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Zamzam allowance on Tourist Visa post-Covid era

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  • Zamzam allowance on Tourist Visa post-Covid era

    Ismail Bhai and others who have gone for Umrah since Muharram this year, what is the Zamzam allowance?

    Used to be before covid that at the airport (Jeddah or Medina for sure) you can show passport and get an official 5 liter round bottle of Zamzam which comes in a white and blue square box, packaged officially by the govt for under 15 SR (maybe it was 8?)

    I expected the same now.
    My friend returned via Saudi Airlines from Jeddah to Washington DC and was told he cannot take zamzam with him. He said he spoke with someone (customs?) and they didnt budge either.

    Can you share what the new rules are, and what is allowed and what isnt?

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    I am afraid not only is the zamzam sold at the airports but the one bought from elsewhere is also no longer allowed in your baggage by Saudi Airlines. I suspect other carriers are either following suite or will be. They also scan the bags for hidden bottles.


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      I just travelled back via Madinah.
      I had to take a domestic flight MED-Riyadh. I flew "flyadeal".

      I was able to buy the Zamzam at the airport and check in free of charge no problem.

      At riyadh, I took the Zamzam boxed container and put it in my suitcase, I was flying Qatar Airways back to Toronto.

      No issues. Alhamdulillah I have my Zamzam safe and sound.

      No idea if it was a fluke or what. I do know that they don't like zamzam in suitcases in Jeddah or Madinah, don't know if it applies to other airports.

      NOTE: when a friend called "flyadeal" customer service + check-in desk at airport in Madinah, they said "not allowed"

      I guess a lot of these things depend on who you talk to + who is at the counter checking you in.

      The whole "not allowed" I believe started with COVID, but I think slowly the regulations would return to what they were ...


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        Jzk ahmed23

        Some questions as I depart Monday night from Medina->Jeddah->Washington DC via Saudia Airlines.

        1) Was the Zamzam at Madina Airport located in the regular place, outside the airport on the far left?
        2) When they allowed you to check-it-in, was it as a 'luggage' item (2 luggage items allowed), or as an extra 'zamzam allowance' as they traditionally do?

        PCR testing question:
        3) Where did you get your PCR testing in Medina? (The airline website has a link to MoHealth but I couldnt figure locations and such)
        4) How much was it?
        5) How long did it take to get result from whence you took it?



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