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The Mysticals of Ash-Sham

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  • The Mysticals of Ash-Sham

    This part of the world is truly mystical and the gathering place of the best people on earth in the end times and subhannallah I was just curiously checking out the facts surrounding this claim and the funny thing is that around 30.000 mujahiruun entered Syria between 2011 - 2016 and it could be well above this figure now from all over the world.

    It's like as if the earth spitted out it's best inhabitants to Ash-Sham for the gathering. The figures are quite surprisingly and I don't recall any event that had such a large movement of mumin'een into one place. This could be the highest Al-mujahiruun numbers of all times recorded and they came from everywhere in the world while some places more represented then other places.

    I have seen videos with some of the best brothers the world had to offer and quite unique people and some of the best people I have seen are our Chinese brothers who arrived there between 3000-3500 while some of them even arrived with their kids, wives and everything. They are not the only once who arrived with their families because there are other brothers from other areas in the world who brought everything with them money and you name it.

    The West had to offer around 6000 while that figure could reach upto 7000 and surprisingly Russia is represented hugely with around 3000 while Tunisa, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, chechnya, Bosnia, Sudan, Africa, Albania, Turkey all adding to the numbers and also south east asia Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc etc All arriving with representatives. All this gatherings of Believers can hardly be coincidence. They came from above 83 countries and even remote nations have representatives.

    This is the largest gathering of Mumin'een so far recorded of Al-Mujahiruun not including the Ansar may Allah bless them both.

    The prophet(sa) predicted this gathering and this is just the first wave because very soon there will be another wave which could be larger then the first wave. Mahdi himself will arrive with several thousands and he will cross from Saudi Arabia(another faction of Al-mujahiruun and Ansar(saudis)

    Until they all gather in Ash-Sham.

    To give you more insight on the importance of Syria here is a short video.

    "A man will emerge from the depths of Damascus. He will be called Sufyani. Most of those who follow him will be from the tribe of Kalb. He will kill by ripping the stomachs of women and even kill the children. A man from my family will appear in the Haram, the news of his advent will reach the Sufyani and he will send to him one of his armies. He (referring to Imam Mahdi) will defeat them. They will then travel with whoever remains until they come to a desert and they will be swallowed. None will be saved except the one who had informed the others about them."

    Then, Huzaifa asked: "O Messenger of Allah, how shall we identify him (the Mahdi)?"

    He صلى الله عليه وسلم replied: "He is a man from my descendants, he looks like the men of the Israelites, upon him are two white cloaks with frayed edges, 'Qutwani' cloaks. His face is like a glittering star, upon his right cheek there is a black mole and he is forty years old.

    Al-Abdal (pious individuals) and those seeking the Mahdi like them will come to him (the Mahdi) from Syria. Al-Nujaba (pious individuals) from the dwellers of Egypt will come to him (the Mahdi). Groups of dwellers from the East and those seeking the Mahdi like them will come until they all gather together in Mecca. So, they will pledge their allegiance to him (the Mahdi) between Al-Rukn (corner of the Ka'ba containing the Black Stone) and Al-Maqam (Place) of (Prophet) Abraham عليه السلام (located on a side of the Ka'ba).

    Then, he (the Mahdi) will lead (an army) towards Syria, with (angel) Gabriel at the fore front and (angel) Michael in the middle. The dwellers of Heaven and Earth will be joyful because of him. Water will be plentiful in his country (Syria) and the River (Euphrates) will spread and treasures will be found ( gold or treasures of religious significance ) .

    When he (the Mahdi) reaches Syria, he will slay the Sufyani under a tree, the branches of which grow in the direction of Lake Tiberias and he will defeat Kalb (tribe). On that Day (battle) of Kalb, disappointed will be whoever does not get some (of the treasures)."

    Huzaifa asked: "O Messenger of Allah, صلى الله عليه وسلم , how is it permitted to kill them when they believe in the Oneness (of God)?"

    The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم replied: "O Huzaifa, they are at that time apostates, they claim that wine is permitted and do not pray." (Nuaim Ibn Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan, Tabarani, and Abu Amru Uthman bin Saeed Ad-Dani's Kitab Al-Sunan Al-Waredah fi al-Fitan )

    Another hadith mentioning Mahdi and Kalb together.

    Umm Salamah رضي الله عنها narrated: The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "Disagreement will occur upon the death of a Caliph and a man of the people of Medina will flee to Mecca. Some of the people of Mecca will come to him, bring him out against his will and make him accept their Bay'a (being chosen as a leader) (at a location) between the Rukn (corner of the Ka'ba containing the Black Stone) and the Maqam (Place) of Abraham (located on a side of the Ka'ba). An army from the people of AshSham (Greater Syria) will then be sent against him, but Khusf (land collapse) will happen to them (they will die) in the Baidaa (desert) between Mecca and Medina. When the people see this, the Abdal (pious eminent individuals) of Syria and the Asa'ib (pious individuals) of the people of Iraq will come to him and offer him Bay'a (accept his leadership) between the Rukn and the Maqam. A man from Quraish tribe , whose maternal uncles are from Kalb tribe, will arise and send against them (against the Mahdi & his supporters) an army which they (the Mahdi & his supporters) will overcome. That army will be made up of Kalb tribe. Whoever does not witness the spoils of (this battle with) Kalb tribe will be disappointed (because treasures will be found, according to some narration). He (the Mahdi) will divide (distribute) money (wealth), and will govern the people according to the Sunnah of their Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and establish Islam on Earth. He will remain seven years, then die, and the Muslims will pray over him." (Abu Dawud) Al-Bazar reported a variation of this Hadith attributed to Anas bin Malik who says that the Prophet mentioned that the army which experience the Khusuf comes from Iraq, not AshSham.
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