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Dua before driving your car

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  • Dua before driving your car


    I am not sure of the ruling on reciting dua but this is a very nice video for teaching this essential dua.

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    First they came for the 'Terrorists', and I did not speak out.
    Then they came for the fundraisers, and I did not speak out.
    Next they came for the ulama, and I did not speak out.
    And then they came for me.

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    Re: Dua before driving your car


    :jkk: 4 sharing, :masha: its a beautiful du'a and it is actually the ayah of the Quran Kareem! I remember this du'a very well alhumdulillah bcoz in my childhood i've been canned many times in my madrassah for not memorizing it :sub:

    neway here it is wid english translation.

    Bismillaah , Alhamdu lillaah . Subhaanal-lathee sakhkhara lanaa haathaa wa maa kunnaa lahu muqrineen. Wa 'innaa 'ilaa Rabbinaa lamunqaliboon . Alhamdu lillaah, alhamdu lillaah, alhamdu lillaah, Allaahu 'Akbar, Allaahu 'Akbar, Allaahu 'Akbar, subhaanakal-laahumma 'innee dhalamtu nafsee faghfir lee, fa'innahu laa yaghfiruth-thunooba 'illaa 'Anta.

    TRANS: With the Name of Allah . Praise is to Allah . Glory is to Him Who has provided this for us though we could never have had it by our efforts. Surely, unto our Lord we are returning. Praise is to Allah. Praise is to Allah. Praise is to Allah. Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Allah is the Most Great. Glory is to You. O Allah, I have wronged my own soul. Forgive me, for surely none forgives sins but You.

    Reference: Abu Dawud 3/34, At-Tirmithi 5/501. See also Al-Albani, Sahih At-Tirmithi3/156.


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      Re: Dua before driving your car


      It's also in "Fortress of the Muslim" (Hisn ul-Muslim), if I remember correctly.

      "We ask Allaah for a lasting faith, true certainty, and beneficial knowledge"


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        Re: Dua before driving your car

        Originally posted by Creamcake
        Jazakhallahu khairan sis. What's the du'aa?
        There's a video so you know how to pronounce it and the sister wrote the transliteration too mashaAllah.

        Here's it in Arabic:

        Click image for larger version

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        Narrated Anas:
        The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself." [Bukhari]


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          Ever wonder what Dua you can recite before getting in your car and driving?

          How about the easiest way develop the habit of reciting this Dua that does not require will power.

          Find out in this article.