry in the early morning, and return full in the evening." [Tirmidhi]


                          Do not try to run away from trials and tribulations, but endure them with patience. They cannot be avoided, and there is nothing for it but to endure them with patience. How can you expect the whole of this world, and all that has been created therein, to undergo change and transformation just to suit your convenience? The Prophets are the best of all creatures, yet they have always had to suffer afflictions and so it is for their followers, those who tread in their footsteps as they walk along their highway, emulating their example.

                          Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani


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