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Zamzam allowed by British Airways and other airlines?

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    Zamzam allowed by British Airways and other airlines?


    Does British Airways flights departing from Jeddah to London allow the 5L of Zamzam as an 'extra' check-in (not counted against your allowed check-in)?

    I'm looking at an itinerary and it's via BA to London, then American Airlines (AA) to USA. I do understand from AA they allow it, and they are my trans-Atlantic carrier, but my check-in will be via BA so asking.

    Had an odd experience last year regarding this and I was NOT allowed to take zamzam from Jeddah airport departing flight via Saudi Airlines because it was to Paris/CDG and the connection from there was to USA via Delta. This time the ticket was purchased via Air France. In the past, ticket was purchased via Saudia Airlines or Delta and it was allowed. But I was disappointed in finding out Saudi Airline flight departing Jeddah did not allow me to check-in 5L of zamzam.

    Of course when you ask them from an explanation, you dont get one in English (if at all). I got the impression he said it's due to ticket being by Air France. I know Delta has no issues, and I had assumed Saudi Airlines has no issues. But because ticket was via Air France, it was not allowed. I'm still preplexed by that.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
    Can we get a list going of scenarios where zamzam is not allowed so that people can 'know'.

    About 4 years ago, Lufthansa did not allows zamzam check-in at Jeddah.

    Re: Zamzam allowed by British Airways and other airlines?

    i used British airways this year,
    we were are allowed 1 check in luggage and 1 zam zam to check in.


      Re: Zamzam allowed by British Airways and other airlines?

      Did you mean you brought your own bottle(the one we fill ourselves) or the one you bought extra 5L officially( I understand this is extra on top of the one you be getting)
      If your own bottle, just wish to comment be careful in your luggage as they may be burst open and the water be spilled.
      Speaking from people whom I know's experience.

      I think they have quotas. For every jemaah saudi will usually give the zam-zam, a few litres. the one with official stickers etc. ( the one in the box)