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  • Neighbor Sihr

    I believe that I am a victim of black magic, my neighbor puts things in front of her door and backyard. I have been having troubles with her since I have moved in my appartement in 2019. In the beginning she was bringing food for us to eat , but I refused to eat it one day since that day she has been giving me trouble. I think she is doing Sihr on me and my family. I have 2 children 13 and 11 months old. My husband left me for unknown reasons. I was praying and asking Allah for guidance and help but things are getting worser . My neighbor physically attacked me one night by throwing a glass cup on my chest area but thanks to Allah I wasn't injured I quickly called the police. She is from ski Lanka and has another religion. I am not sure if she is practicing Sihr but my intuition tells me so. I try to not think it's waswas but my life has been shaky for the past year. I havent recovered from my c-section and my abdomen are still open :( . I try my best to keep ask for protection from Allah and pray but I am really sad because I cannot tolerate living with this any longer . My daughter is distant from me and doesn't talk to me anymore. I need to know if I am just imagining that my neighbor is attacking me by Sihr or if it's really true. I will provide some of the things she puts infront of her door and on the back yard. Please kindly help me. Jazakumullahu khairan

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    It is very hard to conclude much based on your post.

    Some basic info would be at least country, your family members, why and when husband left, are you in contact, do you have friends, do ypu have islamic comunity there, are there sociak and psychological support services, do you have income or savings, have you visited a doctor regarding C section wound, what do you want to improve?
    It is hard to get into a fight throwing glasses. You must try to avoid them.

    I can tell by now ask intensive dua, estegfar, shukr, dhikr, salawat, give a lot of sadaqa if you are whealthy, ask family and friends for advices and help, go to islamic and social/psychological advisors, visit a medical doctor to solve the wound, get full medical check, spread love among children, family, friends and neighbors. Get babysitters/tutors/msids to help. Try to focus on your mistakes, as they are the ones you can correct with more ease.


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      Hi brother Murid, thanks for your reply..
      To be more specific my neighbor puts things like lemon/lime covered in red substance with sprinkle white substance on top. Also a pop bottle of 1L that is empty with something inside the bottle (looks like a dark banana peel or some sort). I am living in Canada and am french. My husband left and divorced me for no apparent reason and doesn't communicate with me anymore. He stopped being attracted to me in the bedroom but I am a young decent looking woman. I have support in my family but they think I should move out. I have seen a doctor and a physiotherapist who both concluded that I have diastasis. I am not in an Islamic community here and I cannot find any sheikh to do ruqya. I have done ruqya on myself but things are not getting any better.


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        What are treatment possibillities for diastasis, did they tell?
        Ask them could a plastic surgeon help.

        It is very strange what your husband did. He has no family or phone? When did he left? Will he finance children?

        Did you call the police, where is he, is he alive and well.

        What ethnicity do you belong?

        It is not possible that there are no Muslims in Canada.

        Good that you have a family. Do ypu work something, have hobbies, friends, visit fitness, spa etc.?
        Please incorporate above advices, including "dunya", from the first post and recite from now on 3x surah Yasin and Manzil mornings and evenings.
        With everything it should be good fast inshaAllah.


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          do you pray salat and read mornings and evenings duas?


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            I write in general, inshaAllah everything will improve.
            I do not think that they do sihr on you.
            What are your symptoms?

            You are French and from other cultural bacground.

            Do you have friendly relations with neighbors as we muslims should?
            Do you talk, give them gifts, food, help, talk, smile etc.?


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              I come from a multi ethnic background family. My mother is from east of Africa and father is from Quebec. I was raised here In Montreal, Canada.
              My husband is from Djibouti and he left me suddenly.
              All was going well in our marriage but he had developed impotence out of the blue . After divorcing I spoke with his relatives and they tried to tell him to keep his family together but it did not work.He abandoned me and my children after a few months of his son's birth and I am solely raising him on my own with no financial and emotional or any sort of help from my ex husband. This was all alien to me until it happened to me that is why I think that I am under some sort of sihr. And yes I do pray Salat and make my morning and evening duas alhamdoulilah.


