Thanks to Allah that "Husni" has gone. Congratulations to the Muslims. Allah be thanked, the world is changing very rapidly. The net of Christianity is braking. The ill-effects of British colonialism are ending and the Muslims are arising. All this is Allah's grace that is coming down due to labour for Jihaad and blessings of the blood of the martyrs of Islam. Movement has started in Al-Jazaair. Yemen is also echoing with the slogans of Allah-o-Akbar. Allah be thanked, such situation is created that the "Jews" have been crying out. Israil is trembling and the Think Tanks of the Pagans are itching their heads. Be sure, all this is due to the blessings of Jihaad,. O yes, the results of a brief Jihaad are showing out. If we have a look at the past, it seems that the Pagans had distributed the entire world among themselves and the lot of the Muslims was only death or slavery. There was Soviet Union to the one side whose military and ideological flood was flowing the Muslims with it. He flags of Soviet Union were being hoisted on Bukhara and Samarkand, Qafqaz and Daghistan, Trukamanistan and Tajikistan. The scyth of communism harvested the crop of heads and the hammer of the communists minced the heads of the Muslims. Billions of Muslims were martyred and billions of others were turned irreligious. The children of he leaders of Hadith and Tafseer were made prey to irreligiousness and Infidelity. Communism spread over half the world. The rest of the world was enveloped by Christianity and colonialism. At that time, there was very strange condition of the Muslim Ummah.

It seemed that the Muslim Ummah was at its last breath so much so even the religious leaders were content at slavery. The Muslim children carrying red banners in their hands became communist and they began to prepare for the reception of the Soviet Union. Jihaad must certainly be going on somewhere in the world at that time but there was no mention of it. Some unknown Mujaahideen must certainly have been getting killed like Imaam Shaamil. It is the promise of the Holy Prophet that Jihaad will never stop. It will continue till the killing of Dajjaal. How lucky are the Muslims to whom the Holy Prophet's promise applies. O Allah, keep us alive and kill us among them. But there was no general atmosphere of Jihaad. There were no slogans of "Al-Jihaad, Al-Jihaad" in the streets. Most of the Pagan rulers of the world had placed their feet at the necks of the Muslims and were satisfied. They did not fear any sort of resistance. The sympathetic Muslims were making peaceful efforts of persuasion to Islam to save the Belief of the Muslims but the flood of Infidelity from the East and the West was treading the Muslims rapidly. Then a few tears from Madina rose to the sky. The Holy Quran showered a ray of light from the East. The sparks of guidance from Ka'ba and Hajr Aswad advanced to the River Aamu. Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan and Allah blessed the Muslim Ummah with the gift of Jihaad in the way of Allah." Allah-o-Akbar! How wonderful and strange was that Jihaad! The Muslims witnessed the atmosphere of Badr after 1400 years. The memories of the Shuhada of Uhud were revived at so many places. Those days, when we crossed the easy border of Afghanistan, we felt a strange fragrance and delight. Whomever we asked, he testified that it was that same type of fragrance. As soon as we entered Afgthanistan from Miran Shah, we witnessed a collective grave in Zaawar. They were fifty Arab Mujaahid who were killed in Russian bombing collectively. Some of them belonged either to Egypt or Tunis, Al-Jazaair or Yemen, Syria or Saudi Araiba, Marakish, Lebanan or Palestine. So many people listened to the voice of recitation of the Holy Quran from their graves. Anyone who passed by them, felt a strange peace and calm. At a short distance from there on the mountain was the grave of a Bengla Deshi Mujaahid Mufti Abu Ubaidah. So many people heard recitation of the Holy Quran from his grave at the time of Tahajjud. No doubt, Allah does not let the activity of the Shuhaada go waste. This was the first phase of the Afghan Jihaad. In the beginning, the communists prevailed. So many valleys were razed to the ground. So many villages of Ghazany were there where the dwellers were killed and were concealed in the collective graves. The Muslims were dying fast but Islam was reviving. Allah granted the Muslims of the entire world with the capacity to participate in the sacred Jihaad of Afghanistan. When the blood of the Shuhada increased, the number and might of the Mujaahideen also increased. How wonderful activity Jihaad is. As much as it is suppressed it gains so much strength. When we recall the resplendent Mujaahideen of that age, we are filled with admiration. There is the grave of a great Mujaahid near the preaching centre in Miran Shah named Maulana Fath-Allah Haqqaani. There was so strong chain of Mujaahideen that it washed away every trace of communism form five provinces of Afghanistan. The stupid people say, "What is the result of Jihaad?" Allah be thanked, the results of Jihaad are illuminating more than the light of the sun. Allah does not let the drops of tears go waste. He does not let the blood that is shed for His sake go waste. It was the blessing of Jihaad that Soviet Union was wiped out and her Red-Revolution died its own death. Now you do not hear the speech of a scholar against communism because there is now no need of that. Whereas, the situation approx thirty years ago was that everyone who had sympathy for the Muslim Ummah was so much apprehensive of this sedition that every saint and scholar would write and speak against it. There was a saint in Peshawar Pakistan who would speak against communism in his monastry even because that sedition at that time was eating away the Belief of the Muslims. It was the blessing of Jihaad that the Masaajid in Bukhara were re-opened and Azaan began to echo in Samarkand. The Kashmiri Muslims arose and punished the worshippers of the Maata.

