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  • Injustice


    Humanity is our real common denominator. We share a proximity with all other human beings, and have a common set of inalienable rights as neighbours and kin in this world. This shared identity, our many shared interests, and basic ethics can provide us with a peaceful means to engage with each other when we differ.

    People disagree with each other. This needs to be acknowledged. We should not shy away from our disagreements or try to gloss them over. The critical matter is to make sure we uphold the rights of those who disagree with us.

    People do not have to share the same set of values and the societal identities to be just with one another. We must speak truthfully and act justly with everyone without exception. Injustice is always a sin. It is never allowed.

    We need to make ourselves the keys to a better future and obstacles to misfortune. We should emulate the example of Prophet Muhammad when he arrived in Madinah, where Muslims lived along with pagans and Jews. Whenever there was tension, he acted to calm things down.

    We should never think that conflict is the best way to reach our goals. When people give up on reason and the loudest, angriest voice wins the day, it is a crisis of major proportions.

    Compiled From:
    "Personal and Societal Crises" - Salman al-Oada
    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)

    " How can the one who chooses a hour of Haraam pleasure, above the eternal pleasure of Jannah, ever be considered as sane? "
    -Ibn Al Qayyim

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