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                I am experiencing some of the symptoms of sihr . I even have sleep paralysis when I hear the Quran. I have purchased sidr leaf, ajwa dates and black seed to perform ruqya on myself. When I perform Ruqya on myself I immediately go to sleep. I cannot find a Ruqya practitioner here in my city. But I am convinced I am under my neighbors sihr.


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                  You must continue fighting.
                  These are common beginnings.
                  I'm still unconvinced about neighbors and maybe she is even trying to help with their methods.
                  it really does not matter.

                  Be kind to them and every other neighbor please.

                  Recite and improve as per above inshaAllah and get in better touch with family, friends, muslims, social services (get them to include ex in child upbringing), children tutors, doctors.
                  Try to improve health and whealth. Try to work, at least a side job or online. There are a lot of opportunities in Canada for education and work and a lot of Islamic communities.


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                    Okay, thank you for your advice and support. May Allah reward you greatly.


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                      salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
                      first thing i advice you with is go live in a muslim country because kuffar countries are a very toxic enviroment for raising kids
                      for your issue it not clear if it sihr or not however i advice you to maintain all your dailly fard prayers on time and do any extra voluntary worship you can like sunnah prayers or voluntary fasting each monday and thursday 3 white days of each lunar month or the fasting of daoud
                      you can learn more about jinn and magic by watching this playlist


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                        Sister, I hope you receive this message since this post is a week old. Considering the information you posted, their is a possibility you have sihr. Regrading the neighbor, I do not think you should accept any food from her, or let her into your house. But don't do haram against someone doing haram because at the end of the day it will be written in your book. Just respect her from a distance. Don't also fall into the trap of the shaydan convincing you that so/so did sihr on you without concrete proof.

                        To keep you safe from further attacks: IMPORTANT
                        - Read surah Nas, Falaq, Iklas 3x , Ayatul kursi 1x and blow into hands and put it all over your body (Fajir/ Asr prayer)
                        Ayatul Kursi -
                        Iklas -
                        Nas - (0.75 speed for learning is easier)
                        Falaq - (0.75 speed for learning is easier)

                        It is equally important to seek help from mental health professionals. IMPORTANT
                        - A list of Counseling services in Quebec:
                        - Help for Specific Communities
                        - Speak with your family if you can and hopefully they can offer you some support.
                        - Speak with your doctor and see if he/she known's any programs that will help you pay for a psychologist. Also speak to them about your current mental health.
                        - Check out this course on youtube: How to Process Your Emotions- Learn to Control your Feelings
                        - Emotionally traumatized, Spiritually recovering
                        (Nouman Ali Khan)
                        - Take care of yourself. Sleep, eat well, and stay hydrated. There are many healthy recipes on Youtube (Checkout "pick up limes" )

                        How to Perform Ruqyah Over Yourself & Family: IMPORTANT
                        Part 1 :
                        Part 2 :
                        You can do both of them at the same time.

                        Download a dua app (with sound). This will make it easier to read your morning and evening duas.

                        - Bismillahil-lazee la ya-dur-ru ma’as-mihi shai’un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama’i, wa Hu-was-Sami’ul-‘Alim: 3X
                        Meaning: In the Name of Allah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven,
                        and he is the All-Hearing and All-Knowning. ( )

                        - A’oodhu bi kalimaa tillaahit taammaati min sharri maa khalaq: 3X
                        Meaning: I seek refugee with the perfect words of Allah from the evil of created things. ( )
                        - Asbahna wa-asbahal mulku lillahb... 1x: Learn this dua because you are asking allah to protect you from the evil of this day/night and the days/nights that come after it..etc
                        Morning: ( )
                        Evening: (This is a youtube playlist that will teach you this dua and many more through small videos. The evening dua is from vid 16A -21A)

