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My iman is at its LOWEST point.. Non-Muslim near death experiences???!!

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  • My iman is at its LOWEST point.. Non-Muslim near death experiences???!!

    My Iman is at its LOWEST LOWEST LOWEST
    point at the moment.. I can't get my head around Non-muslims Near death experiences!

    So basically a lot of Non-Muslims (and few Muslims too) have described their near death experiences to doctors, nurses, paramedics and some have written books about it!

    Scientists are still trying to figure out the scientific reasons behind it.

    Many of those people have described their "near death" experiences seem to have alot of things in common,
    such as, seeing their deceased relativefriend or seeing a deceased relative that they've never met before, a white light or tunnel, people guiding them, feeling calm, seeing heaven.. seeing Prophet Jesus (AS), seeing Buddha, other religious figures..etc

    The girl in the video below asked the Sheikh how come some non-Muslims from pretty much all kind of different religions experience this.. and he goes.. you can't really 'deny' what they saw?!!!

    I'm confused.. how are they able to experience such thing?
    One thing I understand, is that they obviously did NOT die.. so I understand why they didn't describe the Islamic concept of death cos death is the actual completion of a term of life... there's no returning back.

    But I've tried finding a reasonable theory to this kind of experiences.
    There's a hadith where Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

    One who sees me in a dream, it is as if he has truly seen me,for Satan cannot impersonate me."

    So this indicates that Shaitan is capable of impersonating others.. but how is shaitan capable to create a 'scene' of flowers and trees making it seem as if they saw heaven?

    ​​​​​​I'm a medical student and I'll be doctor one day inshaAllah and I'm afraid that I'll encounter patients describing me this kind of experiences..

    I have seen a couple of threads about this topic on and people barely replied .. so I'm hoping to find some answers..

    I have exams coming up and I honestly can't seem to focus.. I feel depressed and my iman is not strong at the moment. Ya Allah. Someone PLEASE ANSWER ME.

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      I'm struggling to understand why this is affecting your imaan so much


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        Originally posted by usernametaken View Post
        Lol that does not deserve an infraction because I explained why I edited, which was followed by a 'like'.

        I hope the OP gets an answer. But what I said before I edited was that ' Islam does not say you need to see a person or anything in a near death experience.'

        So you might be confised on why other people are reporting their own experiences with even contradictory descriptions, Allah has told us what death involves and that you cannot do shirk so you should try to remember that and focus on exams. But i said i dont know the answer so thats why i edited it. To avoid causing confusion.
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          The Quran has described deceivers who have powers from hidden powerful beings (Jinn) as well Angels. To distinguish between an truthful Angel and a misguided Jinn/deceiving Jinn is no easy task, however, the form the Prophet has in the unseen realm, is instance of the holy spirit, and that form - that form of God's light, cannot be taken by a Jinn.

          Remember Gabriel is a trustworthy instance of the holy spirit and came down to Mohammad by God's Name, the Prophet likewise is trustworthy and truthful. The words to Abraham "and verily we are truthful" can really one be testified if you are truthful. As Abraham was truthful and a greater truthful and sincere - then the Angels he was testifying to, he can tell who is trustworthy and who is not.

          Just like the outward world, God doesn't take those who lead astray as helpers or centres of refuge for humans, it's the same in the unseen realms, although these misguiding forces make think they are the good guys, they are not to be relied on.

          To be able to discern the true form of the Prophet in a dream, you have to be able to witness the holy spirit and trustworthy spirit of Mohammad, that form in the unseen, is not his truest form, because he is veiled by 70 000 veils of light, but rather, it's a connecting veil, by which we are to approach God by.

          If you see the Prophet in a dream as he truly is - connecting - than the spirit is a proof and directs to God and Iblis cannot take that.

          However, most humans, they don't care who they follow in the outward world let alone are they going to be vigilant with regards to the unseen realms and the psychic energy type worlds, where Jinn reside, and can be truth mixed with falsehood, ugliness mixed with beauty.

          At the end - Quran prepares us to - make the journey in the proper way with the proper guides that are appointed by him, the drivers of the souls, the Captains of the Ships that belong to God to be boarded for "by the name of God is it's driving and halting".

          You are to find that name of God that is with you and pick that up and fight with it, and not the false swords that claim to be God's sword, weapon, shield, and name.

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            And remember the false Prophets of baal, they may have experienced a lot and had some magic powers, but, at the end, in the show down between Elyas and them, they could not come close to his level of power and majesty that not only proved God's existence, but proved Elyas as a trustee of his.

            Remember sometimes things can be similar, for example - a great powerful Jinn can bring Sheba's throne in some hours, but, is that really comparable the miracle of the successor of Solomon, who brought it by God's permission, in a twinkle of an eye.

            To the idiot, he mixes miracles and true visions from God with what is not compared to that, this is why Quran makes you reflect and is suppose to be make discern between truth and falsehood.

            The visions from Jinn cannot be compared to that from God.


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              What about the video link where the Shaykh says it could be that Allah calls people to Him in different ways and that it could be that Islam is not going to be for everyone as people are different?


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                You know people's experiences, near death experiences change from age to age, if this was the truth and not some form of mass delusion, or mass deception from the shaiateen then this would be constant.

                It's like those people who really really want to believe in UFO sightings and abductions, because of all the common stories, but the descriptions change over time and from culture to culture, it means nothing, it's not proof of anything other than people are easily led.
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                  It could also be a trial to those having those experiences to keep them misguided. And it appears to be a trial for you having a bad effect on your iman which your iman would of had to be weak to begin with before researching this topic.
                  "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Ibn Qayyim


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                    Originally posted by Fatum View Post
                    My Iman is at its LOWEST LOWEST LOWEST
                    point at the moment..PLEASE ANSWER ME.
                    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

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