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The Creed of the Raziyayn

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  • The Creed of the Raziyayn

    The Creed of the Two Imams From the City of Rayy:

    Abu Zur'ah ar-Razi (d. 264) and Abu Hatim ar-Razi (d.277)


    Notes from the explanation of Ubayd al-Jabari:

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    From the explanation:

    And that Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, is upon ('alaa) His Throne, distinct (baa'in) from His creation, just as He described Himself in His Book and upon the tongue of His Messenger (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam) without asking 'How?' He has encompassed everything in His Knowledge:

    There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer [42:11]

    "Then he mentioned without any kayf (asking how?). Without asking 'How?'

    The meaning here is that He is Above His creation without a kayfiyya that we know of. We have no knowledge in the manner in which Allah ta'ala is Above His creation. Not that Allah ta'ala doesn't have a kayfiyya, He has a kayfiyya, a kayfiyya we do not know of.

    We are acquainted with the Attributes of Allah from one aspect and they are unknown to us from another angle. As far as the angle that we do know is that we are acquainted with the meaning of those Names or Attributes. So they are known to us in terms of the Arabic language. But, in terms of kayfiyya, the true reality of the manifestation of those Attributes, then they are unknown to us."


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      Excerpt from the Aqeedah:

      And whoever claims that the Qur’aan is a created thing, then he is a Disbeliever in Allaah -the Tremendous, guilty of Disbelief which takes him out of the Religion; and whoever doubts about his being a Disbeliever, from those who have understanding, then he is a Disbeliever [29];

      And whoever doubts regarding the Speech of Allaah -the Mighty and Majestic, and so withholds concerning it, doubting, and saying: ” I do not know whether it is created or not created”, then he is a Jahmee [30];

      And whoever withholds regarding the Qur’aan out of ignorance, then he is to be taught, and he is declared to be guilty of innovation, but he is not declared to be a Disbeliever;

      And whoever says: “My recital of the Qur’aan is created”, then he is a Jahmee; or: “The Qur’aan with my recitation is created”, then he is a Jahmee;

      Aboo Muhammad said: And I heard my father say:

      And the sign of the People of Innovations (Ahlul-Bida` ) is that they speak ill of the People of the Narrations (Ahlul-Athar)[31];

      And the sign of the outright heretics (az-Zanaadiqah) is that they call the People of the Narrations (the Sunnah): “Rabble who fill their works with worthless speech” (hashawiyyah) : desiring by that to abolish the narrations [32];

      And the sign of the Jahmiyyah is that they call the People of the Sunnah: “Anthropomorphists” (mushabbihah), (and “New shoots that have recently arisen”);


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        Explanation of Aqeedah al-Raziayn- Part 1 | Ustadh Abdur Rahman Hassan:


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          Originally posted by AmantuBillahi View Post
          Explanation of Aqeedah al-Raziayn- Part 1 | Ustadh Abdur Rahman Hassan:

          Full Playlist:


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            ""The author now goes into another point which is Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala being Above His Throne. This means Allah (has Risen) Above the thrown "Bi la-Kayffin" without a 'how?'. It is not permissible for us to give a 'how' to how Allah is Above His Throne. The Salaf of this Ummah rejected anyone who the 'how' of how Allah went Above His Throne. A man came to Imam Malik and asked him how did Allah go Above His Throne? Imam Malik responded "Istawa is known (we know what it means, it's Maloom). And the how is unknown to us (Majhul)". [22:30]


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              Abdur Rahman Hassan responds to the claim that the creed of the Salaf was Tafwid al-Ma'na wa Nafi al-Kayf: