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makkah hotel reviews

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    makkah hotel reviews


    please state honest reviews of any hotels you have stayed at in makkah, whether it be 2* or 7* :)

    distance etc

    Re: makkah hotel reviews

    7 stars ???????? Please, dont convert KSA into UAE. Besides, there is sufficient cons on heaping bag loads of stars on hotels that dont deserve even one.

    I will be interested in the replies you get here.


      Re: makkah hotel reviews

      We stayed in Darul Ghufraan, this is a 5 star hotel in the Safwa Towers building next to Zamzam towers. This is the third hotel in Safwa Towers the others being Darul Eemaan and Royal Orchid.

      The lobby is nice and modern and the lifts are amazing! If you had to wait more than a minute for a lift than that would be very exceptional. We had breakfast as part of our stay and it was a good standard, it also included a omelette/fried egg service. Generally the hotel was very clean and modern having only opened in Ramadhan this is what you would expect.

      The staff were ok, I usually stay in the Hilton Towers in Makkah their general service is better than Darul Ghufraan though. We had a few issues with the bell men as they were refusing to get our luggage when we arrived ( a misunderstanding). Other than that the staff were generally pleasant. One strange thing was that our group leader had wait in the lobby everyday after Isha so that someone could give him our breakfast vouchers, I found that a little silly.

      The rooms were on the small size, we had a 4 bed room, one of the beds was actually a sofa bed, strangely enough though it was very comfortable. Room service was expensive, had tea in the hotel for 5 people with some pastry and cost almost 100 riyals! Shower was very good and clean.

      All in all its 5 star for location, which is fantastic, it has its own prayer hall linked to the haram as well as that shopping and food easily accessible being in the building. I would recommend, although personally I prefer the Hilton towers this is not bad.


        Re: makkah hotel reviews

        Stayed in hilton towers in march/april last year and was very impressed with hotel,we had 3 quad rooms but some beds are sofa beds.The rooms were good sized and we were able to eat all in one room.Some rooms had 2 toilets in and lovely large shower,some rooms you have to climb few steps to get too,extremely close to haram and rooms cleaned daily if you ask cleaners.Main problem is getting rooms together and lobby very busy booking in time,also has 5/6 towers some closers than others but would still highly recommend


          Re: makkah hotel reviews

          Ismail Uncle, i was just kidding!

          the reason i have made these threads is so that we can all have a clear picture on what each hotel (makkah&madinah) offers in terms of service, location etc.

          unfortunately most agents give incorrect advice re hotels and its rating so may be we can all help each other i.a esp for those who are going for umrah for the first time.


            Re: makkah hotel reviews

            You have initiated a good topic and I hope a lot more comments comes forth as no one is better placed to offer assessment as the users themselves.


              Re: makkah hotel reviews

              Like the Madinah Hotels Thread, i cannot give effecient info on hotel ratings, but just personal feedback.

              Hilton Towers (No.6)
              - Very close to Masjidul Haram, literally opposite, takes a couple of mins.
              - Accessible via the street entrance, good for when youre alone/Fajr time as there are lots of crowds.
              - Accessible via Hilton Shopping Complex, get the lift to go down into the basement (car parking area) then another to go up to the hotel floor.
              - Quaint reception area
              - Staff/security very nice and helpful, especially when looking out for the safety of women who may need to go to the masjid alone etc
              - Hotel rooms are very nice and spacious with seating area plus full ensuite bath/shower rooms.
              - Mini Kitchen area within the rooms.
              - Can have a view of the street or the Haram
              - Quick access to the shopping centre, which is good for getting food etc easily
              - Cleanliness standard is good, housekeeping staff very proficient and regular
              - no complaints, as its good value for money etc

              Zam Zam Towers
              - Very close to the Haram, takes a couple of mins to walk (although personally I think Hilton's is a quicker route)
              - Very lavishly decorated (depends on your preference of whether you would like this or not)
              - Had a 'grand suite', which had a large seating area with sofas, tv, furniture (cupboards, cabinets etc). Dining Table, big enough for 8 people. 1 main bathroom with shower area. 1 bedroom with 2 double beds, tv and cupboards and a view of the Haram. 1 bedroom with a double bed, cupboards, dressing table and ensuite bathroom with bath and shower too. A small kitchen (like a room, not just part of main living area) with proper kitchen cupboards and utilities. So basically, was like an apartment.
              - there were many lifts but this isnt the best of things, as some floors required you to 'catch' one lift to one floor then take another lift to your destined floor, because some lifts only go up to certain areas. major annoyance as it can lose a lot of time. all lifts come to the ground floor and from there another lift is taken to get to the shopping centre area and then a walk to main exit/entrance.
              - shopping centre/food areas easily accessible but Hilton shopping area and Safwa Towers one is better.
              - cleanliness was good, they provided many things of request, however housekeeping was a nightmare due to the amount of rooms on one floor and they could leave your room unmade for over 1.5/2 days.
              - had a tea garden area with very good spacious seating areas and desserts/drinks section.
              - reception area is very congested as in theres so much going on with lots of desks for different 'managers' and the like.
              - room service is good, but the most expensive rates ive seen.
              - personally, was not too keen on this hotel and would recommend the Hilton over it.

