In my short stay in this forum, I am surprised to know many of the Muslims here don't know the times we're in. So many useless threads about ethnicity, division, etc.

Let me share with you, if you're a Muslim and you're oblivion to events unfolding in Bilad Al-Sham, you're in deep trouble spiritually.

Please educate yourself in the struggle Muslims there are going through. Don't forget your dua and any other way that you can help.

Keep in mind the victory of the Muslims in Bilad Al-Sham is the long-awaited victory for this Ummah.

There are clear hadiths here:

If you're gonna ask me further details, I will not be providing them due to where I live. But I've felt I shared that with you. Stay safe but make sure you should have no illusions on the time we're in.

May Allah make it easy for the Muslims in Bilad Al-Sham and make them victorious. Ameen

May Allah reduce the suffering of Muslims world-wide. Ameen.

p.s. The more you love Bilad Al-Sham, the more you love other Muslim lands, including your home country/town/district/village.