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Is education really the "backbone" of a "nation"?

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  • Is education really the "backbone" of a "nation"?

    And if so, nations of uneducated people have no "backbone"?

    So for example many Muslim nations are then full of uneducated people? That doesn't sound right.

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    Re: Is education really the "backbone" of a "nation"?

    Originally posted by Morose View Post
    And if so, nations of uneducated people have no "backbone"?

    So for example many Muslim nations are then full of uneducated people? That doesn't sound right.
    From the secular perspective, yes.

    Fromm an islamic perspective, it's religious education and complete belief and trust in Allah.


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      Re: Is education really the "backbone" of a "nation"?

      Originally posted by Morose View Post
      And if so, nations of uneducated people have no "backbone"?
      So for example many Muslim nations are then full of uneducated people? That doesn't sound right.
      Islam advocates knowledge a lot. *But what kind of knowledge. The secular one or the Islamic one. What philosophy and aim is behind this knowledge. Someone may be an engineer but there should be a difference between a Muslim engineer and a secular engineer. There should be a difference between a secular architecture and an Islamic architecture and so on ......

      Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools and signs for a civilization and Islamic civilization can never revive without knowledge and science, the knowledge and the science which is overshadowed by the atmosphere of Islam not the secular ones. This needs stable governments, money, infrastructures and ........

      For this the Muslim countries are forced to lag behind. As an example thousands of scientists were assassinated in Iraq. From one side the Muslim countries should be pushed behind and from the other side the secular western culture, lifestyle, philosophy and knowledge should be imposed on them.

      But I think the materialistic and secular theories are about to collapse, as an example is the economy. The world's economy is in a crisis and it seems the secular and materialistic theories have no solution for it ! except warmongering and the usual inhuman and expired methods.

      The American dream and the American heaven is about to die.
      Note: I am a shia.


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        Re: Is education really the "backbone" of a "nation"?

        yes. Even inportant in basic farming and food production.


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          Is education really the backbone of a nation? From my point of view i have to said yes that education is really a backbone of a nation because ever expert paper writer education is helping everyone in all the field of life. And uneducated things never help them and all of these are waste.


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            Uneducated* people are more likely to: stray away from the religion, ignore pandemics like the current one and risk other lives, believe in superstition, go to fortunetellers, practice magic, enforce child labor and deprive future generations of education (leads to an increasingly uneducated population), go to quack doctors etc. And this is just what I thought off the top of my head.

            So yeah, education could be considered the backbone of a nation.

            *where education is religious as well as basic scientific knowledge.
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              Education has different meanings

              Some of the most ignorant people in the world are "educated"
              The various sects and divisions in Islam have been created by the "educated"
              Today, Scientists are seen as the most educated, but they teach evolution and atheism

              On the other hand, we are always taught that knowledge is power
              the masses are misled because they are uneducated
              jobs and careers are based upon education

              So are we talking education or knowledge, are we talking Truth or just mere information

              Allah says in quran, the people in hellfire will say, If we had listened or used our intelligence we would not be in hellfire
              .لا نريد زعيما يخاف البيت الإبيض
              نريد زعيما يخاف الواحد الأحد
              دولة الإسلامية باقية


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                The Prophet (saw) was an unlettered/illiterate Prophet and yet he is the source of the best knowledge among mankind.

                I can't imagine that Afghanistan had a great education system considering how much infrastructure was destroyed during constant wars then on top of that the Taliban prevented girls from going to school, yet (in spire of all its flaws) Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires and to this day even the superpowers couldn't control it. An exceptional level of bravery seems to come from there.

                I say this as someone who highly values education and the importance of being well informed. If I had kids, I'd want them to study well and inspire a love of learning, but at the same time I'm wary of the so called "best" educational institutions, their evil ideological foundations and the havoc they've wrought. How many heads of state studied at places like Oxford? Benazir Bhutto for example? Boris Johnson went to Eton. Then there's the elitist "English schools" in the Muslim lands, some of which prevent girls from wearing headscarves, some of which force Muslim children to attend mass, some of which forcibly prevent children and staff from speaking their native languages. This is all to force that enslaved colonised mindset on them and we're better off without such places. Look at Cecil Rhodes and the intentions behind the Rhodes scholarship: to bring educated people from the developing world to study at Oxford, colonise their minds and become the next government ministers or prime ministers of their homelands like colonised mindset of monkey see monkey do- a pale imitation of an already evil ideology.
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                  Can't education just be education? Like you learn science, math's, biology, triginometry, Algebra. Why does it have to be an agenda behind education? Like colonialism or a certain western ideology?

                  Why cant education just be education, learn knowledge and better yourself in the process.
                  'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]'

                  Surah Ibrahim (14:7)