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Schizophrenia-Experiencing Synchronicity/Apophenia & Pareidolia - Can anyone relate?

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  • Murid
    Assalamo alaykum
    a short reply.
    Not many mental illness is partially caused by jinn.
    Many are caused partially by genetics, upbringing, socialising, nutrition, physical illness, different trauma, abuse, substance abuse, lack of fittness, by wrong habits, lack of education, ageing, by our nafs, by our sick heart and soul, by sihr, by ayn, by hasad, by other forms of posession you don't know about etc.etc.

    There is a subject harming and an object getting harm.
    if you are strong they can not harm you.
    you can get stronger insha Allah.
    Ask a lot of dua for guidence (search for that sunnah duas, some in my post) and strive hard doing good and avoiding evil.
    Ask in duas increasing knowledge, understanding and improving yourself.
    Ask duas finding spiritual guides and doctors.
    As you say synchronicity, right one, will happen inshaallah.

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  • M_S_A
    Wa'alaikum as-Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu.

    I am certain I'm suffering from jinn possession. My head and limbs move against my will and I also some energy(kind of like a magnetic field) moving through my head and chest causing numb feeling.

    As for the synchronicity/apophenia experiences, I am confused where they are coming from. As I've been experiencing them before I got possessed(experience of a foreign force controlling my body). And after possession, I see faces/images/messages in things which match with the synchronicity/apophenia experiences.
    So, if I think of something like "I wish I could choke the throat of this jinn inside me." I may see a smiley face like a ',:) in something, then maybe I would see a guy choking another guy(maybe on tv or in real).

    I do have a family that is supporting me, Alhamdulillah. I also have quite a few friends, but I'm unable to keep in touch with them. I've gone to a psychiatrist and am on medications. I have also gone to a reliable and experienced Raqi. I do Ruqya daily.

    I pray the 5 daily prayers but not all of them in the masjid. My daily schedule is very bad and not in my control. Sometimes I manage to read the morning and evening adhkar but with great difficulty.
    It takes very long for me read my Salah because of the blockages in my mind, and also to make taharah due to urinary incontinence. Much time of the day goes in these 2 things only.

    The problem is that much of whatever good things I try to do(Salah, adhkar, duas, etc.), I get very strong blockages in the way. To give you an example, just to reply to this thread which I had started by my phone, I found multiple blockages in the way.
    The day before yesterday, when I saw your replies on this thread, I tried replying to you guys on my phone, but there was a pop-up coming in the way that wouldn't go away. This pop-up never showed up when I had started this topic. So today I am replying to you through my PC.

    There are genuine and logical reasons that backup these blockages, so if I were to present these issues to anybody they would say it's just part of life. You face problems on a daily basis. Life is not completely smooth. Which is true. But it isn't supposed to be the way I'm experiencing it now. I've lived a part of my life facing problems and not facing problems and I could feel it as a normal thing. But it's not normal now. Every problem/blockage seems to be made on purpose.

    I lost my job because of this.

    I can say that I'm suffering from both jinn possession as well as mental illness.
    Psychiatry/science basically denies that existence of the jinns(unseen in general). Whatever the patient experiences is blamed/targeted on his/her mental state(hallucinations, imaginations, hearing things) instead of the unseen entities(waswaas). So from a psychiatrist's/scientific point of view, it would be considered as mental illness. I'd say it's the jinn causing the mental illness.

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  • Murid
    Assalamo alaykum
    It is not simple to treat spiritual diseases.
    I write below in short, some examples to think about.
    Almost every mental illness and spiritual malady as for example posession could be diagnosed and treated by rightheous tariqah.
    On the other side we must know that some "posessed" are in very bad mental state, even that they could harm themself or others. Because of that we must patients experiencing very severe symptoms, like hallucinations or posession get throughout the medical care system, not to be responsible in front of law. They must visit at least family doctor if not psychiatrist nowdays to be safe.

    A lot more interventions are needed besides ruqya in both deen and dunya.

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  • Hamza1416
    salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
    there is ways to difrentiate between mental health and jinn possession i advice you to watch this playlist so you can learn more about jinn possesion and might be able to know if what you have is mental illness or jinn possesion
    as for general advice you should maintain all your daily fard prayers in the masjid on time and keep doing any extra sunnah prayers you can you should also try some voluntary fasting like each monday and thrsday 3 white days of each lunar month or the fasting of daoud

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  • Murid
    Assalamo alaykum.
    It seems that you experience serious health and social problems and suffer a lot.
    I hope that you have at least a supporting family and friends to talk about and willing to help. Please share your problems and ask for help.
    As you know, your symptoms are known in psychiatry. You probably had visited psychiatrist and they tried to help you. If not, plan please your visit to the doctor.
    If you plan to complementary include islamic spiritual help, you need to find a skilled helper/spiritual guide.

    Make a lot of dua for everything.

    Many are involved in spirituality. We should say and think that most want good. Some may offer you something bad just to test you, just as some non spiritual folks may do sometimes.
    You must try as best not to suffer on this and on the other world as a consequence. Be steadfast with a lot of zeal. Have sabr.
    Instead to sinn involve in doing some good deed instead, maybe volunteer, help the sick and poor, involve in sports, socialise, study, marry, fast, make dhikr etc.

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  • Schizophrenia-Experiencing Synchronicity/Apophenia & Pareidolia - Can anyone relate?

    Assalaamu'alaikum brothers and sisters,

    I've been experiencing synchronicity/apophenia for 7 years now.

    Basically, what you are thinking and speaking to yourself in your mind and the responses come as signs in your situations/circumstances(People's conversions that are happening in front of you, if Qur'an is being played the verses are directly related/responding to your thoughts, you may see messages written on people's t-shirts or any other items, etc.)

    I began experiencing it when I started to try to become a practicing Muslim.

    I was experiencing positive and Islamically motivating signs in my life which made me more and more devoted. I started praying with meaning and was trying to make my prayer more interactive while praying all Sunnah prayers and doing the adhkar after the prayers and also morning, evening adhkar with meaning. I kept doing it to the extent where I could not keep up with the same level of enthusiasm. Then I was unable to comprehend the meaning in the prayers even in English(had my mind blocked without me even realizing it). Although my goal was to advance and comprehend the meaning in Arabic itself as I had an understanding of basic Arabic. But I was unable to progress as I was feeling guilty and the synchronicity experiences were giving me signs that I was not doing right.

    Then I remained static and was forced to pray while thinking in English. Then without being aware, in my subconscious, I did things alien in prayer and the synchronicity signs were imposing that what I'm doing was correct. It became OCD and I was sitting in the mosque most of the day. All other activities were completely finished. Then I became possessed. My head and hands if I kept loose would start moving.

    The synchronicity signs and guilty feelings imposed on me to punish myself by stopping to eat and drink, cut off from friends, stop wearing good clothes, not to use fan or AC in summer, not to be in shade when I'm outside.

    The possession didn't happen overnight. It started with body parts one after the other over a period of some days until my whole body got possessed. When it did, I started seeing faces, smilies and images in things(termed as Pareidolia in psychiatry).

    These smilies and images that I see in things sync perfectly with synchronicity signs(apophenia) and they even suggest me to do filthy things and to sin.

    Now the tricky part is were these signs of synchronicity from Shaitan from the very beginning? Or were they from Allah then I was misguided?

    Anyone with knowledge/experience in this matter would help.


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