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Everyone knows about effeminate men but what are masculine women?

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  • Everyone knows about effeminate men but what are masculine women?

    Hadhrat Aishah Siddiqah (radhiyallahu anha) narrates “Verily, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) cursed the rajlah among women.” (Abu Dawood)

    The term rajlah is the feminine of rajul which means ‘a man’.Thus , rajlah means `a man–woman ‘ or a defeminized woman or a masculinized woman. Hadhrat Ai-shah (radhiyallahu anha) said that such women were cursed by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

    Women who emulate men in their appearance, dress, attitudes. etc., are termed rajlah and the la ‘nat (curse) of Allah, His Rasool and the Malaaikah perpetually settle on these feminized or masculinized females.

    A salient feature of such women is that they vie with males in fields which Allah Ta’ala has ordained exclusively or primarily for men. They seek leadership and exposure.

    They love public platforms and always crave to exhibit themselves in public. They are generally raucous, loud and immodest. They detest domestic work and the home-role which Allah Ta’ala has made Waajib for them.

    They insist to be in the street and out of the home in conflict with Allah’s prohibition:

    “And remain (glued) inside your homes, and do not make an exhibition of yourselves like the exhibition (of the women of) Jahiliyyah.” (Qur’aan)

    These specimens of humanity cursed by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) have taken over from the kuffaar the slogan and concept of ‘the equality of sexes’, but there is no such stupid idea in Islam. While these defeminized women scream the slogan of ‘equality of sexes’, the Qur’aan explicitly and categorically affirms the superior rank of men and that males are the rulers of women.

    The masculinized women try to push themselves into the forefront of spheres belonging to males inspite of Rasulullah’ s order:

    “Put them (women) behind just as Allah has put them behind”

    Women of this kind—masculinized women, defeminized women, women —who crave to stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the public howling slogans, form dangerous marriage partners. Men of Deeni concious should be careful when choos*ing a marriage partner. It is necessary to watch out for these accursed tendencies and attributes before plunging into mar*riage.

    Marriage with masculinized women can last only if the husband buckles and accepts the role of a dayyooth (cuckold). Under the domination of the masculinized woman, a man will have to agree to hand over his pants to the her – to the rajlah maloonah (the accursed male-woman).

    All women who compete with men and endeavour to be in public at the helm are women of this ilk.

    The ideal woman of the Qur’aan and Islam is described by the Qur’aan Majeed in the following glowing terms:

    “(Such women who are) chaste, simple and believing.. “

    The attributes of uprighteous Muslim females are Imaan, chastity and simplicity. They are not like the accursed masculinized or defeminized women who love public platforms and who de*test the home-role for which Allah Ta’ala has created them. When a woman detests her natural divinely or*dained role, then she must necessarily be unnatural and- abnormal. Since she imitates and emulates men of her own free accord, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) cursed her. Such women need to reflect and understand the umbrella of divine la ‘nat which covers them.

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