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Umrah visa for Pakistan passport and UK BRP residence card

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  • Umrah visa for Pakistan passport and UK BRP residence card


    Has anyone with a Pakistani passport and UK residence permit (BRP) with limited leave to remain visa been for Umrah recently and did they have any issues in obtaining umrah visa. The reason I ask is as below.

    I went to my agent to book Umrah package for March for myself and my brother-in-law (he has the Pakistani passport and UK BRP) and was told the following by the agent:
    1. He sent a copy of his BRP to a contact in London embassy to confirm that he can get an Umrah visa if he has foreign passport and BRP
    2. The other thing mentioned was that he will need to pay extra for the visa and hotel taxes like £100+ because he has a Pakistani passport.
    Therefore, I just wanted to know if the above is correct.


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    I beg to differ with this agent. I would like to know who he is and ask you to PM me the name.
    We have far too many flybynight agents in UK doing their best to malign our professional industry.

    Now for your issue. 1. If your brother-in-law has "limited" permit to stay in UK, then he does not qualify for the umra visa and he definitely does not qualify for a tourist visa either.
    2. The Saudi Consulate does not accept such question, if asked.
    3. There is no such thing as paying extra such as £100 plus taxes because he has a Pakistani Passport.

    The solution is what exactly is his limited permission to stay in UK.

    And I am happy to assist. You, brother Kbutt, have known of me a long time now and could have easily approached me for help. I wonder why you did not.

    I am willing to assist and ask that you contact me direct to discuss the possible and proper legal way out for you InshaAllah.


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      Had to delete this message as was meant to PM you.
      Last edited by kbutt001; 1 week ago.


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        And sorry I only found out this issue when I went to give our passports and he said he will confirm with his contact in London embassy I think.


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          Uncle Ismail

          I have sent you a PM on this matter.



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            I have PMd you back.



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