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    If you're willing to do the weekly shopping which a single parent during these lockdowns was unable to do or afford beyond what has been you're detailed and even that was difficult to maintain consistency, you are more than welcome to


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      If you're willing to do the weekly shopping which a single parent during these lockdowns was unable to do or afford beyond what has been you're detailed and even that was difficult to maintain consistency, you are more than welcome to


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        Salam alaykum

        I notice that you maybe tend to a little bit mix up the advices and entities of foods/supplements.

        Please notice that the plan was for you, adult.
        • Herring
        • Mackerel (North Atlantic, Chub)
        are very low mercury content fish.

        Creatine monohydrate is not a proteine/fermented product.

        Anyways, I gave you elhamdulillah, a lot of advices and they are a real changer if followed inshaAllah.
        It will be enough inshaAllah.


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          I KNOW ABOUT MACKEREL BEING LOW MERCURY - as stated our diets are mostly the same due to multiple reasons (practicality, time, financial) - I REFUSE TO INCLUDE IT TO THAT DEGREE REGARDLESS BECAUSE OF THE FINDINGS (and added contamination in our waters recently - which lead me to the conclusion i would rather not risk an oversight or delay (i.e. subsquent findings) as has happened many times in the past, and prevent risk by subbing other things WHILE MAINTAINING FISH in our diets.


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            I KNOW CREATINE IS NOT A FERMENTED PRODUCT. I am giving you an example of the extent of thought and research that goes into formulating every aspect of the supplements, blends ,and diets. Which includes professional advice. I also mentioned aloe vera, and other things, that you hadnt mentioned - to show examples that we've moved beyond what you're saying - and are on a specific plan -
            NOTE: blends are majority of diet due to aforementioned necessity - hence I do not separate the two as much as other people -- thank you for the good intention but I will do as I see fit regarding that, and do not think it has anything to do with what you're implying - the experiences mentioned as my in laws (which i wont detail too much about as i have no right to) experienced similar and worse things before.


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              Assalamo alaykum
              Mackerel, King mackerel, is almost highest in mercury.


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                Oh the guy shut down the thread for some reason "please stop bumping old threads"p
                Which is odd to me, as I've been on forums before which SPECIFICALLY state to go to old threads rather than creating new ones to talk about the topic. It helps in organizing for mods.

                Isn't the point of them so one can sift through the archives when doing searches and read instead of creating new threads for what already has a thread? Or else it makes more sense just to delete them altogether
                Anyway I wanted to let you know I've bought SECRETS OF DIVINE LOVE which you recommended on that thread, ages ago.

                At this point after reading, I gifted it to my mom (in late 2020) So.. yeah. Like I said I own and read tons of Islamic books (everything except jinn/etc related for which I was skimming these threads) since I was a little kid.

                If someone recommends something (someone I trust like Omar Suleiman or a relative) oftentimes I buy it as soon as I can afford to. Ebooks and print books, whatever seems best suited for the length of the book. Short books are fine for ebooks but mainly print books. Im not sure why you recommended it, in response to that post, and as I said, I've read it


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                  Originally posted by Murid View Post
                  Assalamo alaykum
                  Mackerel, King mackerel, is almost highest in mercury.
                  Thanks, I'll do as I please with pro advice and our needs in mind, regarding those things. As stated many times over.


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                    OK seeing as im treating this like a diary when things go wrong as it's seen as wrong to reply to old threads when you note similar things,
                    especially, want to note for my own self,
                    I looked into getting Creatine delivered (in a grocery order) but it was way too expensive - it will have to wait for September.

                    i've been racking my mind trying to remember if there's anything else that went awry and i had a strange feeling when i read that one of the signs of magician MAY be that they go out of their way to ask your mom's name (full name or last name)
                    because I remember clearly, one of my son's nurses (he has different ones coming in all the time) asked me out of the blue, "what's your mom's name? is that her last name, same as yours?"
                    in a sense of camaraderie like "getting to know each other" except she was very unfriendly otherwise,
                    she then followed it up with questions about my siblings,,etc, which made me think she was just wondering about family as a way to be friendly..
                    but she didnt ask their names, only my mom's, which i thought was odd. then i thought maybe she's heard that muslims dont have to change their names
                    after marriage, etc

