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Dealing with sihr/djinn possession :::

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  • Dealing with sihr/djinn possession :::

    As salam o alaikum,,,
    May Allah(swt) keeps everyone of us under His(swt) shelter,,,

    I previously posted a topic but don't know why that topic is closed so I'm asking here some queries,,,,

    I need to ask somethings,,,

    The first Raqi (student of shykh Abdul Rauf Ben halima) that I go to used to say it's sihr and he used to explain things in details
    He said it's eaten sihr they made you eat in dreams etc,,,

    Then in between as I told I was to a scholar he said it's djinn possession he treats with Taweez(not to wear it was like a quranic paper sinked in water and to drink from it) (though I consulted with some reliable scholars about it's permissiblity) but I left that I wasn't feeling satisfied.

    Then now I'm again to a new Raqi he's experienced and knowledgeable ,,,

    He don't tell what it is (either it's sihr,, ayn,, or possession) he said whatever it is only focus on treat/solution and he don't expln things in details he has his reasons for not telling people about what affliction it is ,,,

    The raqi won't tell it so I'm asking here,,,

    If I dream of eating and felt urges of vomit next day what does it mean ? Is it a sign of sihr or can it also happen in djinn possession ? And is it eaten sihr that viscous glue of thing ?

    And besides using brush reciting surah Fateha to make it vomit can Hijama be useful to remove it from stomach like hijama over the stomach ??

    And one more thing(I'm not fully sure either I'm dealing with sihr or djinn possession but most probably one of these for sure anyways
    I want to ask a misconception regarding sihr ),,,

    my misconception about sihr is that
    to completely destroy the sihr do we have to physically find the hidden Sihr and destroy it ?

    Or can it also be completely destroyed by following Ruqyah treatment azkars and recitations alone ?
    If yes
    Then what about the buried or physical sihr out there will it be just be some useless trash in that case when sihr is destroyed ?

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    The reason for closing the other thread is the same as this one:

    You know reliable scholars. It is better to speak to them rather than random strangers. They know you better than we do.