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Muhammad :saw: ; The Ideal Example

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  • Muhammad :saw: ; The Ideal Example

    Muhammad ; The Ideal Example

    By Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (d. 1419 AH)

    The chosen slaves to whom Allah (most high) grants the honour of prophethood, He entrusts them with the crucial and sacred responsibility of performing the islah of humanity. By doing so they can enrich humanity with the joy of success in both worlds.

    What is meant by islah is a subject that demands attention. If you fill with pearls and jewels the empty sack of a destitute person, you have alleviated his poverty. However, it is very difficult to say that you have also reformed him or performed his islah. It is quite possible that this person who was harmless and satisfied whilst in the state of poverty, now due to inebriating himself with the intoxicant of wealth, he fans the flames of destruction and mischief. A person who does not even have a shelter to cover his head, and is lying on the footpath being targeted by the constant high-handedness of the weather. If you provide a comfortable residence for him, he becomes free from the cruelty of the rain and blustery winds. Again, this does not mean that you have reformed him or performed his islah. It may well be that he adorns himself with the association of mirth and luxury, and as a result along with his comrades drowns in the darkness of impiety and sinfulness.

    There is only one true way of islah and that is that the heart which beats within the person be set right.

    The person whose heart is set right, poverty and hardship cannot stain his human dignity, and the abundance of wealth cannot make him proud and arrogant. If he is a dervish sitting upon a palm-leaf mat, even then no ruler of the time can buy and take away his self-respect. If he has ascended the throne, even then he will not commit any unsuitable act that would cause his modesty to be tarnished or strike at the delicate values of justice and kindness. The knowledge of such a person remains pitted against the darkness of ignorance. His wealth is spent in lighting the candle of joy and happiness within the darkness of despair and deprivation. His rank and dignity can be seen protecting the weak and helping the helpless. If you place a reformed person who has achieved islah in any type of circumstances, grant him the highest station of choice and authority, he will still be an embodiment of goodness, splendour and light. Whoever comes under the shadow of his affection, will gain peace and tranquillity. Wherever he passes by, he will lavishly distribute the treasures of joy and delight.

    The King of the kingdom of knowledge and wisdom, the Confidant of human psyche and the Leader of the universe (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has illustrated this reality in the following words;
    Excel the shine of the tresses so curlyCapture the sense, mind, heart and gaze.
    Upon entering this realm, the heart changes. The standard of good and bad changes, the notion of gain and loss changes. As a result the call of truth takes its place within the heart and with much passion a person begins to chant;

    Its love came when I knew not the meaning of love;It found my heart empty, so it ingrained therein.
    [For footnotes and references please consult the PDF of this article]

    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)

    " How can the one who chooses a hour of Haraam pleasure, above the eternal pleasure of Jannah, ever be considered as sane? "
    -Ibn Al Qayyim

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