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A Righteous Woman

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  • A Righteous Woman

    A Righteous Woman is an Example for her Children

    By Shaykh Saalih ibn Uthaymeen rahimahuLlaah

    The Uprightness of a Woman

    A woman first and foremost needs to be righteous herself, so that she can be a good example for her daughters.

    How can a woman become upright? Every woman must realize that only through knowledge can she become upright, and here I am referring to religious knowledge that she can learn from books - if that is possible for her - or from the tongues of scholars, regardless of whether those scholars are men or women.

    In these times, it has become very easy for women to learn knowledge directly from the mouths of scholars through audio cassettes, for Islamic audio cassettes Alhamdulillah now represent an important means of enlightening and educating society. Hence, a woman needs knowledge to become upright, for there is no such thing as uprightness without knowledge.

    Sound Training of Children