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Abu abdullah, what you expect in jinn/ ruqya/ unseen thread?

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  • Abu abdullah, what you expect in jinn/ ruqya/ unseen thread?

    Yes dear I hope you can see my question. Why do you close everyones topic unnecessarily.

    ​​​​​​Are you jinn? Why do you feel bad when someone try to help any other ummah against jinn?
    And what you expect in jinn thread? You closed my previous thread by writing no more jinn thread then why do you come to jinn thread? There are so many threads why u show interest in jinn/ ruqya thread when u dont want any jinn related thread?

    I guess you are under jinn affliction thats why yu feel bad to hear against jinn. I dont care whether you block my account or not but u must behave in human ways instead of behaving in shaytaan/satan ways.

    hope allah give u guidance to behave like human. No one is interested in jinn.

    ​​​​​​​People join here to get help and nothing else. Nor u r paying anyone any money so when someone gives suggestions you have to pay to the other party.

    my intention is just to pass you this message no matter whether you delete/ block my account or close tgis thread.

    ​​​​​​​May allah guide all of us.

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    Oh dear.