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Salafis: why would Ibn Taymiyyah say this, despite the prophet (SAW) last sermon?

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  • Originally posted by ZeeshanParvez View Post
    Re: Salafis: why would Ibn Taymiyyah say this, despite the prophet (SAW) last sermon?

    You didn't offend me. I never lose my sleep over what people think. You are free to think what you like. I won't be responsible for your actions just like you will not be responsible for mine.

    However, if the superiority of the Arabs in this temporary world bothers you then you should know that you still have your sights set on this worldly life. You have a long way to go when it comes to your spiritual development.

    There are people taller than you
    There are people smarter than you
    There are people wealthier than you
    There are people who are better looking than you
    There are people who will run faster than you
    There are people who will out do you in any skill
    There are people who are more charismatic than you

    Do you know the common denominator in all of that? It all has to do with this temporary worldly life.

    The Arabs are superior as a genus over others. That is limited to this world.

    You will have Arabs in the Fire. You will have Arabs who will never see Paradise.

    The criteria for the one thing which matters, namely the next life, is Taqwaa.

    Allaah has clearly stated that in the Qur'aan.

    I do not see why you are bothered if the Arabs are better than the non-Arabs.


    • Originally posted by OneLifeResults View Post

      1) The scholars of hadiths like Bukhari actually narrate this incident without mentioning anything about Satan. Rather, they say that the Mushrikeen prostrated due to the beauty of the Quran. Sadly, the mushrikeen reversed themselves just like the People of Ibrahim(peace be upon him):

      A) So they returned to [blaming] themselves and said [to each other], "Indeed, you are the wrongdoers." Then they reversed themselves, [saying], "You have already known that these do not speak!" (Surah 21:64-65).

      B) Ibn Kathir(may Allah have mercy on him) was in the same shoes as them.

      2) Furthermore, there is no point in continuing this discussion with you since you refuse to verify what Ibn Taymiyyah(may Allah curse him) actually said about Muhammad(peace be upon him):

      A) Please verify that and remember the honor of the Messenger of Allah when you do that:

      B) "And to Allah belongs [all] honor, and to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know." :


        "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Ibn Qayyim


        • Originally posted by Saif-Uddin View Post
          You sure that your not taking his quote out of context?
          Mind telling is exactly in what regard he said they were superior?
          Was he talking about in knowledge/wisdom? Or some other matter?
          Or is this one of your snide attempts to belittle Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah?
          I haven't been on here for a while and logged in recently just to see your reply to a post I made more than 7 years ago. Suffice to say I don't stand by what I said in the original post that many years ago. The quotes are truthful and there are many interpretations, but the following PDF clarifies what he meant on this topic. This topic has become a fitnah and I strongly hope it does not lead people to believing the shaykh was a racist or anything vile of the sort. Last I recall he wasn't an Arab himself

          I still do not agree with many of his teachings. That doesn't mean I believe I am at the level to criticize him. No I leave that to the scholars. But no doubt he was a scholar of Ahlus Sunnah and may Allah ta'alah forgive him for his mistakes and grant him Jannatul Firdaus.

          A request for the mods/admins: It would be prudent to delete this thread because it has caused far more harm and confusion than any benefit.