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Sihr Found in the Attic

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  • Sihr Found in the Attic

    First of all. May Allah forgive me and everyone for any wrong doings.

    You may have seen some of my posts/threads before in relation to this topic of being affected. If not you can view them.

    I am posting this information and story on this forum because I think its necessary that we as Muslims share information and help one another.

    In summary. I found magic in my attic after having dreams about its location. Allah guided me to it. I have crumbled it and put it inside Ruqya water. I never believed there was any Sihr involved and blamed it all to evil eye. It might be evil eye too.

    One taweez when opened was like the paper origami which unfolded as a snake wrapped in cellophane or clear plastic.
    One taweez had a bird there drawn in black and the other one had some squiggly lines.
    I had multi coloured string taweez. Two different sets.
    Each set of strings had loads of knots in there which I blew onto and unknotted by cutting them directly and stringing them out one by one.
    One set of strings had a paper clip in there.
    There was lots of papers handwritten and printed with grids and arabic numbers or letters in there.
    One frame as well with grids and some head and tail like legs. I saw the numbers or letters or arabic and it says LAY.
    There were many taweez. I think someone from Pakistan was giving this to my family member in my house telling them this is protection and they were scared to check and unsure what to do with it. This person was innocent that's all I am going to say and that I will say with surety. Allah knows best.They were suffering.
    I have suffered for a long time.
    Allah knows best if this is it for me. But I was lead to the attic by dreams. Allah forgive us for our sins. I did Ruqya quite a lot and listen to Quran for years.
    I did feel better immediately that day and now its Tuesday and 4 days in I don't yawn or feel lazy or tired. There may be a Jinn left in me but I have had dreams indicating something in regards to snakes. One big snake in my dream was hard to keep in the box but the smaller one was always easy to deal with.
    I did find one with brown stuff on there and I don't know what it was. Who knows it might be something bad like cow dung.

    If you don't want to watch my video below you don't have to. In summary I am in my early 30's. I have been suffering since I was 15 years old. I promise everyone here, I never believed there was any Sihr involved, I only started aknowleding that yes I suffer from Jinn possession and Hasad and Waswas from 4 years ago.

    In simple, I think a "PEER" saab was just doing magic in the house or maybe it was a family member I can't pinpoint for sure. People lack knowledge in our households and may Allah forgive us.

    My reason for telling you lot is this:

    -Allah sent me dreams that I wrote down. He guided me to the attic on Saturday and I was going to give up on cleaning this house due to disputes of the property. I just went up there. The dream indicated that something spooky was going on up there.
    -I did not not believe SIHR existed for me or the house. I was wrong.
    -I did feel relief after everything was broken up. It took be 7 hours or so to really go through everything. I had a bowl or Ruqya water prepared. Blew into all the knots while reciting Falaq and Nas. Crumbled up the grids and papers and any taweez into the water. Literally all went into the water. I heard a chair move while doing so but TBH that might have been the wind I don't know.
    -I have spent one year jobless. We should never question the decree of Allah. Your job is to move forwards and keep trying your best. One year of not working but Allah allowed me to find these things.
    -It doesn't mean its over. I could have more problems I don't know. I will not stop doing Ruqya.
    -Watch your sins. Make Dua. Make Dua for your parents.
    -Keep your dreams to yourself mostly and write them down somewhere as somethings can make sense later on.
    -Learn to fight. Fight with your time. If your yawning while doing anything useful. Just persist and keep persisting. The Jinn will get tired from my own experience.

    I did take pictures but I don't feel like sharing this yet for some reason. If you look at the video lecture series by Tim Humble and Abu Ibhraheem where they show these things in reality. Some of its similar. Abu Nadeer has a video showing how to break taweez and he shows a multi coloured taweez and it was like the one I had found. Grids boxes and all that as I mentioned were there and lots of it (both handwritten and printed). Some of this stuff seemed old.

    I have more stuff to share with everyone based on my story so far. As I said. It may not be over for me. Allah knows best.

    Summary of my issues. I decided to record issues on many topics so that people can understand from someone elses experience. I have other stuff I want to share but did not get a chance to upload it but the recordings were made. I made the channel months ago and wanted to share my experience's without showing my face.