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Free Full Time Adult Hafiz Program In USA

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  • Free Full Time Adult Hafiz Program In USA

    I am currently scouring the net looking for a dedicated full time (5-7 days/week) Quran school for adults in the USA that provides any type of free room and board possible. Examples are living inside the Masjid/school or with a generous Muslim family nearby. I know this is a bit much to ask for, but we also need the tuition to be either free or dirt cheap. Ideally, we were looking for a school with adults, a small room nearby, mostly one-on-one lessons, and food accommodations so we won't have to fast daily for the 2 years plus that it'll take to memorize the whole Quran inshaAllah! Any insight in this would be greatly appreciated! JazakAllah khair! May Allah reward you!

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    I'm not trying to be rude, but do you think your expectations are realistic?
    "Had Allah lifted the veil for his slave and shown him how He handles his affairs for him, and how Allah is more keen for the benefit of the slave than his own self, his heart would have melted out of the love for Allah and would have been torn to pieces out of thankfulness to Allah. Therefore if the pains of this world tire you do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of duaa. So pour out your desires in prostration and forget about it and know; that verily Allah does not forget it."
    - Ibn al Qayyim (rahimahullah)