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The Role of the Jews in Weakening And Eventually Collapsing Ottoman State

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    Re: The Role of the Jews in Weakening And Eventually Collapsing Ottoman State

    Originally posted by IlFaraone View Post
    What exactly do you mean by "white"? All people in Europe? Because not all of them are the same. A German is definitely not the same as a Russian.

    Also, I've said some things about Arabs and Arab superiority too, but I haven't been banned. You probably stand out a lot.
    Except Bosnians and some Albanians I guess everyone.

    Germans extremely hate Islam, so I hate them back. I know what Hitler said but that has little value in today. My attitude is usually mutual, if someone hates Islam I hate them back, with interest.

    And no before you ask I don't hate "white" muslims. I have great respect for Bosnians especially after their heroics in the 1737 war against Austria, they showed serious heart of courage. And also respect Albanians like Hayreddin Barbarossa, Zaganos Pasa.


      Re: The Role of the Jews in Weakening And Eventually Collapsing Ottoman State

      Originally posted by Spicen View Post
      Huh race is also a core part of orthodox Islam.

      Make sure to read the comments section from your arab brothers as well.

      Many Muslims in the West were unaware of the importance and significance of this issue so there IS A NEED to present this issue. Abu Usamah was one of those who brought this issue to the Muslims of the West. It is important for us to know just how vast this manhaj really is and remain on our path to understand and practice it. And since this is an issue of the Deen that alone shows*it is important, and since it’s an issue dealing with AQEEDAH specifically,*the importance of the issue is increased even more!*If the scholars of the past spent time in writing about the issue of the ‘Afdaliyyah’ of the Arabs over the Non-Arabs, then surely that in itself is a proof of its importance and the relevance of us dealing with it today! That said, here are the proofs used by the MAJORITY which (unlike what was implied by our brother Yasir Qadhi) ARE formed and based upon proofs from the Kitaab and the Sunnah and what is from the consensus of the ulamaa Proof # One: Zaynab bint Jahsh (ra) said that the Messenger of Allaah (sal Allaahu alahi wa salam) entered upon her and he was disturbed and he said: “There is no God worthy of worship but Allaah! Woe unto*the Arabs*from the evil that has come close”. Bukhari (#7135) and Muslim (#7164) Umm Shuraik (ra) said she heard the Prophet (sal Allaahu alahi wa salam) say: “The people will run from Ad-Dajjaal by fleeing to the mountains”. So she said: ‘Yaa Rasoolilah! Were will*the Arabs*be at time’? He said, “They will be few (in numbers)”. Muslim (#7319) The scholars of Islam understood these two Hadith – and others similar to them – as showing the virtues of the Arabs over Non-Arabs because the Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned the Arabs –specifically*– in describing the whole Muslim Ummah! Imam At-tirmzi (ra) collected the first Hadith (#4187) and he entitled the chapter in which the Hadith is to be found as:*‘THE SUPERIORITY OF THE ARABS’. Also refer to the statements and explanations of these scholars and their books: Tuhfat-ul-Ahwadhy – Al-Mubaarakfoori (ra) Hadith #4187 Fath-ul-Baari – Ibn Hajr (ra) 13/115 Fayd-ul-Qadeer – An-Manaawee (ra) 6/476 Bahjat-un-Naadhireen (Riyaad-us-Saaliheen) – Saleem Al-Hilaaly (ha) 1/280 Proof # Two: Waathilah ibn Al-Asqa’ (ra) reported that he heard the Prophet (sal Allaahu alahi wa salam) say: “Verily Allaah*chose*Kinaanah from the children of Ismail, and He*chose*Quraish from Kinaanah, and He*chose*Bani Haashim from Quraish and He*chose*me from Bani Haashim”.] Muslim (#2276) bn Taymiyyah said: “This (Hadith) necessitates that Ismail (‘Alayhi Salaam) and his descendants are the best ones from the children of Ibrahim (‘Alayhi Salaam) and it also necessitates that they are better than the children of Ishaq (‘Alayhi Salaam). And