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  • Imam al-Shafi段 and Time

    Madarij al-Salikin
    Imam al-Hafiz Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya (d. 751/1350-1) quotes Imam al-Shafi`i (d. 204/820) in Madarij al-Salikin[1] as saying:

    قال الشافعي رضي الله عنه صحبت الصوفية فما انتفعت منهم إلا بكلمتين سمعتهم يقولون الوقت سيف فإن قطعته وإلا قطعك ونفسك إن لم تشغلها بالحق وإلا شغلتك بالباطل


    al-waqtu sayfunibada) and da`waShaytan, the lower self and worldliness within the Sufi program of spiritual living.[3]falsehood.And Allah knows best.

    [1]shaykh Imam Ibn Taymiyya with Sufi abstract spiritual precepts. Indeed, his engagement with Sufism intensified later in life and this is reflected in the Madarij al-SalikinEssays in Arabic Literary Biography, ed. by Allen, Lowry et al, vol.1, pp.202-223.

    [2] See Ibn al-Qayyim, Madarij al-Salikin, vol.3, p.128.

    [3]Introduction to Sufism, pp.11-16..

    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)

    " How can the one who chooses a hour of Haraam pleasure, above the eternal pleasure of Jannah, ever be considered as sane? "
    -Ibn Al Qayyim

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