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Availability of allergen-free food

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  • Availability of allergen-free food


    Can anyone confirm that plant-based milks are available in makkah/madinah? I've tried emailing bin dawood supermarket but they didn't reply, and the answers we got on g00gle maps didn't sound definitive. I don't fancy spending 4 weeks coughing like a TB sufferer :( And I'd rather not fill my suitcase with soya milk if I can help it, as I drink about 2 cartons a week!

    They wouldn't add dairy to bread would they? Just simple wholemeal loaves should be easy to find?

    How much money should I take to cover food costs? I can't eat the hotel stuff, all brown things. I can easily live off steamed potatoes and veg, and sandwiches, roughly how much money would that cost, does anyone know? We're going for 4 weeks. Also they must sell ready salted crisps, right? How much would they cost for a multipack? I know I must sound stupid, but there are so few foods I can bear to eat, and with the milk and egg allergy, even less that I can without feeling unwell. I've already lost a lot of weight recently, I don't want to waste away, nor be a burden to the others because of not getting enough to eat and feeling faint or whatever. So that's why I'm quite worried about this.

    Jazakallah everyone.

    PS I did notice they sell all the different coloured carrots in bin dawood! yAy! And there should be a good selection of fruit available?
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