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"Experienced" jinn/ ein/ sihr sufferers, opinion of best self ruqyah

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    Alaykumu Salam
    Besides following advices from your doctors, please read salawat like "Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ali Muhammadin wa barik wa sallim", estegfar like astagfirullah wa atubu ilayh or astagfirullah al Adheem alladhii la ilaha illa huwwal hayyim qayyumu wa atubu ilayh, and general dhikr like Subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wa la ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil adheem.
    Start wih tens or hundrads of repetitions, more if you can.
    Make a lot of dua, at least 10 mins mornings and evenings.
    Be grateful to Allah for every new or past second and other resurces He gave.
    Find the simple wording adhkar text in Arabic please.


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      PS there was a typo, it should write hayyul qayyumu
      find please in Arabic, google it


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        Originally posted by startingarabic View Post
        Re: "Experienced" jinn/ ein/ sihr sufferers, opinion of best self ruqyah

        Q0044: Can jinn read our minds do the external or internal jinn know what we are thinking ? Jzk
        بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
        As salamu alaykum,

        Just to clarify for other viewer of this website that jinns can be categorized as internal jinns or external jinn i.e. they can be inside the body or outside of the body.
        The jinn inside the body can hear your thoughts when you "talk to it in your mind". So if you ask the jinn a question via thoughts it may or may not respond back via a thought. This is well known and has been mentioned by many patients.
        They are also aware of the thoughts when you are just thinking to yourself. This is known because there are many incidents of patients feeling angry or getting negative thoughts from the jinn when they think about being intimate with their wife or spending time with the kids etc

        This is because they share the same body and mind as yourself.

        Additionally it may be useful to know that an internal jinn cannot communicate with another jinn that is inside the body of somebody else. (Only the ones that are in the same body as itself).

        So if brother A is possessed with two jinns and sister B is only possessed with one jinn. The two jinns inside brother A can talk to each other but can't talk to the one inside sister B.

        In order for the jinns in brother A to communicate with the jinn in sister B there has to be an external jinn to carry the message across.

        Case Study 1
        There is a cases where the husband is doing ruqya on his wife and she hears a voice in her head shouting out "Go wake up their son! Then the ruqya will stop". A few seconds later a crying sound could be heard from upstairs, forcing the husband to stop and go to his son. Upon investigation the husband finds his son sitting up, crying and scared as though he woke up from a nightmare.

        Explanation: An external jinn woke the boy up to stop the ruqya.

        Case Study 2
        A brother came to me for ruqya and said he used to hear two female voices talking when he was able to fall asleep. We later found two female jinns inside him.

        Explanation: This shows that two jinns in one person can communicate with each other.

        Case Study 3
        There is a brother I know whose whole family is affected by jinn possession. He told me he was doing ruqya for his sister when the jinn manifested and claimed that it can read his mind. So to test it her he asked "Last night I hurt my leg that's why you saw me limping today. How did I hurt my leg?"

        The jinn said "You slipped on the bath"


        "You must have fell then" the jinn said

        "Wrong again, actually I was playing football last night and someone kicked my leg."

        Thus the jinn was left humiliated.

        Explanation: If the internal jinn inside this brother couldn't communicate with the internal jinn in his sister or it would have told her the answer.Rather to communicate there needs to be a third external jinn.

        If you are worried that there maybe an external jinn in your house, and there is most likely in the case where the patient has magic affecting them, then follow the link below.

        How do I protect my home from jinn?

        Allah Knows Best.
        Peace and blessings be upon the final messenger Muhammed (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) his family, companions and everyone who follow him in righteousness.

        Former Raqi
        Aslamualakum, I have a few questions if that's okay. If a jinn has left your body do you feel it leave or can it just leave without you knowing?

        Since my treatment from ruqyah I have been told that my jinn has left but I am still facing the stomach and breathing problems as before? I have been given some oil and other items to use to help me from the raqu but I'm struggling with the symptoms. I still feel that there is something in my arm and heaviness in the upper left side of my body. I have also started getting a rash which gets worse after using the oil, is this normal? (I had a jinn with taweez) bcz I start heaving every time he read on me and get a pain in my stomach and chest which moves in to my hip and arm.


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          In addition to following before written, please
          -try to screen for Helycobacter pylori
          -screen for parasites
          -visit a dermatologist
          -drink antibloating tea and pro/prebiotics if tollerable
          -train aerobics

          It is impossible to correctly answer your questions without proper diagnosis. Please for now start following. It will be enough inshaAllah.


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            Salam alaykum
            There are many different kind of magic and posession, not only jinn-related. Humans can "posess" to.
            It is dufficult for ordinary Muslim to tell if "jinn" has left or not or even to diagnose. What is the evidence? Can they return? What is the protection or barrier against return?

            Ordinary Muslims suffering need to improve in a lot of different aspects and start also a step by step general spirituality improvement.



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