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Email from the Grave

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  • Email from the Grave

    Shiekh Muhammad Al Arifi: Email from the Grave

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    Re: Email from the Grave

    Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon all muslim.

    Man , oh man, being in his tomb this man is still sinning!!! It would have been better for him, had he given money to build a masjid so as to get sawaab jariya.

    Brother thanks for posting this video as it is an important reminder.


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      Re: Email from the Grave

      very good video akhi....
      excellent advice from the sheikh towards the end
      Mutarrif B. 'Abdillah: ''Oh Allaah, I seek forgiveness in you from that which I have repented and then returned back to, and I seek forgiveness in you from that which I rendered to you and then did not fulfil and I seek forgiveness in you from that which I alleged was for seeking your face but, my heart mixed with that which you know of me'' (حلية الأولياء)