what is well known is that the children of Ishaq – who are Bani Israa’il – are the best non-Arabs because of what they (have been given) of prophecy and the Book…” Al-Iqitdaa 1/430 As it relates to this Hadith serving as a proof that shows the superiority of the Arabs over the Non-Arabs, Sheikh-ul-Islam (ra) is referring to what Allaah has mentioned in many Ayats of the Quran concerning the ‘Afdaliyyah’ that was given to Bani Israa’il over the rest of mankind (during that time). Allah said: “And (remember) when Musa said to his people: ‘Oh my people! Remember the favour of Allah upon you when He made Prophets among you (and He) made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the Aalameen”. 6/20 Therefore, the Quran proves that Bani Israa’il – who were ‘Ajamees – were the BEST OF THE ‘AALAMEEN – due to the favors Allaah bestowed upon them and – according to Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah ra) – this Hadith*proves*the Arabs are better than Non-Arabs because Allah has favored the descendants of Ismail (‘Alayhi Salaam) over the descendants of Ishaq (‘Alayhi Salaam) Proof # Three: Ibn Umar (ra) reported the Prophet (sal Allaahu alahi wa salam) said: “This affair will not cease to remain with Quraish as long as there are two people”. Bukhari (#3495) and Muslim (#1818) Jubair ibn Mat’am (ra) said that he heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say: “The Quraishy (person) has (been given) the strength of two (Non-Quraishy people)”. This Hadith has been collected in the Hadith book of Imam ABU DAUD AT-TAYLASAALEE (#951) Mustafaa Al-‘Adawee Al-Misree graded this Hadith as being authentic in ‘Fadaa’il-ul-Sahaabah’ Pg 513. Muhammad ibn Shihaab Az-Zuhri (ra) was asked ‘What is the meaning of the Hadith concerning the Quraishy man being given the strength of two people not from Quraish’? He replied:*‘They have been given a sharp intellect’! So we see here clearly that the Quraish have superior intellect over other human beings. Proof #4: The Hadith of Al-Irbaad ibn As-Saariyah (ra) in which the Prophet (sal Allaahu alahi wa salam) said: [“…Verily the one who lives from amongst you will witness a lot of ‘Ikhtilaaf’. Therefore, (you should) take my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the RIGHTLY GUIDED KHALIFAHS’. Bite on them with your molars…”]. Ahmed 4/126 Sheikh-ul-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah (ra) said: “Verily Umar (ra), when he used to distribute the salary register*he would give to the people according to their lineage. He began (by giving to those) who were closest in their lineage to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). After he finished giving to the Arabs, he then began to distribute (the monies) to the ‘Ajam (Non-Arabs)! This was the way of the ‘Deewaan’ during the time of (all of) the RIGHTLY GUIDED KHALIFAHS (as well as) all of the Khalifahs of Bani Umayyad and the Abbasiyyeen and then it was changed after that”. Al-Iqtidaa 1/446 Lastly, Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali also referred to the issue of the ‘Deewaan’ of Umar (ra) in his book ‘Jaami’ Uloom Wal-Hikm’ 2/121-126. Since Umar (ra)*placed the Arabs ahead of the Non-Arabs in the distribution of the salaries*and the companions allowed this to take place,*this is a clear proof of the correctness of this position All of the above said, it is ridiculous for others to assert that there is no superiority of the Arabs in this deen in a very real sense and not in the way that our brother Yasir has described it. This is a clear article of deen.
      Are you insane?

      Otherwise you know own you just told a massive Porkie,

      The Last sermon of Rasul صلى الله عليه و سلم and the Qur'an make it explicitly clear that Racism has nothing to do with Islam,

      It is an Evil that is forbidden.

      Judaism on the other hand promotes this master race nonsense.

      In Islam your race is irrelevant.

      A person's superiority is based on his or her level of Taqwa,

      "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

      – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)