Alas! The Muslims have not yet apprehended India. Be sure, the danger of India to Islam and the Muslims is no less than the danger of Israil, Amarica and the NATO in any respect but the Hindu is a "Sweet poison." The "Sweet Poison" is more dangerous than the bitter one but people do not deem it poison due to its sweetness. After defeating the Pakistani rulers in many wars, India was dreaming of Akhand Bhaarat that Jihaad of Kashmir shook the earth from under her feet. Jihaad infuses modesty, life and warmth in the Muslims. When America attacked Afghanistan and the Taalibaan instead of yielding to her pronounced Jihaad, the Muslims in the entire world were infused with modesty. Those days, when elections were held in Pakistan, the people cast votes in favour of every bearded and turbaned person. When there did not remain that atmosphere in elections, the results were also changed. Hence, millions of people embraced Islam in a few years due to the blessings of Jihaad. The network of Madaaris in Pakistan also extended after the lighting of the candles of Jihaad. The other jobs were being already done but Madaaris were very few in number. The number of students who would study Hadith in the prominent Madaaris of Karachi did not exceed fifty but when Jihaad stirred religious modesty, there were Madaaris everywhere. The number of students who would study only Hadith in some Madaaris exceeds 500 now. Jihaad has strengthened every walk of life. Jihaad has given grace to the scholar and Maulvi. Jihaad has created egoism and confidence in the students. Jihaad has lifted Masaajid from collecting contributions above Five Star Buildings. Every day of Jihaad brings the message of loss to infidelity but utility and progress to the Muslims. As Jihaad is extending, its effects are also spreading. How many days did the fresh Pharaoh of Egypt take in getting drowned? Just eighteen days. The BBC confessed that breaking the system of Egypt was like breaking Raussian System. As the power of Soviet Union was deemed invincible, the Egyptian system apprehended no fear far and wide. People will ask, "What was armed Jihaad in Egypt?" Some people will call it the result of peaceful protest. They should be asked, which activity infused modesty and warmth in the blood of the Muslims? Which labour created the idea of dying for their objectives?" Peaceful protest had been going on since long. All this was the result of Jihaad labour and persuasion. We have been saying since long, "No Jihaad against the Hypocrites is imposed upon the Muslims rather Divine Jihaad should be strengthened and the earth be straitened to them. When a few Muslims fight against the Pagans and lay down their lives, modesty and life are generated in the entire nation. Congratulations to the Shuhada of Palestine and Kashmir, thanks to the Shuhada of Chechnia, Iraq and Qafqaz, congratulations to every Muslim who contributes to Jihaad labour in any way. Allah be thanked, anyone who contributed to Jihaad in any way became useful. Sacred are those who fight, who receive injuries and who get their limbs cut. Sacred are those who are captivated, imprisoned and tortured. Sacred are also those who invest their tongues, pens and wealth in Jihaad persuasion. No doubt, Jihaad has enriched the Muslims. Someone found martyrdom and paradise and the other is in wait for them. The oppressive clamp in which the world was tightened is breaking. Although no Islamic government has been established anywhere yet the system of infidelity will also not work freely. Now, the big countries will be broken. The Pagans will be perturbed and will fight among themselves and will be dirided into so many small countries. Jihaad fronts will start in so many other places besides Afghanistans Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine. The weak Muslims will still discern darkness because even if the clouds disperse, a small patch of them dims the light of the sun by coming before it. But keep it in mind, Islam has come to prevail and now it is advancing to its final domination. Congratulations to you who befriend Jihaad. Remain cling to this Jihaad . O those who have bargained your lives and wealth with Allah, do not flee from this sacred bazaar. Your Jihaad is just for Allah's good pleasure and to purchase Paradise but results are appearing rapidly in the world also. Lo! See! Husni has fled! Congratulations! Congratulations!

اللہم صل علیٰ سیدنامحمدوآلہ وصحبہ وبارک وسلم تسلیماکثیراکثیرا