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the Hijab Why ?

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  • the Hijab Why ?

    ALL praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the Most
    Merciful, the Beneficent, and the Master of the Day of
    Judgment. O Allah! Have Your Salat(1) and Salam (peace) and
    blessing upon Your slave and Messenger Muhammad and
    upon all of his companions.
    Extraordinary consideration has been given by the Islamic
    Law to women's affairs. Such consideration is sufficient to
    protect her chastity, to honor her and to secure her position in
    life. The "restrictions" placed upon her regarding her dress and
    the display of her beauty and ornament is only to guard
    against all ways of corruption arising from such dazzling
    displays. What Islam has established is not a restriction on
    the freedom of women but is a firm protection for her from
    falling down to the lowest levels of humility.
    In this work, we mention the virtues of a critical aspect of this
    protection: the HIJAB. The characteristics of the Hijab are
    discussed, bringing the glad tidings promised (by Allah) to
    those women adhering to it. We also point out the danger of
    dazzling displays of ornaments and beauty as well as the
    terrible repercussions in this life and in the hereafter for those
    who practice Tabar'roj.
    This is the second edition of this book. It comes at a time
    when more women are throwing away their revealing clothes,
    and wearing the Hijab. It goes to print when Muslim women
    are being raped and tom in their Hijabs in "civilized" Europe(2)!
    and when France(3) prevents Muslim women from wearing the
    Hijab at school. These are times of trials for Muslims and
    particularly for Muslim women. We all have to remember the
    path of the Prophets: endurance, patience, holding on, and
    aiming high by keeping the way of Allah above everything.
    Allah knows our intentions and He is Sufficient to Us and He
    is the Best Guardian.
    Shayekh - Dr. Muhammad Bin Ismail
    Translator and Commentator: Dr. Saleh As-Saleh