              Grand alHijra - Located a slight walk away from Hilton and Zam Zam Towers (takes around ten mins to walk at an average pace, longer in crowds and if elderly)
              - involves walking through the street area which is quite congested as main hotels at this moment are located here, in Misyal street, Misfalah (bro Ismail Simjee, please clarify this aspect cus im pretty sure this was the correct name, though my memory isnt so good :()
              - a very good hotel in its area
              - large reception area with lots of seating
              - three lifts which are tiny and only allow in like 7 people and sometimes only even 5 which isnt helpful.
              - staff service could have been better
              - housekeeping was good service as only a few rooms on each floor
              - rooms are slightly outdated and there were many problems with doors not locking, lock jams, showers not working etc etc
              - cleanliness is average.
              - would recommend but not eagerly.


                Re: makkah hotel reviews

                I have no personal info on this hotel. I had my cousin stay in Safwa Orchid and he was over the moon. Grand Eeman Royal and Ghufran are the other two sharing this building.

                If Safwa Orchid is good then the other two would be similar and I would expect the Grand Eeman to be better given their label.


                  Re: makkah hotel reviews

                  Hilton Towers have 6 buildings and the rate for each is similar but the standard differ slightly. This is ideal for infirm but not recommended for wheelchair users as the access is a hindrance.


                    Re: makkah hotel reviews

                    Grand Hijra is simply grand in name only otherwise it is a 3 star standard. Its location is not bad given other hotels of similar standard being located even further into Misfilah. Al Misyal Street is the correct description, however, this particular spot is more commonly known as "pigeon square or kabutar chowk".


                      Re: makkah hotel reviews

                      Which month of the year are the hotels cheapest ? Or do they have a fixed price throughout the year


                        Re: makkah hotel reviews

                        Here is some "useless" information which is not generally available to most people.

                        The hotel tariff is sectored and applied according to the peak period in a year.

                        The most cheapest tariff is for the Saudi Government departments and the Saudi national companies.

                        Then the rate is applied for GCC countries. Then the Iran/Turkey/Egyption and the rest of the Arabian countries. Then the Indo/Pak and far eastern countries.

                        Then Europe and Americas.

                        The highest tariff is fr South Africa.

                        The lowest season is Rabiul Awwal and Thani. These apply to hotels only from 2 star upwards.

                        Building rates depend on their condition and location.


                          Re: makkah hotel reviews

                          stayed in Darul Eemaan safwa towers, clean and good service.would highly recommend this hotel due to its location and overall standred.


                            Re: makkah hotel reviews

                            Fairmont - Inside Abraj Al Bait, this hotel is fantastic, elegant and contemporary styling probably because it is very new, the staff, guards, porters are very polite and helpful. We stayed in a triple room (though there were two of us) and it was spacious, had speakers inside the room connected to the Haram mic. The usual mod cons, voip phone, lcd tv, fridge etc. The bathroom was very clean and spacious. The restuarant was brilliant and overlooked the Haram. Food was very nice, though curiously they did not offer fizzy drinks, we had to buy these at SAR 8 each! The chef would make an omlette for breakfast right infront of you or anything else, buffet was great as well. Distance wise it is right outside the Haram, lifts were very fast but still allow around 5-7 minutes to get to the courtyard outside Abdul Aziz Gate.

                            Dar-ut-Tawheed - Where The Fairmont is contemporary this hotel is all about classic design and style, I would say that it has been trumped by the Fairmont though it is still a very beautiful hotel with decent sized rooms and great bathroom and shower, nice, clean, plush. The prayer room on the second floor (?) overlooks the courtyard outside King Fahad Gate and is air-conditioned, carpeted and very comfortable. The lift system is really good where instead of waiting for the nearest lift, once a button is pressed of the first digit of your room, the user is directed to the fastest lift.

                            The food is also very varied and of a high quality, we must have had at least 20 different dishes and the cakes variety was ..errr...too much such that my plate was too small. The staff are polite though not as polite as Fairmonts'. Overall an excellent hotel.


                              Re: makkah hotel reviews

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