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  • Suggestions!


    If you could recommend a lecturer or series of lectures who or what would they be?

    I don't have much knowledge of who is respected on the scholar front...any ideas?

    New-ish muslim by the way...nothing too over my head!

    thank you :)

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    Re: Suggestions!


    have u listened 2 the imam anwar al awlaki ones on the life of the prophet :saw: and series on abu bakr r and umar r, and the hereafter? those are very good if uv not listened 2 ne of those then definitely go for that they have so much useful info in them, everyone who listens 2 those really loves it :up:
    also muhammad al shareef has some good short talks & imam siraj wahhaj

    go on and and there are some other sites like that which ppl can probably link u there u can browse loads of islamic audio and just see whatever topic title catches ur eye, they should b all authentic and good stuff there wdnt b likely 2 b nething dodgy linked from there
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