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Tips for "Praying in Noble Rawdah - Men" via reservation/permit

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  • Tips for "Praying in Noble Rawdah - Men" via reservation/permit

    To pray in the Riazul Jannah area you have to book a "permit" reservation. There is an option for men and women. Tips:

    1. For Women, book ASAP as slots were not readily available and even some locals coming from Riyadh had to leave without visiting, same with family from UK, and USA for ladies.
    2. For Men, arrive 10m before your time slot.
    3. Entrance for both "Praying in Noble Rawdah" (Riazul Jannah + exit for men in front of Rawdah - Gate of Baqi) and for "Prophet Visit" (Entrance in traditional Gate of Salaam, and Exit via Gate of Baqi) are next to each other. Make sure you're going for the right one, and dont end up in Prophet Visit instead of Praying in Noble Rawdah
    4. Here at least 2 checks were done of the app reservation/permit. Once right before I started the long winding roped off path, and once at the end of it. They checked date, time, event, everything and sent people back who werent aligned.
    5. For Rawdah, enter the area by Gate of Abu Bakr area (left of Gate of Salaam) and proceed to waiting area. Guards will let you know when to stop coming as there are roped off areas.
    6. You wait to gather there. My time slot was 4:00am - 4:30am and I arrived at 3:58am in that area.
    7. Sit in the front row if at all possible as they let us in one row at a time when it was time, starting with the front row in this waiting area.
    8. You walk towards Riazul Jannah and grab a spot.
    9. Pray and make dua.
    10. Now though our time was 4:00am-4:30am, we didnt get the greeliight to go in til about 4:15am Then about 4:25am they started clearing us out (??? argh). Essentially the let the previous batch stay longer and cut our batch short on time as a result.
    11. You proceed to exit from the front, towards the left allowing you to pass the resting place, and exit Gate of Baqi
    12. I would suggest if you want to pray in different spots or near diff special pillars, go to one first, pray, then go to one of the others and ask the person there for a chance. There's plenty of room such the other person can still sit in that area without being next to that pillar. I was going to do this, but they cut us short on time.

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    Now you can book a new slot immediately after your window of existing Permit/reservation completes. Now need to wait 15 days etc.



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