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The Islamic Contribution to Children's Rights

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  • The Islamic Contribution to Children's Rights

    Asak guys, haven't been on here in a long time but this is the first place that came to mind when I needed some help.¬*

    I'm writing my Master's dissertation on the topic mentioned in the title of this post. Children's rights in the Western world is mostly documented and applied through the UNCRC. As a concept children's rights is continuously evolving and as it spreads to the east and other countries it's met with opposition that the way the rights are presented are too westernized. It has been argued that children's rights are not stagnant but evolving as needed. So I wanted to write about how Islamic ideologies and thoughts can help contribute for a better children's rights charter.¬*

    I'm not as well informed, especially in my Islamic Knowledge, as some of the members on this site. So please do help me out with sources of information that would be helpful for my dissertation. I know there are some really learned people on here too, but I'm not sure who exactly, so if anyone could tag those people here I would be extremely grateful.

    I've 2 weeks left to submit a sixteen thousand word dissertation so please don't hold back in the help that you can provide. Make a small dua as you read this that I can finish in time!¬*

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    Seeing as no one has replied yet I thought I would try and help.

    In Islam children's rights are mentioned in the Quran (e.g inheritance and orphans). There are hadeeth about childrens rights. They have rights the moment they are born, to be fed by the mum if she is able to, right to a good name, their upbringing, who has to spend on them, treating children fairly, teaching them good manners, providing education and not harming them. These are just some examples there are lots more. Even before the child is born like when the mumis pregnant she does not have to fast if it will cause harm to the unborn child. Children are mentioned when parents divorce.

    Islam is for all time and the rights of children in Islam reflect that. You would yourself have to look up Islamic text to get further information.