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SR2000 Repeat Umra Visa fee Replaced.

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  • SR2000 Repeat Umra Visa fee Replaced.

    The Saudi government approved the replacement of the repeat umra visit fee of SR2000 with a reduced sum of SR300. There is no info on when that comes into effect.
    As part of their new Umra visit rule, all pilgrims will have the choice of acquiring their umra visas through the usual licensed umra agents in their countries or use the Online Travel Agent's portal.
    A licensed umra agent can acquire a visa for those who are the nationals of that particular country or for those foreign national who have the permission to live in that country.
    However, online portal is international and anyone from anywhere in the world canobtain their visa.
    The catch is that there will no longer be a visa without a pre-agreed and paid package. The package has to be bought either through your licensed umra agent or through any approved OTA (online travel agent).
    So far, the new rules allows a minimum of five days visit and maximum of 30 days. It is mandatory to pay for your hotels, transport and ground services. The plan is that in the near future, your airline tickets will also have to be bought from your umra licensed agent or from the OTA.
    The new rules expressly rules out hotels booked otherwise such as directly from hotels or from online portals such as or hotels booked on your behalf by your friends/relatives.
    If you have booked your own hotels than the advise is to cancel that booking especially if you have paid partially or fully as there is no provision, in the new rules, that will enable acceptance of such bookings.
    So far only TWO OTA are available. 1. 2.
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    Jazakallahu khayr, does anyone know when this will come into effect?
    إقراء القران فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعا لأصحابه


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      Implemented already with immediate effect.


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          Also added is:


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            I have been advised that new umrah cost will be approx anything between £220-£270, depending which agent you get it from? Is this correct?


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              Assalamu ‘alaikum brother Ismail. I checked online with my details and it still says repeat Umrah fees of 2000 riyals is payable. Is this just because the system hasn’t been updated yet? Also can hotels be booked through this website as I’ve read it’s a saudi approved website
     Jazakallahu Khair