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Hajj 2020 for uk hujjajs

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  • Hajj 2020 for uk hujjajs

    Today is 25 Shavval and just about 6 weeks from The Day of Arafah. As yet there is no indication from the Saudi authorities whether there will be a Haj this year and, if so, at what level and status.

    The South African union of Haj operators has recommended cancelling Haj tour this year.

    Indonesia, from where the worlds largest number of Hujjaj go for Haj, has already cancelled their programme. So has Malaysia and Singapore. So has a few nordic countries in Europe. The Union of Haj operators, in France, from where the largest number of hujjajs travel for Haj, is also proposing cancelling haj this year.

    There are over 115 licensed haj agents in UK with a collective quota of 28,000, are considering what to do. A few reputable agents has already announced cancelling haj and have invited its clients to collect their payment. Amongst them are Al Hidaya, Dome Tours, Khadim ul Hujjaj international and Flywell.

    My own partners, Sada e Madina are offering options to our client either to cancel and get their refund or, else, to leave their payment for haj next year.

    The reason is that the process of registering and preparing the tour is meticulous and complicated. There is simply no time left to meet this challenge. Further, the Covid 19 has not abated in Saudi Arabia and Jeddah is still under curfew. And no airliners have declared whether they will be operating haj flights.

    Hence, effectively, UK will be pulling out.

    Those of you who have booked your haj and paid either a deposit or full payment are advised to speak to the agents concerned.

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    Per @haramaininfo
    "Saudi Arabia have decided to hold Hajj with very limited number of pilgrims from various nationalities who already reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

    Alhumdulillah at least Hajj will happen
    May Allah give Sabr and Mercy to those that had intended to go this year.