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Reading books of atheist philosophers

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  • Reading books of atheist philosophers

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah.

    The purpose of this article is to remind Muslim youth and laymen not to read books of the people of misguidance, whether they are Christians, atheists or deviant Sufis or Rafidah.


    Firstly, you should understand that reading the books of people of misguidance is a way of putting yourselves in fitna. In Islam, we are supposed to protect ourselves from fitna so what do you think is the case of the person who not only reads books of atheist philosophers himself but also spreads it to other Muslims who may be weaker than him in faith. These weaker Muslims are then in great danger of falling into doubts.

    If you read books of atheist philosophers, then you are exposing yourselves to a lot of fitna. Allah knows best whether you will survive the test you are putting yourself through.


    There are much better books to study than reading books of atheists. There are better alternatives available so why should a person spend his time exposing himself to fitna?
    For example, you can read tafsir ibn Kathir. You can study usul al-fiqh. You can read books on aqeedah. You can study biographies of sahaba. You can read many other Islamic books. I end with this quote from a fatwa:

    Life is too short to be spent in the pursuit of falsehood. Truth, goodness and beneficial knowledge are abundant and if a man were to spend his whole life in studying useful books of knowledge such as books of tafseer, hadeeth, fiqh, heart-softeners, asceticism (zuhd), etiquette, etc, he would not be able to quench his thirst for knowledge, so how about if he is distracted by books of myths and misguidance which are written by the Raafidis and some of the Sufis.