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Ramadan Qur'an Thread: Reading Strategies and Progress

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  • Ramadan Qur'an Thread: Reading Strategies and Progress

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I know it is late.

    I wanted to create this thread so that you all can share the different methods that you follow to complete your daily portion.

    In my case, I recite it after Dhuhr and after Taraweeh. In addition to that, I recite it when I am waiting somewhere. I do have a lower limit but I don't have an upper limit to the amount I recite each day. So, I do continue even if I have finished the designated portion for the day if I have sufficient time.

    How about you people?

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    I have a set of goals, every Ramadhaan. 

    I try to make them an achievable set - so I don't feel like a failure if I don't meet them. 

    Apart from reciting Qur'aan, there is a list of daily adhkaar I stick to. 

    My sleep pattern is completely messed up though - so I just recite whenever I can. 

    Alhamdulillaah. So far on track.