                    and i'm trying to remember who it was (I mean her name) -
                    it was one who came only a few times earlier this year - and a few times last year when the lockdowns began (they couldnt find any other nurses and they apologized for sending her which again, i thought was odd, because our agency send in new nurses all the time without apologizing) -

                    she always seemed very tense, and never returned a greeting in a straightforward way -
                    i didn't like her (which is odd as i normally like people straight away even if they are rude to me )
                    and even called the agency requesting to switch her this year, after hse had many outbursts not just at my kids, but even me shouting something about spoiling kids, and how my elder "just pretends " he cannot do things to "get attention"

                    and said "i'd rather have no nurse in the meantime, than her" because i was that scared (i told my XH the way she acted i feel she would have no issue hitting them, if she thought she could get away with it, and the weirdest part is they would do nothing to set her off, she'd just go berserk.)

                    i have never complained about a nurse before, never, only her, in all these years, and i remember still
                    when i wrote saying, to my kids' dad - and i called agency saying similar - she's a good person, i just think she doesn't understand our home and she disrespects boundaries a lot, i feel unsafe with her , i noticed her speaking cruelly to kids when i was returning from the top floor, etc" )

                    she would randomly shout at the younger kid - i also felt scared of her (i felt she could 'fly off the handle' at anything and she would constantly mutter under her breath a lot, in anger, though i did EVERYTHING- i changed the diapers, ran the feed, rewinded for my son, etc)

                    remember she became very happy and smiled when i at one point started saying to him, no i'm busy right now, and she started being mean to him out of the blue (as if seeing me tell him off lightly, gave her permission to be meanto him) and wouldnt stop till i said, "um, i'd like if you stopped talking to him like that, he doesn't understand long sentences, and he was not doing anything bad. "
                    and off -

                    and at the time I didn't even think it odd because I have no issue telling people any detail of my life,
                    and didn't have that safeguard feeling. my explanation in my mind for her odd behaviour was, she is Chinese, they are known for pushing their kids to achieve, she must be very traditional, and not understand our home life, and get a culture shock anyway.

                    anyway, i got weird vibes off her because she would go berserk at points saying "your children are tricking you!" etc "to get sympathy!"
                    i was like,
                    they cannot communicate properly, they exaggerate because they want to show me what they mean, etc
                    and she would frown and act all mean if i cuddled the younger (and I SWEAR she muttered stuff, i thought she was just ranting in Chinese
                    about how people spoil their kids)
                    she came 5 ish times total i believe? i would always request her to leave MUCH earlier than her shift time (an hour, or two hours usually) and say "dont worry i wont tell the agency" because i felt really uneasy with her being around kids (if i went to bathroom or did something)
                    acting like "i think we'll go to the park now' etc as i know they're not allowed to come to park with us, or leave the home-

                    (my son had a strong seizure AFTER a long time of no seizure, i recited ruqyah blew it, and it went away exactly at the second last verse of Ayat al Kursi, and didnt return, except once, when I recited ayat al kursi again it stopped (normally he has tons and tons of seizures by now daily, but today he had between 3-4 as they stopped when i did the ayat al kursi--normally they are long, or long clusters - i mean, i cant remember the last time he didnt have clusters and long seizures, except yesterday -

                    and AGAIN today, the other son started crying ONLY when i recited ayat al kursi QUIETLY almost under my breath, and saying No please stop it stop it ... and he said this while i was at least a meter away from him -
                    and he was fine after and started playing and smiling - he didnt cry at all otherwise.
                    and my dizziness etc (strong waswas saying "kill yourself" etc ) began again

                    so i was racking my brain whenever i got a free chance (which is rare) to try and think of any weird behaviour i've noticed in strangers who've come in
                    and she's the only person i remember randomly asking for my mom's name out of the blue but nobody else (and coupled with strange behaviour)

                    she even said to me at one point if i beat my (disabled) son he'd soon show me he was just pretending.

                    anyway.. whatever. i have my stuff (ruqyah) and that works i'll just keep at it. i just wanted to note this down too


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                      Originally posted by wannabefarmer View Post
                      OK seeing as im treating this like a diary...
                      I suggest starting your own blog or something.


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                        I got what I needed which was to talk it out with others (hence use of forum) all of whom summed up good points in a practical manner. While reading others experiences that matched mine as well as Islamic recs. One would think that's the point of a forum. I'm done nyway as stated prior to your post in the last linea and only replying because the tone is less than courteous and I will not leave that



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