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Istiqamah for Jannah

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  • Istiqamah for Jannah

    Assalamualaikum eveyone.

    This is my first thread and I am not an English speaker so I am sorry if there are so many error on this thread.

    Istiqamah is An effort to do Allah's specific commandment (amal sholeh) every day. Example: recite ayah kursi after shalat, sodaqah when fajr, say bismillah before do anything etc. It must be spesific but a muslim should do that daily. That's my understanding of what istiqamah is.

    Why istiqamah is important? Because in the next life Allah wont ask our knowledge (ilmu), but allah will ask our (amal) good deeds. In Akhirah we wont ask about how much we know but how much is our good deeds (amal).

    In hadith Shahih: Allah like lot of small good deeds more, than big good deeds but rarely.

    Why? Because Allah is As-Syakur. (As-syakur: give big rewards for small good deeds). We don't know which Amal shaleh that accepted, but even with just feed a dog a "bad woman" granted paradise by Allah. By just saying La ilaha ila allah someone granted paradise.

    By istiqamah we are hoping that some our good deeds will grant us jannah, because we do not know which good deeds that acceped, we dont know our shalat accepted or not, we don't know Allah accept our dua or not. Because in hadith Allah only accept the pure/ikhlas one.

    What is good small deeds?
    On hadith, the most easier thing to say but heavy in the mizan is : subhannallah wabihamdihi subhanallahil adzim.

    On hadith: Allah will grant Jannah for Muslim who always recite ayah kursi after shalat fardhu.

    Can you imagine? With only recite ayah kursi after shalat fardhu can grant us jannnah. SubhanAllah, AllahuAkbar. Ya-syakur.

    Recite Al-Quran even only 1 ayah daily.

    I hope this short article can motivate us to do alot of good deeds everyday. Hope Allah give all of us taufiq and hidayah. Amin Ya Rabb Al-Amin.


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    Re: Istiqamah for Jannah

    JazakAllah Khair
    Try these Islamic Quizzes !! It is Fun :evilb:


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      Re: Istiqamah for Jannah

      Praise is to Allah for giving us direction through different means and making us aware of the correct attitude to be adopted at all times! May Allah grant His blessings on all who write, read and attain advantage from this.