                        - Say BISMILLAH before you change/eat! And everything else to add blessings. Say bismillah before you throw hot water down the kitchen sink or on the floor..etc so you don't accidently harm anything without knowing.
                        - Dua for entering/leaving the house( You can say bismillah until you learned them) :

                        - DUA FOR ENTERING THE BATHROOM:

                        TO Strengthen your Ruqyah try your hardest to stay away from major sins and be careful of minor ones that add up
                        - REPENT in the morning, evening and throughout the day
                        - READ QURAN DAILY (EVEN JUST ONE AYAT)
                        - ASK Allah for guidance
                        - Make Dua in your own language
                        whenever you can (After each prayer works well)
                        - PRAY all 5 prayers (Make or play the adhaan in your home, if possible, for each of the five daily prayers)
                        - Good deeds Give charity (even 1 dollar or less)/ Make dua for other's/ Pick up trash from the ground time to time/call your parents/ give good words to others..etc

                        PROTECT YOUR HOUSE:
                        -Surah Baqarah: Read however many ayats you know and then play the recording. If you have trouble then play the recording

                        -Make an intention ( ask allah to remove all shaydan from your house/protect your house) and Spray Ruqyah water at the corners of each room : Take some water in a spray bottle and recite the following – Sura Fatiha x 7 / Ayatul Kursi x 7 / Last two verses of surat al Baqarah x 3 / Ikhlas x 7 / Falaq x 7 / Nas x 7. IF IT IS EASIER FOR YOU recite surah NAS/FALAQ 1 time each. After each surah, spittle into the water. Take this water and spray into the corners of each room. DON'T spray in the BATHROOM. You can do this morning and evening OR once a day if that's easier at the moment. ( )

                        PUT Ruqyah oil on your body and drink ruqyah water daily.
                        - Recite quran on the water like above. You can also add more water after reciting to make the batch a bit larger. Give it to your children to drink as well (You can make juice with it)
                        - You can mix the oil with your moisturizer if you want and apply it nightly.

                        Before sleeping recite ayatul kursi on yourself and children.

                        BUILD YOUR KNOWLEDGE:

                        Fitrah Centre (Youtube Channel)
                        - The Undoing of Magic Series ( )
                        01. Undoing Magic of Separation (Sihr Al-Tafriq) | RUQYA | Shaykh Abu Ubaid

                        - WatchHow Ruqyah Works Part 1 to 3: (1.25 audio speed recommendation)
                        - The Fight Against Magic & Devils | RUQYA | Shaykh Abu Ubaid :

                        - mybetterhalf : The Reality of Magic & Divorce

                        - Ruqyah Course With Muhammad Tim Humble

                        -Protection from Magic & the Evil Eye Part One - Mufti Menk :
                        -Protection from Magic & the Evil Eye Part Two - Mufti Menk :

                        Put your trust and faith in Allah and continue to persevere. Take things at a moderate pace (Don't overwhelm yourself) and make a routine that you can follow and build on. This journey will be difficult at times but it will strengthen your faith and bring you closer to allah inshallah! Continue to ask all for rizq (sustenance) and help with finances.

                        Powerful dua of prophet yunus (peace be upon him) when he was in the whale:
                        Meaning of the dua: The Du'a That Answers Every Prayer & Removes Every Hardship | Daily Reminders :

                        Listen to Friday Sermons/Lectures on Youtube (Bayyinah Institute, Yaqeen Institute, EPIC MASJID, Yasir Qadhi, Mufti menk, Yasmin Mogahed..etc)
                        - An Evening of Reflections
                        - Khutbah: We have Our Deeds You Have Yours
                        - Yasmins Podcast
                        - The Solution to Escape Hardship - Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan
                        Don't listen while driving! Stay alert the road need your full attention!

                        Listen to tafseers of different surahs ( as little as 5min a day or less. Build the habit if it difficult for you.
                        - Bayyinah institute on Youtube did Surah Yusuf :

                        Message me if you want!!



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