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Backbiting - Sheikh Ahmed Ali [Islamic Reminder]

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  • Backbiting - Sheikh Ahmed Ali [Islamic Reminder]

    The act of backbiting has been declared prohibited in Islam. This is the only religion which has declared it to be haram, however its nature is detested in all cultures. Yes, in this age. due to our pitiful state it is overlooked, but the word used to refer to the act 'backbiting' even in the Enlgih language signifies it's graveness. The Qur'an calls it cannibalism and the Englishlanguage implies the same.

    The sin of backbiting is grave indeed and it's consequences severe, yet we overlook or explain it away. Our excuses may appease those around us today but on the day of Judgement we will be held to account. This talk explains what constitutes backbiting and what its consequences.

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    Re: Backbiting - Sheikh Ahmed Ali [Islamic Reminder]

    Originally posted by Hassan-Ali View Post
    A hadith says Muslims blood, wealth,honour is Haram for another Muslim, spoiling a Muslim's honour is like eating the WORST of the Interest ( Riba),. RIBA is one of the biggest Sin in Islam
    A hadith say there are 70 branches of sin in Riba and (the least or one- NOT SURE )part of it is doing Zina or Fornification for 36 times( some hadith says equal to zina with our own Mother)
    another hadith says back biting is worst than zina. Because the sin of zina is finished up in that time with in one selves but the sin is Back biting is continuous creates a DOMINO effect and every time a new person talks about IT the sin is debited to the person who started it and it keeps ACCUMULATING also to others who float or Perpetuate it. Every time It is saved in your bad deeds every time it goes to a new person., Nauzubillah but we thought it was so simple,spoke like a JOKE.
    A companion asked prophet , How about that sin what we talk IF it true ? Prophet(sal) replied only if its true its back biting if thats not true it more severe than that, its
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