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Misconceptions of People Who Perform Islamic Ruqyah

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  • Misconceptions of People Who Perform Islamic Ruqyah

    Shaykh Ibn Jibreen was asked:

    Some of those who employ legal forms of Ruqyah demand from the Jinn who are caught red-handed in the body of a possessed person that they exit. And some of the time these Jinn will request to exit from certain limbs like the eyes or ears. So, the Raqi refuses that believing that it will harm the possessed person, and the Raqi demands from the Jinn to exit by means of the mouth or toes so that it does not harm the eye or ear of the possessed. Is this a sound belief [on the part of the Raqi]?

    The Shaykh responded:

    It is well-known that the Jinn possess a person and take control over his entire body. What is apparent is that it enters from anywhere on the body and it is possible for it to enter from some of the limbs like the fingers/toes, the senses [i.e. ears, nose, mouth, eyes], the two private openings, or other limbs. And as such it is also said regarding its exit [from the body]. So, it is possible that it will exit from one of the sides just as it entered through it, or from one of the fingers of the hand, or one of the toes, the mouth, nose, one of the two ears, etc.

    Something was related to me by someone I trust- he was present when a Jinn possessed a young girl. And after things got tough for the Jinn, he sought to exit from the index finger on her right hand. So, it exited while they were looking at the finger when it plunged into the dirt and had no effect on the finger. Thus, what is apparent is that there is no effect on the limb by the one who exits through it whether it is an eye or ear; and Allah is most knowledgeable.
    ~end quote

    The point of translating and sharing this Fatwa is to show readers how those who perform Ruqyah, even though they may be perceived to employ Islamic forms of Ruqyah, can be mistaken in their perception of the world of Jinn. And, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Jinn will also use ignorance on the part of human beings in order to complicate Ruqyah and invoke unfounded fears about the process.