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My Revert Story | How I became Muslim | Must Read + Free Gift

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  • My Revert Story | How I became Muslim | Must Read + Free Gift


    Growing up in a christian background things never made sense.
    Although my family went church, from a young boy in the Caribbean it seemed more like a routine with no real purpose.
    After moving to the UK things were a little different but the same procedure, church every Sunday, to me it was just me doing as my parents say, and I was not fully embraced into it.
    As i became older, us as humans naturally question things, and as I questioned, the answers never made sense, for e.g I asked the pastor who is God,
    he replied and said Jesus, but then they perceived Jesus as a white man, then i noticed people praying to him, it didn't make sense to me, and seemed incomplete.

    In my teen years I fell off of christianity, it just did not add up to me and i never felt the strength of the faith and began to do as I wish, living the life of those among me, those with no real cause or direction. when I left school it was the beginning of more freedom, as I became more free I began to experiment with things.
    At a young age I had a music studio which helped kids stay off the streets, as well as made me some extra cash, I myself made music of all kinds and took it as a hobby to release my inner feelings but when I grew deeper into it, I noticed a darker side...

    The more popular I became the more I realised the demand to keep up with what everyone wanted to hear, I had a house 3 doors away from me, which was left abandoned because there was a old man who died and was left unnoticed for 3 weeks, shortly after a white guy moved in, I later came to realise who he was. He would make jesters and make excuses to invite me to his house.
    He asked me to come to his house to speak to me.
    He said to me, I like your music..I have been hearing your stuff for a while now, he made out as if he already knew me which freaked me out. .He said "we are all Gods" he added "my (his) soul has been around for thousands of years, and he cannot be touched by the law", he added " I have been around since the knights templars, and offered me an opportunity to become famous, i took him as a joke, and thought this guy is crazy, later i noticed this guy would always be around where I was, coming home from uni, leaving my house, he would always some how be somewhere near my arrival or departures from home, i felt he was stalking me.

    He said to me that he wants to make my music for me, write my lyrics etc and invited to sell my soul, i disregarded it, and clearly declined his offer, he said to me staring into my eyes..."I am the devil", i was abit shocked at first and decided to leave his house but he kept adding information about things like, the big co-operations that work with the freemasons, which i would rather not mention and other music artist which has already joined him.

    This was a real push factor for me, because at that time i was lost, and wanted to find guidance, the life I chose was not fulfilling me in happiness, i was confused about life, and wanted to know what was our purpose, so i use to pray and ask GOD (ALLAH) for guidance. Islam seemed to be the only thing which was around around me, my Muslim friends always had a different characteristics, always more helpful, caring, i use to be out late at night and see Muslims dressed in thobes going to pray (fajr). It was when one of them stopped and asked, what is my purpose of life, who is my God, and what will happen when I die..? These questions planted a seed in me, and I began to search for the answer...

    Islam was always knocking on my conscience and my heart felt at ease to learn the basics, so i took 7 days out to learn about it, clean up my acts and get clean..I began trying to learn al-fatiha, and started making an effort to learn some of the basics on the evening of 2009, 7th December I was watching a clip on islam, when the clip finished I told my friend.."lets go to the mosque", he said "are you sure" and I was like "yes" I walked straight to the masjid which was 5 minutes from where I lived, as we entered they were completing the sunnah prayer after isha jammat, i entered humbly and shy, felt out of place as I had plated hair. The imaam gathered the remaining brothers in the masjid and explained to me in english and in arabic the shahada, after reciting it and testifying, I felt both of my shoulders lighten up, and I felt like a huge weight left my body, my chest felt lighter, my soul felt alive...when I left the masjid i could not believe the feeling i just felt, i could not explain it to anyone..,my heart felt at peace, i couldnt speak like i did before and felt a huge burst of happiness almost like I just got the best news in my life. Up until this day every time I pray I feel the feeling i felt when I took my shahada and I can openly say that was one of the greatest thing I have ever done, and would never look back in regret.

    It was the best day of my life...
    I thank ALLAH for allowing us to be muslims.
    I ask ALLAH to elevate us to the highest of Jannah
    May ALLAH have mercy upon us and guide those who are not muslims to the straght path of islam

    What ever I said wrong or offensive forgive me
    Jazak Allah khairun for reading.
    Brother Abdul Kareem | |