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  • eVisa ON ARRIVAL

    I had my tourist eVisa rejected online when I applied.
    I am now reading I will get a tourist visa on arrival at Jeddah airport so long as I fly on Saudi Airlines.
    Has any one had experience on getting a visa on arrival into jeddah?
    many thanks

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    Are you sure you will be allowed into the country (due to coronavirus) ?
    "Yaa Allah grant me victory, or make me die Shaheed"

    Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.
    (surah al-anfal v.30)


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      sure it should be fine as we are from the UK and there are little virus here. UK is not on the banned list.


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        we need to hear urgently from some one who has got a visa on arrival in Jeddah ....


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          Visa upon arrival: the tourist can apply for this visa upon arrival at any of the Kingdom entry points. Check-in agents at the departure station shall ensure that the tourist is eligible to apply for the visa according to the clarified list of nationalities available on the electronic platform (, in addition travelers holding USA, United Kingdom or a Schengen visas, for more information please click here, and visa issuance procedures will be completed upon arrival through passport offices or via the self-services machines.


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            Amazing experience

            “It was an amazing experience when I visited Saudi Arabia last week,” said Ahmed Qureshi who went to perform Umrah with his family and landed at King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah. “I paid fee at the immigration counter using my credit card and now all my family members have multiple visit visas valid for one year. It took just 15 minutes to complete the procedure,” he explained.



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              I would say at this moment of time you will prob not get umrah visa or tourist visa on arrival if going to perform umrah.

              All countries have been suspended for umrah visits, that includes the UK also.

              However the suspension should not be long, as soon as saudi officials install coronovirus scanners and setup vaccination facilities at Jeddah and Madinah airport.

              If am incorrect then i apologise and someone can clarify.....
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                Regardless of what is imposed allowance such as flexibility depending on which country one travels from, no one is allowed into KSA at the moment. Airliners, from UK, are refusing to board anyone, again, regardless of which type of visa is held by them. Those on Business visa only are currently allowed in if arriving in Riyadh. Entry, into Makkah, is ringfenced with strict checks and miles of traffic queues.


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                  i am hearing reports that UK people going for Umrah are being allowed into Saudi up until today.


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                    I will travel by Saudi Airlines and try and get VISA on ARRIVAL -- please make dua I get it ... I will report back to the group exactly how it goes


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                      Originally posted by bazbaz View Post
                      I will travel by Saudi Airlines and try and get VISA on ARRIVAL -- please make dua I get it ... I will report back to the group exactly how it goes
                      when are you going?


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                        Dear Visa holder,
                        Due to preventative measures aimed at containing the global spread of new Coronavirus (19-COVID), your visa has been temporarily suspended and is not currently valid for travel into Saudi Arabia.

                        This temporary measure is in coordination with relevant health authorities and in line with guidance from the World Health Organisation. The situation is being monitored constantly and we will update you when visa is reactivated.

                        For more information, please contact Saudi Arabia’s tourist call center: +966920000890

                        We understand that this is disappointing and we hope to welcome you to Saudi Arabia soon.

                        Thank you for your understanding.


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                          it seems they have only temporarily suspended the eVisa to install thermo scanners, has anyone been refused boarding for a recent trip to Umrah?


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                            this is getting very serious ....

                   GCC citizens temporarily banned from entering Saudi Arabia’s Makkah and Madinah


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                              I got a relative entered via Turkey and was allowed into the country on Thursday, I was due to fly today on Turkish Airlines, but we are not allowed, my Pakistani family members could also not travel, PIA have no flights until 15th March at the moment.
                              No one knows when they allow us travel again or what will happen to our visas expiring soon.
                              Please make dua for everyone affected.