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Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly

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    Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly


    Inshallah i will be sending my parents & sister to Umrah in May, i have booked their flights with Saudi airlines and accepted a quote for accomodation, visa's & all round transport with an agency.
    I emailed them to go ahead with the booking in January

    Upon calling them today i have been told that the prices have risen and therefore my original quote isn't valid and they are having problems confirming hotel bookings in Mecca as even a confirmation isn't guaranteeing rooms.
    Is this true that their are problems with room bookings in Mecca?

    How can a person book hotels themselves? is this at all possible? what about getting Umrah visa's arranged and then finally all around transport?

    Jazak Allah

    Re: Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly

    They are giving a lot of problems for those that don't go with a group. There are some serious problems going on with this Visa business and the people involved near to fear Allah


      Re: Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly

      The hotel rates in Makkah fluctuate a lot. Since large parts around the Haram has ben demolished for reconstruction, currently available hotels are insufficient to accommodate the large number of passengers arriving from different parts of the world. This has caused hotels to increase their rates - some time a steep rise. Your travel agent may be facing genuine problems. If you wish to book direct accommodation you may do so provided your travel agent agrees to that.

      You may get a cheaper rate if you book through tour operators based in Saudi Arabia. One such is International Management Group (IMGC) based in Jeddah. I have used them on a couple of occasions and found their rates quite reasonable and their service is also quite good. Their email is [email protected].

      It is not compulsory to go with a group. You can definitely go individually but your hotel accommodation should be pre-arranged.



        Re: Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly

        Try this website.. they book both Makkah and Madina online for you through secure credit card transaction:


          Re: Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly


          does anyone have info or actuially stayed themselves at this hotel as i found on the above site at good rate..


          feedback appreciated

          it is for a couple and child aged 2 yrs so we just need clean,running water,free from cockroach infestation and decent proximity to mosq..basic requirements..

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            Re: Booking Umrah Accomodation Directly

            Shamia does not exist nor does white palace. If you are looking for a cockroach free hotel than your only option is the 5 star hotels. Anything less and you will come across these pests.

            All accommodation have clean running water, however, getting running hot water is a different matter in an economy hotel.

            Choose well if you have limited budget on one hand and small children on the other.
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